Greece gets three more months to fix its borders

The European Union has given three months deadline to Greece to fix its border control in order to keep a better check and balance on the migrants entering Europe through Greece.

Greece is facing suspension from the Schengen passport-free zone and has three months to save itself from falling out of favor with the EU countries. European Migration Crises have outrageous impact on all over the world. Refugees and Migrants are coming into Europe from faltering and war-torn regions of word specifically from Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Europe is declared the most dangerous place for irregular migration by “The International Organization for Migration”.

Despite the fact that EU has a very decent approach towards rights of migrants and refuges but in current scenario, the approach towards the migrant influx in Europe is very volatile. Collective security of European Union countries is more appealing to them and these countries are looking to secure their borders at the moment rather than protecting the rights of Refugees and Migrants. And to make things worse, Nationalist parties have raised serious concerns regarding Islamic extremism which is rapidly increasing across the continent. So it is still unclear whether the EU is ready to take migrants or is looking for immigration reforms.

According to UN High Commissioner on Refugees, more than 320,000 people have crossed Mediterranean and entered in EU through Greece. This rate is eight times higher than 2013, moreover many people also entered the continent via land though the numbers are uncertain. According to census, 39 percent of migrants are Syrians which are running from civil war going on for four years, whereas 11 percent are Afghanis which are running from the war against Taliban and 7 percent are Eritreans fleeing because of forced labors.


Terrorism and militancy have halted the economies of the states such as Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia and Pakistan. Due to these reasons people have started migrating to Europe from these countries, which ultimately increase the influx of migrants and disturbed the social stabilization of continent. Two weeks ago, a news report found that Greece had “seriously neglected” its obligations to control the external frontier of the border-free zone. The European Union has given Greece three months to fix its border controls, in a move that could allow other Schengen zone states to maintain internal border controls. Most migrants like to travel through Greece and make their way to Germany and other countries in northern Europe.

Germany and other states have been critical of Greece’s ability to stem the flow. Article 26 of the Schengen Borders Code allows countries to keep temporary border controls in place for a maximum of two years, in exceptional circumstances. The significance of this decision prepares the ground for existing temporary border checks to be extended beyond May, when they are due to expire.

The European Commission has made clear the move will not isolate Greece from the Schengen area or be about suspending Schengen, but will allow other countries to deal with the consequences of the problems Greece is having controlling its borders.

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