Introduction to Bulgaria’s Engineered Political Downfall …

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Opinion: Introduction to Bulgaria’s Engineered Political Downfall …

EU Scoop45 minutes ago
The two cases of media and political rhetoric which will be discussed in this articlecover the fundamental points which most of the Convention’s defendants have in common. The two cases will be the already covered statement by the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during an event hosted by the …
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How Twitter Bots Help Fuel Political Feuds

Scientific American49 minutes ago
Suhay’s research into online content and political beliefs has shown people’s desire to distinguish themselves socially from “the other side” seems to harden as they read partisan-biased articles. Whereas Menczer and his colleagues have studied the bot problem by analyzing a large number of accounts, …
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Daily Beast

2020 Census to Add Question on Citizenship Status

U.S. News & World Report9 hours ago
The decennial census helps determine political representation in Congress, federal funding of programs and other matters. Commerce says that between 1820 and 1950, almost every decennial census asked a question on citizenship in some form. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the state …
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Top Cocoa Grower Weighs Politics With Caution to Set Farm Price

Bloomberg7 hours ago
Political pressure will come from various levels,” the EIU’s Van Houtte said. “By keeping low prices, Ouattara risks frustrating farmers and this would affect his popularity clout that he has built by maintaining relative stability in the country.” she said. “He needs to keep this image especially ahead of the …
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Italy’s Investors Are Turning a Blind Eye to Politics

Bloomberg7 hours ago
For HSBC, political uncertainty doesn’t pose a broader threat to the wider euro-area project, and therefore limits much further upside in Italian yields, while the rally in Spanish bonds may be topping out as yields draw closer to semi-core countries, such as France. “Italy is cheap compared to Spain,” HSBC’s …
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There’s a New Center of Power in Germany

BloombergMar. 26, 2018
To gauge the balance of power in Angela Merkel’s new government, look at where she’s placed her top political fixer. The German … “A strong personality like Altmaier has the power to make this ministry stand out,” said Bela Anda, a political consultant and former German government spokesman. “Altmaier …
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Would Jesus have done better in politics than in the church?

The Conversation UK20 hours ago
In Western societies it is often said that religion and politics don’t mix. Europe, in particular, stands aghast at a world where spirituality and power go hand-in-hand and where elders are part of the political and religious structure. So the question as to whether Jesus was exclusively a religious leader or a …
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EDITORIAL: LDP facing a crossroads over Abe’s dominant political …

Asahi Shimbun6 hours ago
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party held a party convention on March 25 while the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the party president, is suffering the political fallout from a scandal. The scandal centers on the Finance Ministry’s doctoring of official documents concerning a contentious sale of …
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Trump Fund-Raiser Files Hacking Lawsuit Against Qatar

New York Times6 hours ago
Several recent news articles, including three on the front page of The New York Times, have called attention to the overlap of Mr. Broidy’s political advocacy and his business interests. They describe what appear to be his promises of access to the Trump administration or congressional Republicans as he …
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Pols Use Economics the Way Drunks Use Lampposts

Wall Street Journal13 hours ago
Then Fed officials, operating under laws Congress wrote, make specific policy decisions with virtually no political interference. Monetary policy is certainly not flawless. But it’s clearly been among the government’s success stories over the decades. Just a coincidence? I doubt it. Mr. Blinder is a professor of …

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