Chicagoans – The Answer to Fast and Fresh Food is Here


Max Meyers, co-founder, Joe Andrews, co-founder and technology officer, and Blake Bible, co-founder and CEO all came up with the idea to establish the Radish. The trio wanted to establish a restaurant where people could order fresh and high-quality food right from their phones. They developed an app to go along with the venture.

With the app ready, they needed someone in the kitchen preparing the fresh meals. To fill this role they collaborated with Chef David Yusefzadeh and David has become  an important part of the team. Soon after, they were delivering food to people residing in the Western Avenue corridor and Downtown. However, Radish faces tough competition from the Sprig.

Sprig, which is a company from San Francisco, launched in Chicago in June. Right now, they are in the process of expanding their delivery routes. By the end of this year, they will begin to deliver food on the weekend. With both companies delivering food along Belmont Avenue and Roosevelt Road, the competition between the two is fierce.

Although the Radish is a start-up, as an underdog they are an ambitious group of guys who have plans to make sure that in a tough city like Chicago the local underdog ends up winning.

How Does Radish Plan to Win the Market in Chicago?

fresh-foodSprig is open for delivery only on weekdays, delivering lunch and dinner. Radish only delivers dinner from Monday to Thursday from 5:30 to 9:00 PM. With Sprig planning to deliver on the weekends, Radish needs to up their game. Therefore, they have decided to start delivering after 5:00 PM on Fridays and start serving lunch.

With the strategy in place to take on Sprig head to head, another threat has come up. Eat Purely, another company based in Chicago like Radish, will also launch an app this fall. They will deliver dinner to the Downtown area and gradually expand their base. The unique selling point, that differentiates them from both Sprig and Radish, is that their food is delivered frozen and the customer will need to reheat it.

This could pose a problem for the company, as customers want to eat their food right away and not have to wait to warm it. We will have to wait till Fall to see how people react to Eat Purely’s services. For the moment, the type of restaurant services that are being launched are  hitting all the right notes with customers to ease the ordering and delivery of delicious food to their doorstep.

Several companies have recognized this as a profitable business. For instance, Postmates and UberEats deliver food from local restaurants, and Home Chef delivers meals that you can easily prepare at home. How is Radish different from them?

Radish sells restaurant-quality items, uses only organic and fresh ingredients, and promises to deliver the food in less than twenty minutes. In order to deliver food to the customers efficiently, Radish utilizes technology that allows them to track orders, keep their drivers on the streets, managing the stock of food, and collecting data at every point.

In the race to who can deliver fresh food the fastest, Radish seems to have the upper hand; where Sprig takes 15 minutes to deliver food, they take only 10.

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