Hillary Clinton Jumps Ahead of Bernie Sanders

bernieDemocratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is doing extremely well in the race for President in New Hampshire. According to a poll conducted by CNN, she is ahead of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has the support of more than half of people who plan to vote in the primary next year, but the polls revealed a different scenario.

46 percent of people support Sanders, 30 percent support Clinton, 14 percent support Biden, 2 percent support the former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’ Malley, 1 percent support former governor of Virginia Jim Webb, and less than 1 percent support former Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee and Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig.

In terms of ideology and gender, 56 percent males support Sanders with only 20 percent supporting

Clinton whereas 39 percent females back Sanders and 37 percent back Clinton. Liberals want Sanders as their Democratic presidential nominee, as he holds a 56 percent to 30 percent amongst them. Amongst moderates, he holds a 30 percent to 38 percent lead.

Looking at the voters mindset on both sides of the aisle, Democratic and Republican, on the Democratic side, half of the people already know who they want as their next president from the Democratic presidential hopefuls. Compare this to the Republican side, only 41 percent know whom they want to route for.

clintonHowever, that was the story leading up to this polling.  Now, the story is about Clinton jumping ahead of Sanders. According to the national polling, which was conducted recently, it determined that Clinton’s chances of becoming the Democratic presidential nominee have increased as compared to Sanders, especially in New Hampshire.

This was only possible because the poll did not include Joe Biden, and without him, Clinton gets most of his supporters. Still, Bernie Sanders holds his fort, as he retains control of the race, holding 49 percent to her 36 percent. When asked to voters who do they think will come out as the winner for the state’s president, they were split with 42 percent votes for Clinton and 42 percent votes for Sanders with 6 percent of voters showing support for Joe Biden.

On the topic of Biden, he has improved his standing in the race, as he now holds 14 percent support, which is a huge improvement from July where he held only 5 percent support. Moreover, he is also well liked now than he was previously as 69 percent favor him. What do the voters of New Hampshire think of Biden coming into the race?

37 percent say he should join the race, 32 percent say he should not, and 30 percent remain neutral on his entering the race. Voters have also formulated a clearer image in their heads of which candidate they want to see win the general election of 2016.

According to them, 51 percent want Clinton, 19 percent say Sanders, 15 percent choose Biden, and 1 percent support O’Malley. When it comes to experience, people lean again towards Clinton with 44 percent saying she is the right fit for the job.

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