Jaws Explains Why Redskin Quarterback Kirk Cousins Has the Worst Interception Rates


Kirk Cousins, the Redskins quarterback, has thrown twenty three interceptions in seventeen games against twenty seven touchdowns. Two of the picks came during the Thursday night match last week when Redskins lost to the Giants 32-21. This has re ignited the debate as to whether he  is fit for the task.

ESPN analyst and former quarterback, Ron Jaworski, said on Friday right after the match that he did not know the about the noise and drama that surrounds this quarterback. But in his opinion based on what he saw on the field, Cousins certainly has the NFL ability but he simply gives away far too many throws. And you can’t do that in this league as the defense will set you up, and bait you.

Cousins’ first interception defines the predetermined throw when he fired the ball down the middle of the field. The ball landed right into the arms of Prince Amkamara, who plays as cornerback for the Giants.


According to Jaws, the first interception was a clear example of how he gave away his move by coming out of the huddle and throwing a play action seam. He didn’t snap his head around to see the defense. Guys that predetermine the throws like that are slow blinkers since when they come out of the fake, you should see it. But he did not see the throws.

The question remains just how bad has Cousins been?

Stats reveal that of all the quarterbacks that have thrown at least 300 passes since 2012, Cousins had the most awful interception rate in the history of NFL. The names that follow him include Geno Smith, Terrelle Pryor, Matt Cassel, Blaine Gabbert and Marc Sanchez.

According to FootballTalk’s Michael David Smith the player has 23 career interceptions but only 514 pass attempts. In comparison, Robert Griffin III, quarterback for Washington Redskins, and LeSean McCoy, running back for Buffalo Bills, also had 23 career interceptions but with 1,063 and 831 pass attempts.

Speaking about Robert Griffin III, who had developed some animosity towards Kirk, seemed to be on good terms during the Thursday night game.

And this is a good thing as Gruden intends on staying with Cousins at least for now. The Redskins coach had stated that the team just needs to play better around Kirk after the game. He clarified that there is no controversy regarding his quarterback.

Meanwhile, Jaws had some simple advice for Cousins. He said that there is only one stat that is important for him and that will turn his game around. At the moment, in NFL if you are minus one or worse in the takeaway category or turnover, your team loses 85% of the time. Look at all the great football quarterbacks. They think carefully when they throw the ball. And when it comes to Cousins, he just does not think carefully before making the move. If he wants to win games, he needs to be more judicious about where he throws the ball and most importantly when.


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