New England Patriots Tom Brady Off to One of the Best Starts of His Career

New England Patriots Tom Brady Off to One of the Best Starts of His Career

New England’s Tom Brady is off to a perfect start this season with three victories and no interceptions. This is the first time in his career that the 38 year old has started the season with nine touchdowns, making 72.2% of his passes for 1,112 yards, which gives him a passer rating of 119.6. We are barely into October and he leads the competition in attempts (133), completions (96), and yards.

His stalwart performance on the field has allowed the Patriots to set a record with 119 points in three games, and become only one of the seven teams in NFL history with 100% success rate in the opening games.

Brady has set an example through his complete dedication and effort on the field in torching every opponent, doubter, and commissioner that blocked his way. And the amazing part is that he is doing it at an age when most people slow down in their NFL careers and especially as QBs. Peyton Manning with 101.5 points in 2014 and Brett Favre with 107.2 points in 2009 are the only quarterbacks that have compiled a rating of above 100 after turning 38. Both players had won twelve games for their team but did not reach the Super Bowl. John Elway is the oldest quarterback in NFL history who at the age of 38 won a Super Bowl with his team, completed 22 touchdowns, made 59% of his passes for 2,806 yards, 10 interceptions, and achieved a passer rating of 93.0.

Brady has started the season at a record breaking pace that would set the record books on fire if he carries his team to their fifth Super Bowl title. It would end the debate over his playoff performances allowing him to enter the NFL Hall of Fame as the greatest of all time.

It’s true that Brady has always played with complete dedication and has been the hardest working soul in the building. But his “scorched earth” mantra has really taken off this year, which seems amazing considering that he is playing at such an advanced stage in his career.

“There are a lot of things I always want to improve on,” Brady said. “(I’m) always trying to become a better player for our team. A lot of those things are personal.”

It seems that Brady’s personal vendetta is with the conspiracy Bradytheorists, critics, and the league’s naysayers as he stares them in the eye and dares them to question the legitimacy of his accomplishments.

By Brady’s standards, the Patriots are off to a decent start this season. One may wonder what the performance of the Patriots would be like if things get rolling according to Brady.

The hype of a perfect season is already underway for the Patriots. Tom Brady is certainly into it this season. As former Patriot star, Rodney Harrison, told the Herald, Brady is on an all year assault this year. And he is not going to let up during the season.

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