From Mars and Hyperloop to brain computers and a Bond car: 11 crazy ideas on Elon Musk’s to-do list

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From Mars and Hyperloop to brain computers and a Bond car: 11 crazy ideas on Elon Musk’s to-do list

International Business Times UK
Is Elon Musk the busiest and most forward-thinking engineer for a generation? His to-do list seems to say so. Alistair Charlton. By Alistair Charlton.

Vizio settles for $2.2 million in FTC suit over snooping on consumers’ viewing habits

TV maker Vizio will pay $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit after it was shown that for years the company has been secretly collecting viewing data and selling it to third parties.

Galaxy S8 Leaks Reveal The Three Biggest Changes

Just last month cases makers spilled the motherload with three independent leaks all showing the same exciting almost bezel-free design and super-sized display.

You Can Now Turn WoW Gold Into Money For Overwatch, Hearthstone, And HotS Content

World of Warcraft added an item called Tokens back in 2015 to provide players with two options: a legitimate way to purchase in-game gold with real-world money, and a way to extend your subscription using gold.

‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ Is Going To Get Very Frequent Updates

If you’re worried about running out of Fire Emblem: Heroes, Nintendo has some good news for you. The developer appears to be aiming for a relatively robust regimen of updates, with new story lines coming your way at the admirable pace of every two weeks.

Channeling Steve Jobs, Apple seeks design perfection at new “spaceship” campus

Business Insider
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Inside the original Macintosh computer, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs inscribed the signatures of his team, revealing his deep concern for even the hidden features of his products.

FCC chair stuns consumer advocates with move that could hurt poor people

Ars Technica
It’s no surprise that US Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai rolled back some of the changes made by former Chair Tom Wheeler.

Popular apps with 18 million combined downloads in the App Store found vulnerable to silent data interception

9 to 5 Mac
After scanning through the binary codes of applications in the iOS App Store, Will Strafach’s service has detected that 76 popular apps in the store are currently vulnerable to data interception.

ZTE Axon 7 Is the Latest to Get Nougat & Daydream Support

Android Headlines
On Tuesday, ZTE announced that their flagship smartphone, the Axon 7, is now receiving an update to Android 7.0 Nougat and the update also includes support for Google’s VR platform, Daydream.

Here Are All The Nintendo Switch Games Confirmed So Far

Anyone worried about too few games coming out on the Nintendo Switch can stop worrying. While there’s still a valid concern that not enough AAA games are coming to the Switch, between first-party exclusives, indie titles, and a handful of major third

Lenovo’s Windows 10 contenders: New pro laptops even include ThinkPad for VR

Lenovo’s ThinkPad P71 is designed to help creators meet the expected growing demand for virtual-reality content. Image: Lenovo.

iPhone 8 release date – PROOF Apple is working on something incredible
WITH the iPhone 8 release date fast approaching, more details are leaking out about Apple’s plans for its next-generation smartphones, including an intriguing new patent about a flexible design.

Nioh review: A brighter Dark Souls

Ars Technica
Links: PSN | Official website It’s impossible for a fan of From Software’s Dark Souls or Bloodborne to not see Nioh so clearly mimicking those games’ distinct styles.

The HoloLens version of ‘Portal’ jumps right into the real world

If the thought of immersing yourself in Portal in VR has already got your brain tied in knots, just wait until you step into the HoloLens version.

Apple will reportedly introduce a new connector exclusively for accessories

Business Insider
All of Apple’s current products use two different kinds of connector types: Lightning, which is found on iPhones, and USB-C, which is used on the new MacBook Pro to attach accessories and charge the laptop.

What Blizzard Thinks About Using A Mouse And Keyboard With A Console

Cinema Blend
Some console gamers have been using third-party keyboard and mouse peripherals in Overwatch, their first-person, team-based shooter game.

Milwaukee Stifles ‘Pokémon Go’: Niantic Labs Now Needs Permit To Use Parks As Monster Hunting Grounds

Tech Times
The Milwaukee County Board approved an ordinance that will require developers to acquire permits before using the county’s parks as locations in games.

LG G6 phone rumored to go on sale March 9, but touch down April 7

This could be the LG G6 . Business Insider. If all the leaks and rumors you’ve heard about the LG G6 make you drool with anticipation to buy LG’s flagship phone for spring, you may have to wait until April 7. That’s when the phone will start reaching

Hacker takes out dark web hosting service using well-known exploit

A hacker is proving that sites on the dark web, shrouded in anonymity, can easily be compromised. On Friday, the unnamed hacker began dumping a sizable database stolen from Freedom Hosting II onto the internet, potentially exposing its users.

Google fixes a big problem with AMP, now lets you view and share a publisher’s own links

Google today is rolling out a change to its AMP integration in Google Search that will let you view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage in question, instead of the AMP URL.

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