In a Few Days, Google Chromecast 2 Will Go Public


It’s really happening. After two years, Google is finally going to launch the second and updated version of Google Chromecast 2. The company has plans to announce the Chromecast dongle at the Nexus event on September 29, which is not that far away. Obviously, when news leaks about a new upgrade in town, people start talking.

From the whispers, the new features and specifications have spiked everyone’s interest. For those who do not know what Chromecast is, then shame on you (just kidding). Here is the lowdown on the basic functions of Google Chromecast—when you plug the dongle into an HDMI port, your television will transform in front of your eyes, becoming an HDMI screen.

Since Chromecast does not have a user interface, it operated using the Chromecast application downloaded to either your mobile phone or handheld device. You can even display the contents of your mobile device on the television screen or monitor. You cannot download just any random application, thinking it would work flawlessly on Chromecast (it won’t). Google has designed apps specific to Chromecast. In the app store, you can find a Cast icon indicating that it supports the Chromecast dongle.

One thing that Chromecast wasn’t able to do and people hope that Chromecast 2 is able to achieve is gaming.  If the second version fails to address this issue, they can find themselves trending on Twitter, but not  positively. Are you sure that a Chromecast 2 is even in the works or is it people’s wild guesses and assumptions?

The dongle is actually in the works and none other than the Vice President of Product Management at Google, Mario Queiroz, revealed the epic news. His exact words were ” [It would] give us a better opportunity to take full advantage of a large screen paired with a small screen”. Bingo! The rumor has some merit now.

To add fuel to the fire, Google has scheduled two sessions focused on creating games and designing games for Google Cast. In both sessions, everyone on Google’s side was mum on the topic of Chromecast 2. They did not have to say a word, as the rumor of the releast of a Chromecast 2 is out in the open. They are not hiding it either. Earlier in the month, the company received a consignment of 10,000 Chromecasts and this is where it gets very real, last year FCC documents mentioned Chromecast 2.

Here is what we already know—the shape will remain the same, it will come in a variety of different colors, improved Wi-Fi, and that’s about it. You will have to wait until September 29 if you want to know all the juicy details and specifications.

On September 29, leave everything and stay tuned to find out what Google has to say about the Google Chromecast 2 and when can hopefuls finally get a chance to use it. Have patience because in a few short days, Chromecast 2 will become the hot topic on the internet and on technology forums.


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