A McDonald’s Employee Proved that Kind People Do Exist

mcdonaldsWhen a McDonald’s employee stopped working to help a disabled man cut his food, it touched several people around the globe who heard about the story. These days, acts of kindness are rare, but when they do happen, it is a moment celebrated by people as a win for the human race.

When you turn on the television, all you see and hear these days is people bashing each other, the number of people killed around the world, people fleeing from their country, school shootings, racial issues, and more.  Out of all the cringe-worthy news on TV, hearing a wonderful and heartwarming story about a young man noticing the difficulty of a disabled man to cut his food, and then pausing his work to help him is a refreshing change.

However, people wouldn’t have heard of this kind man’s story if it wasn’t for Destiny Carreno. She shared what she saw in the craziest downtown rush hour at a Chicago McDonald’s with her friends on Facebook. She prompted people to share the story, and since then, it has been shared 300,000 times on the social networking site.

So, here’s what happened on that fine day…

On September 16, after work, Destiny went to McDonald’s to grab a bite. She waited in line to order her food when she noticed an elderly man, wheeling himself towards the cashier asking him for help. The elderly man with the disability had a hard time conveying his thoughts to the cashier so the cashier suggested a few things, before figuring out that the man needed help with cutting and eating his food.

Destiny didn’t think the cashier would actually go and help the man, but to her surprise, the cashier closed down his register and went to the man’s aid. First, he washed his hands, wore gloves, and then went over to assist him. At that point, tears formed in Destiny’s eyes, as not many people would have done what this cashier had done.

What is the name of this cashier who spread joy to people who heard of his kind act?

kenny-soriano-garciaKenny Soriano-Garcia is the cashier who went out of his way to assist a stranger, a man he barely knew, to cut his food, and help him eat it. Remember, this wasn’t part of Kenny’s job description, but he did it anyway, and that, folks, is kindness in all its glory.

For exhibiting phenomenal customer service, his superiors conducted a ceremony to recognize his act of kindness. Moreover, Kenny even got a shout out from Rod Lubeznik, McDonald’s owner and operator who released a statement:

“We are very proud of Kenny, and overwhelmed by the positive response he has received for his compassion and kindness. It’s a true testament to who Kenny is, and a reminder to us all that one seemingly small act of kindness can touch the hearts of so many. We recognized Kenny during an award presentation yesterday.”

The world needs more people like Kenny Soriano-Garcia!

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