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VIDEO: Inside Greece-Macedonia border camp
The BBC’s Gavin Lee visits the migrant camp which has sprung up on the Greece-Macedonia border

Morales’s ‘dead’ son to face media
A woman who had a child with Bolivia’s Evo Morales says she will present her son to the press to prove he is alive after officials say they are convinced he is dead.

Armed men kidnap Nigeria schoolgirls
Nigerian police are hunting for three teenage girls abducted from their boarding school on the outskirts of Lagos city by heavily armed men.

Russia ‘weaponising Europe migration’
Nato’s top commander in Europe accuses Russia and Syria of deliberately using migration to destabilise Europe.

Powerful quake strikes off Indonesia
A 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of western Indonesia, the US Geological Survey reports, with no immediate reports of damage.

VIDEO: New self-driving concept cars on show
At the Geneva Motor Show this week, self-driving car concepts are everywhere.

VIDEO: Prankster disrupts VW motor show speech
UK comedian and prankster Simon Brodkin disrupted a Volkswagen speech at the Geneva Motor Show, targeting VW’s emissions scandal.

VIDEO: Riot police arrive at Calais ‘Jungle’
Riot police and demolition teams have returned to the Calais migrant camp known as the ‘Jungle’ to continue clearing the area.

Alice Arlen, writer of Silkwood, dies
Alice Arlen, the US screenwriter who collaborated with Nora Ephron on the Oscar-nominated screenplay for Meryl Streep’s film Silkwood, dies aged 75.

‘Five militants dead’ in Afghan attack
An attack in the Afghan city of Jalalabad leaves five militants dead, including a suicide bomber whose device killed only himself, police say.

Moscow nanny admits beheading child
A Moscow nanny accused of murdering and then decapitating a little girl in her care says “Allah ordered” her to carry out the act.

VIDEO: The worst crash in aviation history
In March 1977, two jumbo jets collided at Tenerife Airport killing 583 people. Captain Robert Bragg was one of the lucky survivors.

VIDEO: The most studied people on the planet?
In March 1946 scientists began to monitor the health and development of more than 5,500 newborn babies and in the next week all of the surviving participants will turn 70.

VIDEO: Zika concerns grow in Puerto Rico
The US Centre for Disease Control has warned that hundreds of thousands of people in the territory of Puerto Rico could become infected in the coming months and the possible spread of infection in mainland.

VIDEO: The town that handles N Korea’s trade
John Sudworth visits China’s Dandong customs zone which handles much of N Korea’s trade, ahead of a UN vote on tougher sanctions against N Korea.

VIDEO: ISS astronauts return after spending a year in space
A Nasa astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut return to earth after spending nearly a year on board the International Space Station.

VIDEO: Trump and Clinton vow to unite Americans
Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have both said they will be a unifying presence for the US electorate.

Abuse victims want meeting with Pope
Victims of child sex abuse by priests in Australia say they will not meet privately with Australian Cardinal George Pell, but want to see the Pope instead.

ISS crew members end year in space
US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko touch down safely in Kazakhstan after almost a year in space.

North Korea to boycott UN rights council
North Korea says it will no longer take part in UN Human Rights Council session examining its rights record, accusing it of “double standards”.

Shell is sued over Nigeria oil spills
Oil giant Shell is being sued in London for the second time in five years over spills in the Niger Delta but Shell says it is reviewing the claims and the case should be heard in Nigeria.

Spain deputies to debate coalition bid
Spain’s parliament is due to begin debating whether to allow the Socialist party to form a new government and end weeks of political deadlock.

Moody’s cuts China outlook to negative
US ratings agency Moody’s cuts its outlook for China from “stable” to “negative”.

EU to unveil emergency migrant aid plan
The EU is preparing to spend hundreds of millions of euros on humanitarian aid, as Greece struggles to cope with an influx of migrants.

Refugees’ move to US was ‘the happiest day’
Refugees’ move to US was ‘the happiest day

Top 10 exam rituals of stressed students
Top 10 exam rituals from Asia’s stressed-out students

Can Ethiopia’s ‘secret smokers’ stub out their cigarettes?
Can Ethiopians abide by a new ban and stub out cigarettes?

Is China’s splurge on Australian housing at an end?
Is China’s love affair with Australian property over?

Puerto Rico braced for more Zika cases
Puerto Rico braced for massive rise in cases

Indian state where a plane on the roof is normal
The Indian state where a plane on the roof is normal

Encryption: How governments lost control
How governments lost control of encryption

Museum of Lost Objects: Tell of Qarqur
How Syria dug tanks into a hill inhabited for 10,000 years

Clinton and Trump notch early wins
Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump both take early leads in the biggest day of the race for the US presidential nomination.

VIDEO: Syria ceasefire key to migrant crisis
Key to reducing the flow of migrants into Europe is an end to the the conflict in Syria.

Morales believes estranged son is dead
Bolivian President Evo Morales takes legal action to see the son he thought had died in 2007, but says he now believes the child is dead.

Jordan security forces battle ‘outlaws’
Jordanian security forces say they engaged “outlaws” in the northern city of Irbid, with early reports saying the fighters may be Islamist militants.

Prosecutors widen corruption probe
French prosecutors widen their investigation into corruption in athletics to include bidding and voting for Olympic hosting rights.

VIDEO: Scott Kelly’s amazing Earth montage
Astronaut Scott Kelly has spent the last year in space, where he has photographed many of the colours and views of Earth from space.

Syria peace talks delayed by two days
The UN’s special envoy to Syria says peace talks have been pushed back to 9 March to allow the cessation of hostilities to “settle down”.

Stones to play free concert in Cuba
The Rolling Stones announce they are to give a free concert in Cuba later this month.

Facebook executive arrested in Brazil
Brazilian police arrest Facebook’s vice president for Latin America for refusing to release WhatsApp data for a drugs trafficking investigation.

VIDEO: 13ft Welsh dragon at Caerphilly Castle
People in Caerphilly awoke to find the mythical Welsh dragon bursting from the town’s castle banks on St David’s Day.

VIDEO: Strange ‘meteor’ caught on dashcams
Sightings of a suspected meteor in the sky over Aberdeenshire are caught on camera.

Japan to compensate POW over A-bomb
A Dutch former prisoner of war held in Nagasaki when the US dropped an atom bomb on the city wins compensation from the Japanese government.

Bin Laden left $29m fortune for jihad
Osama Bin Laden’s will shows he left a personal wealth of around $29m (£21m), which he wanted to be used “on jihad”.

Can Obama bring power to Africa?
Can Obama really light up the African continent?

VIDEO: What is Super Tuesday?
Super Tuesday explained in 50 seconds

Collectors’ cards for manhole spotters
Japanese company hopes to raise the profile of the sewage industry.

Iraqi general killed in suicide attack
An Iraqi army general and nine other soldiers have been killed in a suicide bomb attack by Islamic State militants in western Iraq, security sources say.

Fears for migrants at Macedonia border
More than 7,000 migrants are stranded in worsening conditions on the Greece-Macedonia border at a camp designed for 1,500.

US and Russia in partnership over Syria
US and Russia in partnership over Syria

VIDEO: From Syria to one of world’s poorest countries
Syrians have fled across the globe to escape the fighting in their home country, some to as far away as Mauritania, one of the world’s poorest countries. Thomas Fessy investigates why.

VIDEO: Bright flash in sky caught on camera
A bright flash seen in the skies over Scotland on Monday evening is caught on camera by Jenni Morrison from Aberdeenshire.

VIDEO: Inside Europe’s biggest disaster drill
Europe’s biggest emergency disaster drill is taking place in London – simulating a tower block collapsing into a station.

‘Hairy Nose’ tackles Chinese pollution
A campaign group hopes its bizarre video of “hairy nose” will encourage Chinese people to tackle pollution “before it changes you”.

Army job seekers made to strip for test
Hundreds of men in India’s Bihar state are made to strip down to their underwear while being tested for army jobs in an attempt to prevent cheating.

Nepal to extend Everest permits
The authorities in Nepal are to extend for free permits for foreigners prevented from climbing Mount Everest by last year’s earthquakes.

German court urged to ban far-right NPD
The constitutional court in Germany considers whether to ban the far-right National Democratic Party – a stridently anti-immigrant group.

Bid to charge Zuma with corruption
A court in South Africa is to hear a case brought by the opposition to reinstate 738 corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma.

Myanmar brings forward presidential vote
The vote to appoint a new president for Myanmar is brought forward by a week, a move likely to mean Aung San Suu Kyi will not try to take the role.

HK bookseller to ‘give up UK residency’
One of the five “missing” Hong Kong booksellers, Lee Bo, says he will give up the right to live in the UK, amid claims his first public appearance was under duress.

Calais ‘Jungle’ evictions due to resume
Demolition teams are due to return to the French port of Calais to dismantle more makeshift shelters in the “Jungle” migrant camp.

US hopefuls gear up for Super Tuesday
Candidates bidding for their party’s ticket in the November US presidential election face their biggest test yet in the so-called Super Tuesday primaries.

Pakistan braces for Qadri funeral
Security is stepped up across Pakistan as further protests are expected at the funeral of Mumtaz Qadri, the former bodyguard who killed Punjab’s governor.

Oscars host rapped over Asian ‘joke’
US comedian Chris Rock is criticised for a joke he made at the expense of Asian-Americans while hosting the Oscars ceremony.

Why Kashmir’s militants have become ‘heroes’ again
Why are Indian Kashmiri youth turning to militancy?

The sudden intensity of Indonesia’s anti-gay onslaught
The sudden intensity of Indonesia’s anti-gay onslaught

Museum of Lost Objects: The Temple of Bel
The 2,000-year-old temple at a desert oasis

The schoolboy falsely accused of two murders
How a US lawyer cleared a Ugandan schoolboy’s name

Naked Gun star George Kennedy dies
US actor George Kennedy, star of Cool Hand Luke and Naked Gun, has died at the age of 91, his grandson announces.

Syria truce ‘violations’ to be probed
US Secretary of State John Kerry says all alleged violations of the partial truce in Syria will be investigated, as aid convoys begin to reach besieged areas.

Colombia ex-leader’s brother arrested
Police in the Colombian city of Medellin arrest Santiago Uribe, brother of former president Alvaro, over links with a notorious paramilitary group.

Judge backs Apple in new access fight
A US judge rules that Apple cannot be forced to give the FBI access to a locked iPhone in a case that echoes an ongoing legal battle.

Zika ‘might cause’ paralysis syndrome
New research provides the first evidence that Zika virus might cause a severe neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

VIDEO: Scott Kelly’s year in space
Astronaut Scott Kelly returns home after spending a year in space. He documented his journey on Twitter and Instagram.

VIDEO: Final countdown to Super Tuesday
Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls are busy working for every vote ahead of Super Tuesday, when nearly a dozen states will cast their ballots.

Morales ‘wants to meet estranged son’
Bolivian President Evo Morales says he wants to meet a son he was told had died nine years ago.

Tests begin for gravity mission
The European Space Agency Lisa Pathfinder probe is about to begin testing the technologies needed to detect gravitational waves in space.

Pell has ‘full support’ of Pope Francis
Cardinal George Pell says he has the “full backing” of Pope Francis as he faces more questions from a Royal Commission into child sex abuse.

Assault row presenter jailed in Egypt
A TV presenter in Egypt is jailed for ‘violating the privacy’ of an assault victim interviewed on her show about sexual harassment.

Google self-driving car hits a bus
One of Google’s self-driving cars crashed into a bus in California last month. There were no injuries.

VIDEO: Plight of ‘Europe’s uninvited guests’
Macedonia has said it will only allow in as many people as Serbia, the next country north on the Balkan migrant corridor, accepts.

US judge breaks 10-year court silence
One of the eight judges at the US Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas, asks his first question from the bench in 10 years.

Body of German found in floating yacht
Police are investigating the death of a German sailor whose body was found slumped in a yacht drifting off the southern Philippines.

The Pakistani woman with two Oscars
The first Pakistani to win two Oscars – and she’s female

VIDEO: No arrests in Cairo over academic’s death
One month after the brutal killing of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo, the authorities in Egypt say they have no made arrests.

VIDEO: How do ex-leaders spend retirement?
The Bolivian president has said he would like to be a sports trainer when he leaves office, but what have other world leaders got up to?

Argentina ends 15-year $95bn bond fight
Argentina signs an agreement with US hedge funds to settle what has been described as a “pitched battle” over its failure to repay $95bn worth of bonds.

Top Republican rejects ‘divisive’ Trump
Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse says he won’t back Republican front-runner Donald Trump, the highest-ranked party member to do so, on the eve of “Super Tuesday”.

US warns of dam collapse in Iraq
The US embassy in Iraq warns that the risk of the Mosul Dam collapsing is “serious and unprecedented” and urges people downstream to be ready to evacuate.

Protests at Taseer killer’s execution
Thousands protest after the former police bodyguard who shot dead the governor of Punjab Salman Taseer is hanged.

Sunday morning at the Bamako Hippodrome
Going to the races in unexpected places

VIDEO: US man ‘confesses’ to N Korea theft
A US student who was arrested in North Korea has appeared on state media admitting to trying to steal a piece of propaganda from a hotel.

VIDEO: ‘Two, one, zero…’: Rocket aborts launch
A rocket launch by Californian company SpaceX was called off just when the countdown reached zero, as onboard computers raised an alarm.

VIDEO: Demolition starts at Calais migrant camp
Demolition teams have begun dismantling huts in part of the Calais migrant camp known as the Jungle.

VIDEO: Migrants smash fence with ‘battering ram’
Police near the Macedonia-Greece border have fired tear gas after migrants pushed their way through a fence.

Blossom fans break into prison grounds
Visitors reportedly scaling walls to see the spring blossom inside prison compound.

Malaysia ex-PM to leave ruling party
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad says he is leaving the ruling party, Umno, because it is “seen as supporting corruption”.

Missing booksellers paraded on China TV
Four of the five missing Hong Kong booksellers appear on Chinese TV, saying they have been detained for “illegal book trading” in the mainland.

Migrants charge through Macedonia fence
A crowd of migrants bursts through a barbed-wire fence on the Macedonia-Greece border using a steel pole as a battering ram.

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