Not a Happy Thanksgiving for Cowboys and Eagles

If the Cowboys thought things couldn’t get any worse, it sure did after star quarterback, Tony Romo, in his second game back in the Dallas lineup, re-injured his left clavicle on a third-quarter sack and exited the game. It won’t be surprising to see the injury ending the veteran QB’s season while sealing the Cowboys’ 2015 fate effectively.

In his postgame news conference, Romo said that he had a similar feeling Thursday to Week 2, when he broke his clavicle during a game at Philadelphia. The QB won’t know if his clavicle is broken or not until further testing is done, but it is pretty clear that the Dallas Cowboys can say goodbye to their hopes of qualifying for the playoffs.

Jason Garrett’s side started 3-0 this season in games started by Romo and 0-7 in the games he had missed, with the likes of Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel not proving themselves to be great backups. On Thursday, the Cowboys ran into a superior team, and in all honesty, the game was decided long before Romo was forced to leave the field.

Two of his three interceptions were returned for touchdowns, and the veteran was clearly frustrated at not being able to give his team a chance to win.

Romo himself is not certain about making a return this season, and one has to wonder how much more his body can take in the future seasons, now that he has started the twilight years of his career.


Blinded by Power?

The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, were totally dreadful against the Lions on Thursday. In each of their last two games, they have surrendered 45 points and are currently on a three-game losing streak with an overall record of 4-7, which is something Chip Kelly had not anticipated when the season kicked off. Moreover, it appears that the players have also given up on the head coach, and if they have not, it is an even more alarming sign.

However, putting all the blame on Kelly would be unfair, considering the fact that owner Jeffrey Lurie gave Kelly complete power over everything. Perhaps it is the autonomy he enjoys among the board members that contributes to his and his team’s downfall.

“It’s a gamble to go from good to great because you could go from good to mediocre with changes,” Lurie said during the offseason. “But I decided that it was important enough to adopt the vision and philosophy of integrating the scouting with the coaching on a daily basis.”

Indeed, Chip Kelly had a vision to turn the team into a great side, but it’s not really paying off, even though the owner has done his best to maximize the coach’s vision and system. It is very rare for a coach to work wonders after being given total control in the NFL. It appears that the gamble has backfired horribly this time around.

It is high time for the Eagles to bring in a new general manager who knows what he’s doing so that Kelly can only take care of the coaching side of things.

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