Jay Z: From drug dealer to wheeler dealer

Rapper Jay-Z performs at his "Legends of the Summer" Stadium Tour on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Alex Urosevic/Invision/AP Images)

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Jay Z: From drug dealer to wheeler dealer
For the 20th anniversary of “Reasonable Doubt,” a look back at how Jay Z went from dealing drugs to being a mogul with his hand in far more than just the music industry.

Amsterdam birdhouses give free Wi-Fi
A Dutch designer created Tree Wi-Fi, a series of birdhouse-like structures that give free Wi-Fi when air pollution falls to a healthy level.

Layoffs hit Newsweek after day of suspense
About half a dozen staffers were let go a day after much larger cuts at one of its sister publications.

What do modern libraries loan? Human books
The Human Library Organization loans out humans who talk about everything from race and gender to homelessness and PTSD.

Will buying Tidal help Apple fend off Spotify?
Apple is reportedly in talks to purchase the Jay Z-backed music service Tidal. The news comes as music rival Spotify is supposedly angry at Apple as well for taking its time to approve its new app.

Tesla driver killed said autopilot tech was ‘great’
An outspoken advocate of self-driving technology dies in a crash while using autopilot.

A week after Brexit, 5 things you need to know
Brexit shattered the post-war consensus in Europe. Markets were stunned. Calm has returned but for how much longer?

BMW promises fully driverless cars by 2021
BMW is working with the tech industry so speed the arrival of self-driving cars.

Brexit will increase U.K.’s huge debt
More taxes, less spending and no chance of a balanced budget: This is the Brexit Britain envisioned by U.K. Chancellor George Osborne.

World’s largest air purifier takes on China’s smog
Daan Roosegaarde made the Smog Free Tower to create bubbles of clean air in inner-city parks and raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution.

Stocks: 5 things to know before the U.S. open
Here’s what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

WeWork moves into China
Read full story for latest details.

Rio gets a bailout 36 days before Olympics
The state of Rio de Janeiro received a $900 million bailout from Brazil’s federal government Thursday to help it beef up security before the Summer Games.

Sumner Redstone court drama drags on
A Massachusetts judge says he’ll need more time to consider arguments over Redstone’s mental competency.

Marissa Mayer defends her reputation
Marissa Mayer used what may be her final meeting with Yahoo shareholders to defend her record as CEO.

Tesla’s probed after fatal crash kills driver
Tesla’s autopilot failed to turn off, leading to a deadly crash.

Millennials bought stocks after Brexit
Young investors were more aggressive than their older cohorts during the Brexit-fueled market turmoil, according to Fidelity stats shared exclusively with CNNMoney. It’s part of a broader shift of Millennials becoming more bold during market scares.

Is Facebook an echo chamber?
Facebook feels no obligation to burst your bubble — to algorithmically adjust your News Feed to show you opposing points of view.

What’s next for HLN after Nancy Grace?
Read full story for latest details.

Hershey stock spikes 20% on delicious rumor
Hershey shares soared 20% to a record high on Thursday amid rumors the iconic chocolate maker could be acquired by Oreo and Cadbury maker Mondelez.

Is Brexit market panic already over? Nope!
Investors seem to be over the Brexit fears that gripped the market just after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union. But experts say that the volatility isn’t over yet.

BoE chief: Economy needs our help, fast
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney expects the economy to slow sharply. He thinks the bank may have to act fast to boost growth.

World’s second largest diamond fails to sell
Lesedi La Rona, the 1,109-carat diamond found last November, fails to find a bidder willing to pay the minimum price in London auction.

Unicorns live! IPO market is back from dead
Read full story for latest details.

U.S. oil stash shrinks 6 weeks in a row
The amount of oil sitting in storage tanks plunged last week, the sixth-straight weekly decline. But analysts caution that the shrinking inventories is more about summer driving season than improving oil market fundamentals.

After Messi exit, Argentina’s bad week worsens
Already suffering from a heartbreaking loss and the potential early retirement of soccer legend Lionel Messi, Argentines got more bad news about their economy Wednesday.

Stocks: 5 things to know before the U.S. open
Here’s what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

China’s internet czar is stepping down
China’s powerful internet czar has stepped down from the Cyberspace Administration.

Police raid Google’s offices in Spain
Google’s offices in Madrid are being raided by police, a source familiar with the situation told CNNMoney.

Movie merger! Lionsgate buys Starz for $4.4B
Lionsgate, the studio behind the popular “Hunger Games” movies, is buying cable network Starz. It’s another example of the clout that John Malone, who backs both companies, has in Hollywood.

Top bank suspends London property loans
A top Singaporean bank says it has stopped providing loans for London property purchases.

Hertz teams up with Uber and Lyft
Hertz inked a deal on Thursday to provide rental cars to Uber and Lyft drivers in the U.S. who don’t have a car.

#OscarsSoWhite creator talks Academy’s diversity
“A lot of work still must be done,” April Reign says of efforts to add minority representation to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is responsible for the Oscars.

Amazon promises 100,000 deals for Prime Day
Amazon is doing a second Prime Day on July 12, despite consumer complaints about Prime Day last year, which saw record sales.

This guy turns celebs into video games
Niccolo De Masi is the CEO of Glu, which helps stars turn their lives into video games.

BFG can’t recapture Spielberg’s old magic
Wonder and whimsy are difficult to conjure on screen, and those qualities are too often beyond the reach of ‘The BFG,’ Steven Spielberg’s movie based on Roald Dahl’s children’s book.

U.K. passport loses luster following Brexit vote
The coveted British passport is losing its luster following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Instead, Ireland has seen a surge in passport applications.

EU spells out 3 hard truths for U.K. divorce
Read full story for latest details.

Obama: Brexit could hit growth, if it happens
President Obama warned of a long term hit to global growth if Britain leaves the EU.

10 million people just got a 23% raise
The Indian government has granted 10 million current and former employees a 23% increase in their salaries and pensions.

Apple patents tech to block your phone camera
Apple is working on a technology that can disable phones’ photo and video recording capabilities using an infrared signal.

China is crushing the U.S. in ‘economic warfare’
As China has risen to become the No. 2 economy, it has repeatedly used money and markets to get what it wants on the world stage, say foreign policy experts Robert Blackwill and Jennifer Harris.

Google Earth just got way better
Read full story for latest details.

How low can bond rates go after Brexit?
Treasury yields have dipped following the Brexit vote and are near record lows. Some think that a yield of 1% on the 10-Year is possible. That may be good for borrowers but it’s another sign of the fear permeating throughout the market.

Ikea recall: What consumers need to know
Ikea announced that it would offer full and partial refunds for dressers that have led to the deaths of three children.

These stock markets are in correction
Stocks markets in Europe, Japan and China have fallen back into ‘bear market’ status.

‘GoT’ nabs series best ratings for finale
“Game of Thrones” brought in its biggest viewership for the season six finale on Sunday night.

Italian crisis may be Brexit collateral damage
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi tells CNN he will do everything necessary to secure the country’s banks.

7 cities that could steal business from London
Cities around Europe are getting ready to welcome global companies planning to leave London in the Brexit fallout.

U.S. economic outlook lowered after Brexit
Economists are already starting to notch down their U.S. economic outlook after the Brexit vote last week.

Rupert Murdoch calls Brexit ‘wonderful’

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