Bowe Bergdahl’s Attorney Terms Probable Life Sentence As “Inappropriate”

Bowe Bergdahl’s Attorney

The young soldier, who was released after a 5 year tortuous imprisonment under the Taliban, now faces a probable court marshal case. The attorney

of Bowe Bergdahl presented his case and asserts that the soldier faced severe torture by the Taliban forces. He was released in exchange for 5 Taliban insurgents who were returned to their comrades.

Presumably, this tragic story should be compensation enough for violating the orders of his commanding officer, abandoning his post in a war situation and putting the lives of other soldiers at risk. Also, the team of soldiers which searched high and low for Bowe Bergdahl on dangerously rough terrain in the volatile region of Afghanistan; were apparently just performing duty, when the ‘naïve’ soldier abandoned his post by will.

The ingenious lawyer accepts that Bowe Bergdahl did have some “unrealistic”, “delusional” and certain “unreasonable” expectations from his deployment and fellow soldiers in the team. And maybe that is why when his “unrealistic” or maybe too high expectations were not met, he decided it best to abandon his post and put the lives of hundreds and maybe thousands of U.S. soldiers at peril.

His lawyer asserts that the naïve young man of 29 just had certain expectations which, when not met, he took the step which seemed right to him. The question that comes to mind is that did he consider what impact his action would have? Did he think how it could jeopardize the operations outlined by the military? How can he ever compensate the terrible peril that the soldiers faced while searching for him, on a land riddled with war?

General Dahl, who is the lawyer in this case, also shared how he found the soldier to be very “truthful” in the time he interviewed him. The lawyer shared with the public how the soldier had finally shown remorse about how his actions could have affected his fellow soldiers. Later, when questioned by the press, General Dahl exuded confidence and stated that he didn’t see any jail imprisonment at the end of this court case. He went as far as to say that a court marshal and jail sentence would just be completely “inappropriate” in this case.

Many would beg to ask the esteemed lawyer what according to him would be the most “appropriate” action in such a case, probably to let the soldier off for violating the rules, and pardoning him on behalf of all the hundreds of soldiers whose lives he put at stake!

The positivity exuded by the lawyer almost made it seem that the current case in court was just a formality, and that Bowe would face no charges for either desertion or for endangering any soldiers’ lives.

Bowe Bergdahl now faces a possible life imprisonment for an endangerment charge and a 5 year sentence if convicted with a desertion charge. But according to his lawyer, these “inappropriate” charges have a low probability.

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