Jupiter, meet Juno: NASA spacecraft settles in to begin its mission


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Jupiter, meet Juno: NASA spacecraft settles in to begin its mission
Almost 5-year voyage ends with successful orbital insertion.

Titanic NASA balloon reaches milestone
Epic midlatitude flight yields gamma ray observations

NASA’s Dawn mission denied asteroidal third act
Post-Pluto, New Horizons gets mission extension

North American energy deal places focus on Mexico
Mexico has furthest to go in generating electricity from clean sources—and many obstacles in its path

Rigid vegetarian diet may have done in ancient cave bears
Unusual tooth shapes hint at why the brown bear’s ancient cousin mysteriously went extinct

This ancient baby insect was a fearsome spider killer
Lacewing predecessors sported long legs topped with claws

In Canada, outraged health researchers demand end to peer-review changes
Reforms by nation’s lead biomedical funder draw harsh critique

Completing troubled ecological observatory will cost $35 million more
NEON says additional funds will mean finishing all 81 sites by end of 2017

Crippled Atlantic currents triggered ice age climate change
Circulation weakened suddenly before abrupt cooling events

Unique sand ripples found on Mars
Formations provide clues to atmospheric conditions

Ozone layer on the mend, thanks to chemical ban
Restrictions on CFCs credited

Bonobos lie about sex to keep the peace
Females trick males to avoid fighting

Plants can gamble, according to study
When faced with tough choices, pea plants make complex decisions

Science minister says he's watching out for post-Brexit 'discrimination' against U.K. researchers
Jo Johnson promises “business as usual” for E.U. grants—but the long-run outlook for science is hazy

U.S. should abandon controversial effort to update human research rules, National Academies panel says
Report calls for new national commission to consider ethical issues

How some salamanders regrow their limbs
New study shows that the same cellular machinery exists in humans

Bacteria give bird its sexy smells
Microbial musk makes juncos more attractive

South Africa’s bid to end AIDS
The tools exist, but the country’s epidemic—the largest in the world—won’t yield easily

NIH should abandon controversial effort to update human research rules, says National Academies panel
Report calls for new national commission to consider ethical issues

Tiny cages make for sluggish lab rats
Lack of motion could be harming their health—and experimental outcomes

European Commission gives controversial weed killer a last-minute reprieve
18-month extension of safety approval prevents de facto ban of glyphosate

Boston’s subway cars hold fewer harmful microbes than our guts
Most common bacterium is the one that causes acne

Out, out red tape: Congress weighs bills to reduce regulatory burden on academic science
Focus on saving time and money a part of larger proposed reforms

Does crime curb or contribute to climate change?
New study tallies the carbon footprint of criminal acts

First study of California’s deep groundwater sparks debate
Aquifers may be vulnerable to oil and gas development, study suggests

Q&A: Former E.U. science adviser Anne Glover on U.K. research after Brexit: 'I'm very pessimistic'
Scottish plant biologist warns of messy divorce, wants Scotland to remain in the European Union

Test your smarts on ‘undead’ genes and our magnetic sixth sense
Take the Science Quiz and test your knowledge of the week’s hottest science news.

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to support U.S. research and education
Long-awaited reauthorization of COMPETES Act strikes right notes, lobbyists say

Shock, sadness, anger: Here's what scientists are tweeting about #Brexit
Many researchers believe U.K. decision will harm science

Human hair, bird feathers came from reptile scales
New study suggests a common ancestor for all three skin coverings

Top stories: Human shields for bears, genes that live on after death, and the discovery of a magnetic sixth sense—maybe
The week’s top Science news

New U.S. drone rules get positive reviews from researchers
Previous regulations had drawn fierce criticism, lawsuits

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