Why Elon Musk wants to dig a tunnel under Los Angeles

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Why Elon Musk wants to dig a tunnel under Los Angeles

Christian Science Monitor
Billionaire innovator Elon Musk says he’s ready take the first steps on a plan to relieve L.A.’s traffic congestion by building a tunnel – near LAX.

Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Already Harming American Science

The Atlantic
Like The Atlantic? Subscribe to The Atlantic Daily, our free weekday email newsletter. Samira Asgari had been preparing for the trip for months.

Storms preview sea-rise damage to Bay Area roads, cities

This Jan. 14, 2017 photo provided by Fraser Shilling shows flooding along Highway 37 near Vallejo, Calif. Ocean rise already is worsening the floods and high tides sweeping California this stormy winter, climate experts say, and this month’s damage and …

Russia’s Proton-M Rocket Grounded For Another 3.5 Months

Yahoo News
The decision to ground the heavy lift rocket was made almost two months after an International Space Station-bound cargo ship – being carried on board a Proton-M rocket – blew up just minutes after launch.

Researcher unveils time crystal as new form of matter

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) — A University of California, Berkeley, researcher has described how to make and measure the properties of a crystal that have a structure that repeats in time, namely a time crystal.

NASA’s Twins Study: Preliminary Findings Hint At Unexpected Changes In Gene Expression And Chromosome Length

International Business Times
Last year, NASA concluded an unprecedented study aimed at examining the effect of the microgravity environment of space. While the final results of the Twins Study – which, as the name suggests, involved the twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly – are

Solved? Scientists may have cracked the code of metallic hydrogen

Christian Science Monitor
January 27, 2017 —With just one proton and one electron, you’d think there isn’t much to learn about the simplest atom in the universe.

How Long Until The Moon Slows The Earth To A 25 Hour Day?

At this rate of the Moon’s gravitational force slowing down Earth’s rotation, how long will it take to increase an hour to our day?

Scientists drawn into politics, in a bid to defend science

Christian Science Monitor
Concern in the science community rose this week about possible Trump administration curbs on researchers. Responses range from defending ‘facts’ to actually entering the political fray.

Is There Inherent Value in Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD)? Analysts Delve Into The Stock

Wall Street Beacon
Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) most recently reported quarterly actual earnings per share of $2.7 for the period ending on 2016-09-30.

Study says grass carp have invaded three of the Great Lakes

Detroit Free Press
TRAVERSE CITY — Invasive grass carp have reached three of the Great Lakes and pose a significant environmental risk there, but time remains to prevent them from getting out of hand, according to a scientific analysis released Friday.

‘Alien’ insect in amber prompts scientists to add whole new branch to family tree

Christian Science Monitor
This bizarre bug is so unusual, entomologists say it belongs in its own, entirely new, order of insects. Monitor’s Best: Top 5. Why Republicans and Democrats see different things in an inauguration photo · As N. Korea’s nuke threats mount, will Trump

Baby dolphin dies after tourists pull it out of the water for selfies, report says

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that’s taken over our lives. gettyimages-146142293.jpg. Enlarge Image.

38000-Year-Old Cave Art Found In French Cave

Yahoo News
While not the oldest of its kind, the engraved image offers an insight into the lives of early modern humans soon after they had migrated into Europe from Africa.

Genes might help grocery tomatoes

Press Herald
Researchers are working backward to re-introduce the five traits that give the produce flavor. By SETH BORENSTEINAssociated Press.

The UK Space Agency CEO has a simple theory on why Elon Musk can realise his Mars dreams

Business Insider
LONDON – The UK Space Agency CEO has a simple theory on why Elon Musk can realise his ambition of conquering Mars by 2022: Never underestimate human ambition.

SmallGEO’s first flight reaches orbit

ESA’s new small telecom platform was launched on its first mission in the early hours of this morning. The Hispasat 36W-1 satellite, based on the SmallGEO platform, lifted off on a Soyuz rocket at 01:03 GMT this morning from Europe’s Spaceport in

Boeing Reveals Its New Starliner Spacesuits

Lighthouse News Daily
Boeing is mostly known for its commercial airplanes, but the company has also been involved in developing space exploration technologies like the Boeing CST-100 Starliner capsule which will be transporting new astronauts at the International Space

WAVE Life Sciences Ltd. (WVE) Reviewed By Analysts

The De Soto Edge
Stock market analysts watching WAVE Life Sciences Ltd. (WVE) have recently changed their ratings on the stock. The latest reports which are outstanding on Sunday 29th of January state 2 analysts have a rating of “strong buy”, 2 analysts “buy”, 0

Where are the trees? Not Paris, new ‘Green View Index’ finds

In this June 30, 2005, file photo, trees are reflected in still water on the Esplanade along the Charles River in Boston. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology project called Treepedia, that maps trees in the world’s major cities, is …more.

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