China Media Keeping Close Tabs On The First Ladies And Their Fashion

In China, the two first ladies are being scrutinized intensely, but not in a bad way. The scrutinizing is primarily of what they are wearing because the population in China considers them fashion icons and how they seem to compete  while together. Currently, the US President Barack Obama and the Chinese President Xi Jinping are engaging in talks and the Chinese media cannot wait for the fashion face-off between the ladies Michelle Obama and Pend Liyuan.

The Two Fashion Icons

Michelle-obamaThe two ladies last met  in March of 2014 and various Chinese publications were constantly comparing their fashion styles. Ms Peng was a renowned folk singer, and her fashion sense has been highly paid attention to and well documented by the Chinese media through the years. Michelle Obama has always shown a great sense of style, the media has stated that both these women will be watched closely and their clothes will be compared and analyzed. The first ladies will most likely pay a visit to the National Zoo to see the giant pandas.

The last time that Michelle Obama visited China, a lot was made of her fashion sense and style in the Chinese media. A popular and much followed news portal Sina showedan entire page comparing the fashion styles of the two ladies. Other  fashion magazines in China also displayed images of the outfits worn by the two ladies. The China Daily newspaper stated that their styles were a lot common and that they were symbols of glamour.

The Iconic Peng Liyuan

Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan was a folk singer, and she was already famous well before her husband became president. A local news post had stated that her fashion sense and style transformed her into a global sensation and her fan club is increasing each day. She is also watched intensely by many of her adoring fans when it comes to the clothes that she decides to wear for diplomatic events.

The best thing about her is that she does not limit her style to the Chinese culture and tradition. This can be seen by the fact that she wore a western style dress to the country’s 70th World War Two anniversary parade held in September.


The Face Off

Michelle Obama is already well recognized for her great fashion sense in the United States. However, the media in China is still going to debate which of the  ladies will win the fashion face off. The fashion journals are eagerly comparing the different outfits  and comparing the pros and cons. The face off is also triggering a great deal  of social media banter online  from fans the world over.

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