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Here is the latest Travel News from CNBC.

Solar Impulse 2 successfully touches down in Silicon Valley
Solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse 2 has finished the ninth leg of its round-the-world trip over the weekend.

Here’s why you can’t sleep well in hotels
Researchers say some parts of the brain don’t go into ‘sleep mode’ in the first night of a new location.

Carnival CEO on Cuba: We’re contributing to a positive history
Arnold Donald, CEO & President of Carnival Corporation, speaks about his company’s upcoming first cruise to Cuba and the change in law for Cubans and Cuban-Americans to be able to travel via cruise ships.

UK issues travel warning against US states
The UK government alerts British citizens about recent LGBT laws in two southern US states.

American Air first-quarter profit beats estimates
American Airlines reported a first-quarter profit on Friday that exceeded analysts’ estimates as cheap fuel continued to prop up its bottom line.`

Cuba to lift cruise ship ban for citizens, clears way for Carnival voyage
Cuba said it would lift a ban on Cubans and Cuban-Americans entering and leaving the Caribbean island by commercial vessels.

We have global ambitions: Norwegian CEO
Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, talks about the airline industry and says his company is not competing with low-cost Ryanair and EasyJet.

Brexit’s impact on air travel
Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, shares his views on how the U.K. leaving the European Union would impact the airline business.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef at risk from coral bleaching
Coral bleaching is impacting 93 percent of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, home to over 600 different types of coral spread over 3,000 individual reefs.

Check out Europe’s top party cities
CNBC takes a look at the top European cities for a great party.

Musk proposes self-driving buses to fix traffic
Musk made the comments at a transportation conference in Norway, according to Bloomberg, reports The Verge.

Wheel Up and flying high in shared economy: CEO
Kenny Dichter, Wheels Up founder and CEO, discusses the company’s new membership tier which offers shuttle service and cross country flights from New York to Los Angeles.

Don’t ‘nickel & dime’ policy boosts Southwest: CEO
Southwest Airlines is standing out with its bags-fly-free and no-change-fee policies, CEO Gary Kelly tells CNBC.

LUV beats Street, ‘out to fabulous start’: CEO
We are virtually outperforming every other competitor, says Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines CEO, breaking down the company’s quarterly results.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second officially turns 90 years old today. CNBC takes a look at just how powerful her brand really is.

‘Top notch’ execs on UAL board: Bethune
United is revamping its board, and switching its Chairman. Insight to the board changes, with Gordon Bethune, former Continental Airlines Chairman and CEO.

Ex-Continental CEO: United doesn’t need me
After United added two new directors to its board, former Continental CEO Gordon Bethune says he isn’t needed anymore.

United Continental tops earnings estimates
United Continental reported first-quarter earnings that topped analyst estimates, sending its shares higher in after-hours trade.

Altimeter CEO on United: Collaboration led to terrific outcome
United has resolved the proxy contest with PAR and Altimeter. Altimeter Capital Management founder and CEO Brad Gerstner, provides insight to the significant changes on United’s board.

Boeing drops after downgrade
Boeing shares are lower after a downgrade by Bank of America, with the FMHR traders.

Carnival might delay Cuba cruise over inequality
The cruise company said that if Cuban-Americans were not allowed by the Cuban government to join the cruise, it would be delayed.

Reasons to earn a college degree abroad
Students who study abroad can gain experience in another country and sometimes lower costs of tuition.

EU to share air travel data after terror attacks
The European Parliament gave final approval to an exchange of air passenger data between security forces in the European Union.

How this cruise company is staying innovative
Ellen Bettridge, vice president of Azamara Club Cruises, describes the firm’s new program that allows travellers to spend more time in ports than any other cruise line.

The outlook for the airline business
Giorgio Callegari, deputy CEO for strategy and alliances at Aeroflot, talks about the pressures of buying the right type of airline fleet.

Fixing airport wait times
Discussing speeding up airport security, with Gordon Bethune, former Continental Airlines Chairman and CEO, and Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly managing partner.

CLEAR expanding security screening
CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports security screening company CLEAR plans to expand its reach to include not just airports but stadiums as well.

More critics blaming TSA for missed flights
American Airlines voices concerns, saying the agency isn’t doing enough to make sure passengers make their flights.

Can 25 public holidays a year EVER be a bad thing?
Sri Lanka takes the needs of its multiethnic population seriously, with a pleasant side-effect: 25 public holidays a year.

Check out Asia’s secret surfers’ paradise
With sandy beaches, quality reef breaks and consistent swells, Sri Lanka’s coasts are gaining a reputation as a premier surf destination.

Airline slams TSA over long delays, missed flights
If you think the waits at airport security are bad now, just wait until summer.

This hotel doesn’t believe in a front-desk
The Patina Capitol Singapore, set to open this year, will introduce a system where every employee will be equipped to deal with guests, explains Marc Dardenne, CEO of Patina Hotels & Resorts.

These are Europe’s newest summer hot spots
New data from travel site reveals these 10 European destinations are this summer’s hottest choices.

Drought hurts Thai New Year
The Songkran festival, Thailand’s New Year, is celebrated by throwing buckets of water, but the mood is soured this year as Thailand suffers its worst drought in 20 years.

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