China Protectionism Creates Tech Billionaires Who Protect Xi

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China Protectionism Creates Tech Billionaires Who Protect Xi

Bloomberg12 hours ago
China’s tech giants will add star power to the country’s political festivities this week, paying homage to President Xi Jinping and endorsing constitutional changes for him to remain president indefinitely. Amid the annual legislative meetings, the luminaries have important business: Preserving their grip on a …
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New Tech Centers Sprout in Europe

Wall Street JournalMar. 6, 2018
Barcelona, for instance, is home to dozens of startups and e-commerce firms that cater to local demand, and thus don’t feel beholden to set up shop in the traditional tech cities. Barcelona-based allows customers to book a cleaning service via an app or online, while …

A US-China Trade War Hurts Tech Firms From Apple to Lenovo

Bloomberg8 hours ago
A U.S.-China Trade War Hurts Tech Firms From Apple to Lenovo … Under the most severe scenario being weighed, the U.S. could impose tariffs on a wide range of Chinese imports from shoes and clothing to tech gadgets, said two people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified because the …

Prodigal Tech Stars May Yet Shun China

Bloomberg7 hours ago
There are technical hurdles, though. While details are scant, it’s questionable just how much leeway the China Securities Regulatory Commission would give CDRs of companies like Baidu that enjoy multiple classes of shares (banned in China) and an offshore VIE 1 structure. That’s not to say there won’t …

Tech Firms Question Hong Kong’s Plan to Lure Next Alibaba

BloombergMar. 4, 2018
One issue is a clause that would end a dual-class structure if there are changes to class rights or the articles of a company, the people said. The proposal would mean that special-voting rights holders with less than a third of total issued capital could have their rights removed by remaining shareholders, …

Chinese Investors Bet on Latin America for Next Tech Gold Rush

BloombergMar. 4, 2018
The push by the tech sector piggybacks on years of state-driven Chinese investments in infrastructure in Latin America, with a pool of 2,000 companies pouring more than $200 billion in the region as of January. When the startups arrive in Latin America they don’t exactly have the place to themselves.

Chinese Censorship Makes a Move Into Tech Realm

BloombergMar. 6, 2018
So perhaps it’s no surprise Tencent, China’s largest game provider, recently said it would roll out a slate of educational and serious games this year with “positive socialist values.” The question is whether efforts by Tencent and other tech players to appease the newly-emboldened morality army will work.

3 Cities That Taught Me What Tech Looks Like Outside of Silicon …

EntrepreneurFeb. 17, 2018
When thinking about the future of technology, it’s tempting to look to Silicon Valley companies like Netflix and Tesla. But, Silicon Valley isn’t the only tech city in the market anymore. In fact, a report by Palo Alto Online highlighted that more workers are leaving the valley than coming in. Over the course of …

20 Years of ‘Help Me!’ Tech Questions

New York TimesFeb. 27, 2018
Visuals are a big part of the modern online experience — and help explain certain things — so I also now illustrate each column with my own photographs and screenshots as I create the web articles. (I wrote and illustrated consumer techmanuals for Pogue Press and O’Reilly Media for 10 years, so I know …

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