Apple Inc. publishes the launching date for iPad Pro, along with Pencil and Smart Keyboard in November


Apple is going to launch the iPad Pro, in addition to its other accessories – Pencil and Keyboard on the second Wednesday of November. All staff members are getting ready for the latest release of this gadget. It is confirmed from a few sources that this 12.9 inch tablet would be available on 11th November, both in Apple retail stores and online. Though the release date has not been published officially yet, Apple Inc. has just mentioned that the new gadget will be available on next month.

The company had disclosed the brand-new Apple stylus in the pattern of Apple Pencil at its September event, where this was introduced for the very first time. Apple was determined to launch this device, in addition to the smart keyboard, in spite of going against late Steve Jobs’ thoughts regarding these products.

The iPad Pro would be obtainable everywhere in two variations- 32GB and 128 GB, for Wi-Fi only version and would cost $799. There would also be an LTE-compatible version, that would cost over $1000 and it could be collaborated with network cards. But this version would be available in 128GB only. The Wi-Fi only 128GB version is also anticipated to be more or less the same price to the LTE-version.

Now the supporting staff members of Apple are being trained to troubleshoot and handle this latest and larger iPad. They are aimed to finish their training within just a week, by 6th November.

Generally, Apple Inc. has a trend for taking pre-orders before the gadgets go on sale. But this time the company has not indicated, whether they would continue offering that. The Veterans Day, a public holiday in the United States coincides with November 11 and that is also against Apple’s regular trend. Because the company generally launches the products on either Tuesday or Friday, also avoids launching on holidays.

There is a controversy- the new iPad Pro somehow resembles the iPad Air 2, though the new screen of 12.9 inches has sports resolution 2732×2048. It is possibile that the new tablet will affect the boundaries between a tablet and a laptop, as the new iPad will be running on 4GB of RAM and have Apple’s new A9X System-on-Chip Processor as power system. However the Apple Pencil would be a great addition to that and possibly could establish the iPad’s status.

There are also some issues regarding the Pencil. First it is being charged through a male Lightning connector, attached to the bottom part of the tablet and got stuck a little. Definitely that could create an awkward issue, while being charged. According to Apple’s statement, being charged for only 15 seconds, the stylus can run for 30 minutes. This tricky issue is already resolved by charging the stylus through an adapter that can use any Lightning cable. In case the adapter is connected with the Pencil or the tablet can be seen, it definitely is a great way to handle the issue. Nevertheless, Apple would not desire to replicate Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s stylus flaw that just destroyed the holding mechanism, if inserted inappropriately.

iPad Pro

The very basic iPad Pro would cost $799, if coupled with the $99 Pencil and the $169 Keyboard. For the fully equipped version, one has to pay $1067 and for 128 GB LTE-compatible versions, the total price could be up to $1347. Thus it would make a massive investment for just a tablet, though it will include warranties, apps and so on. It would be interesting to see which model comes forward after finally being launched.


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