Injuries scar a great Week 8 in the NFL

Sunday was yet another reminder of that side of football we never hope to see on such a regular basis. No matter how much the game offers its thrills and pure dose of adrenaline, there are downright ugly incidents that really hit the game hard.

Week 8 of the NFL season was a great one – a week that saw a record-setting 52-49 game between the Giants and Saints, seven touchdowns from Drew Brees and six for Eli Manning. However, it was the wave of injuries that really ruined what otherwise could have been remembered as one of the most exciting weeks the regular season had on offer.

It started with a serious and perhaps career ending injury to Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith who tore his Achilles. Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell on the other hand, was hauled off the field after suffering a knee injury. Saints running back Khiry Robinson suffered a similar fate and had to be carted off. Matt Forte of the Bears also injured his knee but was still able to walk off the field on his own.

It is also being reported that 49ers running back, Reggie Bush has torn his Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Keenan Allen, the Chargers’ wideout, was seen dealing with the after effects of back spasm after making a really great touchdown catch. Cameron Wake’s saw his season come to a premature end after the Dolphins pass-rusher tore his Achilles against the Patriots on Thursday.


However, the aforementioned injuries, despite being really scary, come nothing close to the scare Ricardo Lockette of the Seattle Seahawks gave when he was rammed by a crunching block. Lockette went down following the challenge immediately and showed no signs of movement for a really long time. However, the crowd and his teammates heaved a huge sigh of relief after he raised his hand to the crows while being stretchered off the stadium.

It seems that the 2015 regular season is dominating headlines for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t just week 8 that showcased the horrible side of the game. Throughout the season, there have been more than a few injuries to players from all teams. For instance, Jimmy Clausen, who lead the Bears to 10 consecutive punts, may not return for the remainder of the season while the Cowboys are already struggling on the field with injuries to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant  effectively ending their hopes of making it to the playoffs this time around.

Many have complained of poor football on display this season and a big reason behind this drop in the overall performances is due to the constant injuries every team has to deal with.

And although we are only at half way point right now, it was really sad to see a promising week being overshadowed by injuries. The ending of the Bears-Vikings game or the overtime of Buccaneers-Falcons was going to make week 8 a memorable one for everyone but sadly, we’ll remember this week for the injuries that dominated almost every stadium on Sunday.

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