Chef’d Starts Home Delivery Service of Cooked Meals


Home delivery of cooked meals is gradually gaining popularity in the startup category at the moment. It targets busy individuals who have more money and less time. A startup firm, Chef’d, has launched a home delivery service by capitalizing on the general public’s love for celebrity chef’s culinary delights.

Chef’d that officially launched back in April is similar to the wildly popular Blue Apron. However, here users can order individual meals from the online store instead of subscribing to weekly deliveries. The company also provides paleo, gluten free, and vegan diets.

The company offers recipes of big names such as Adam Richman of Man vs. Food, Alex Guarnaschelli, Fabio Viviani, and Angelo Sosa of Top Chef. Some of the exclusivities of the startup include Simon Majumdar’s chicken korma and Scott Conant’s orange-fennel couscous. It also plans to enter into partnerships with more well known chefs such as Eric Greenspan and Dominique Crenn.


However, the dishes being offered aren’t cheap. Most of them cost around $39 for two people. The price is certainly more than what you could pay, for instance, at Chipotle. But it is much less than a dinner for two at a restaurant that offers full-service.

What’s appealing about the Chef’d offer is that it brings the food dishes right to your doorstop. You do not have to go outside to munch on delicious dishes with this offer. Just order the dish online and it willl be delivered hot and delicious within an hour.

The company has partnered with popular restaurants, celebrity chefs, food media, and culinary brands from all around the world. All the dishes offered on the site are made with easy to follow recipes and fresh ingredients. There are  more than one hundred plus additional dishes that can satiate the dietary needs of various individuals.

The best thing about the service is that you can order your favorite meal without any limit. Each of the dishes is enclosed in an appealing package. The box contains ingredients with detailed instructions on how to make the dish. The ingredients are placed in an insulated box with top quality cooling and dividers that help keep the food fresh when delivered. The packaging also insures that the food does not become spoilt in any way upon delivery.

Chef’d caters to people with both simple and sophisticated tastes. For instance, the simple grilled cheese sandwich fulfills the need of less sophisticated tastes. However, even the simplest dish does not come cheap. You may expect to pay as much as $15 for the White Bread with American cheese for two people.

Although some may say that ordering ingredients with recipes isn’t really cooking, but the company has certainly gained popularity as a large number of people would like to dine in on home cooked dishes on the family table.  And with an increasing number of Americans becoming conscious of what they eat, and where they eat, the timing of the Chef’d service seems well timed.

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