Trump’s voter intimidation plan: Deploying poll watchers to fight nonexistent voter fraud is a November dirty trick


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Trump’s voter intimidation plan: Deploying poll watchers to fight nonexistent voter fraud is a November dirty trick
Trump’s camp is calling for “monitors” at polling places to ensure “Crooked” Hillary doesn’t rig the election

The danger of the right’s noise machine: Years of misinformation led to Trump’s rise
“Where do you go to have any sense of the truth?” right-wing radio host Charlie Sykes told MSNBC

Salon’s social bootcamp: Our mutual friend isn’t invited to her wedding? And how soon is too soon to call him Doctor?
Readers ask Fancy, our etiquette expert, how to navigate tricky social situations and live their best life

James Corden addresses rumors of late night time-slot swap with Stephen Colbert
“Our only competition is everything on the internet,” “The Late Late Show” host said

Of psychopaths and presidential candidates: To what degree do modern candidates resemble psychopaths?
Analysis shows where some of this year’s aspirants rank on a standard assessment of psychopathic traits

Forget blade runners: What if some female Olympians have high testosterone?
Do elevated levels of testosterone give female athletes a competitive advantage? It shouldn’t matter

Robert Reich: Hillary Clinton will need Bernie Sanders’s political revolution to make things happen
The only way Clinton’s ideas will make it in real life is if the public is organized and mobilized behind them

It’s not Bernie backers: If the U.S. elects Trump, this is who is responsible
It’s convenient to blame Berners for a possible Trump win, but they are the last ones responsible for this mess

You can exhale now — the Back-to-School Allowance Index is the good news about the economy you needed to hear
Maybe this will put your economic fears to rest: Kids have more money than ever to spend on school stuff this year.

“Extreme vetting:” Will Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell go along with Trump’s crazy immigration plan?
Donald Trump’s “extreme” immigration plan is pretty clearly illegal, and GOP leaders need to answer for it

“Sausage Party”’s race problem: This “equal opportunity offender” is just plain offensive
No matter how well-intentioned, this kind of comedy only really works in a world where opportunity itself is equal

Can Mr. Angry Birds make Nokia take flight again?
The failed CEO of game-maker Rovio, Pekka Rantala, will try to slingshot the Finnish mobile-phone maker to success.

No compromises, no regrets — Larry Wilmore and the price of “Keeping it 100″
A laser focus on uncomfortable topics is what made “The Nightly Show” so essential — and so ripe for “unblackening”

Trump walks back claim Obama “founded” ISIS, says its rise “a direct result of policy decisions made by” administration
The GOP nominee reiterated his call to ban immigrants from “volatile regions,” coining the term “extreme vetting”

Researchers fashion self-healing clothing — out of squid teeth
They can be produced on easily and on the cheap, but don’t expect to see them on shelves any time soon

Public marriage proposals are awkward: An Olympic medal ceremony — among other events — isn’t the time or the place
Chinese diver Qin Ki really knew how to pull focus from his medalist girlfriend He Zi at her big moment

Twilight of the gods: Jimmy Page’s testimony shows just how misguided music plagiarism cases can get
Zeppelin’s “Stairway” case doesn’t inspire confidence that courts can determine intellectual property questions

Can Mr. Angry Birds make Nokia take flight again?
The failed CEO of game-maker Rovio, Pekka Rantala, slingshot the Finnish mobile-phone maker to success.

“Priebus is Latin for d*****bag”: RNC’s mutual disdain for Trump camp plays out on Roger Stone’s Twitter account
There’s no love lost between Trump adviser Roger Stone and the RNC chair, whom he adorably nicknamed “Reince Penis”

Peter Thiel takes one last swing Nick Denton on day of Gawker auction
The Pay Pal founder explained why he funded Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against the former media mogul in The NY Times

“There are systemic failures”: Broken-windows policing and racial discrimination in Baltimore and beyond
Salon Talks’ Carrie Sheffield sits down with The Grios’ Natasha Alford and civil rights lawyer Paul Prestia

The “Unblackening” of Comedy Central continues with cancellation of “The Nightly Show”
The network already lost “Key & Peele” last year

Salon Series — The Clinton BS Files: In the ’90s, right wingers claimed Hillary and Bill framed a rapist
Clinton paranoia led Mike Huckabee to release convicted rapist Wayne DuMond, and DuMond went on to kill two women

“If Jesus were around today, he’d turn Trump out with the rest of the money-changers”: Stephen King’s anti-Trump Twitter campaign hasn’t lost steam
America’s most prolific author and perhaps Trump’s most entertaining Twitter critic never manages to disappoint

Sad! Breitbart commissions poll to unskew “mainstream media filter,” still finds Trump losing to Clinton
So much for claims of media bias — even Trump’s biggest media booster has Clinton beating him nationally

“Atrocious attack”: U.S.-backed Saudi coalition bombs 4th MSF hospital in Yemen
Amnesty International said it may be a war crime. It follows several bombings of Doctors Without Borders facilities

WATCH: Video of Johnny Depp terrorizing Amber Heard leaked online
Heard denies being the source of the video, but Depp’s lawyers claim the timing is suspicious

“If you are poor, everything can be more expensive”: John Oliver takes on the sub-prime auto loan bubble
“These dealerships can trap people with few options into paying vastly more than a car is worth,” Oliver said

Trump campaign lashes out at New York Times following report of cash payments from Ukraine to top aide, Paul Manafort
Even former Trump campaign head Corey Lewandowski tweeted a story on Manafort‘s work with the former pro-Putin ally

“There is a concern if people can be focused”: How the gig economy destroyed workers’ 9-to-5 attention spans
In our Salon Talks roundtable, host Carrie Sheffield sat down with Courtney Spritzer and author Michael Woodward

Olympic men stand up to sexism, too — because that’s not just women’s work
The coverage of the games has been clueless, but athletes Andy Murray and Adam van Koeverden get it right

The GOP after Trump: Don’t kid yourself — another candidate with his destructive platform can rise again
Even if Donald Trump is defeated, the xenophobic and bigoted goals of Trumpism will live on

Why Sanders supporters cannot back Gary Johnson: His libertarianism is antithetical to the senator’s Democratic socialism
Yes, there are similarities between Sanders and Johnson — but their political philosophies are miles apart

The Trump vote: New data reveals hints as to who is most likely to pull the lever for Trump
A new Gallup analysis undermines some assumptions about Trump voters, and confirms that race plays a huge role

Team Trump is a disaster: It’s not just the candidate — his entire staff is ill-equipped for a presidential campaign
Trump has filled out his economic policy team with a long list of wealthy donors and female right-wing cranks

“The Night Of” recap: The trial of Naz begins
As HBO’s simmering crime drama rounds into the home stretch, a new suspect in Andrea’s murder emerges

The time for liberal pundits to push Clinton’s economic policy to the left is now
Even Paul Krugman is wondering whether “the modesty of the Clinton economic agenda” will become a problem

Permanent happiness is a myth: Why you shouldn’t want to always be happy
Eternal happiness is always the carrot dangling from the end of the divine stick

5 absurd right-wing moments this week: Katrina Pierson displays most stunning ignorance yet
Hard to compete, but Tucker Carlson also had the most ridiculous hissy fit ever

Donald the Terrible: If Trump had a selfie stick, we’d all be in the picture
Trump is the modern incarnation of Narcissus — a terrible-to-behold mirror image of America’s worst public face

“Skinny isn’t beautiful”: Only after I stopped dreading my weight did I find true happiness
“Some girls are raised to be the first female president … I was raised to be beautiful”

My skin is contraband: How prisons are hostile to women visitors
Teaching in prisons opened my eyes to how unfair the system’s rules can be, especially for women

From corporate lawyer to corporate critic: Ciara Torres-Spelliscy dissects Citizens United
“This is…one of the fights of a lifetime,” says the author of the new book “Corporate Citizen?”

Black pain isn’t a video game: The possibilities and pitfalls of virtual reality in the Black Lives Matter era
Virtual reality can help white people understand the trauma of racist violence—but the risk of exploitation is high

Integrity in politics: Is the “lesser of two evils” an ethical choice for voters?
Voting in a way that “feels dirty” does not seem to rise to the level of undermining our integrity

Hillary’s Social Security flop: Clinton must embrace program’s expansion to get ahead of Trump
Can we afford to dramatically expand Social Security? Yes — here’s how

Trump’s populist hogwash: His debunked trickle-down proposals would only serve folks in his tax bracket
President Trump would do to America what real estate mogul Trump did to his Atlantic City casino

U.S.-backed Saudi coalition bombs Yemen school, killing 10 children, wounding 28
MSF, UNICEF say U.S.-armed Saudi-led coalition bombed Yemeni students, days after killing 18 civilians at a market

The conversation on Zika needs more than alarm bells: 5 things we must keep in mind
Filtering out the misinformation: Helpful reminders for us all as we navigate the maze of fear about the Zika virus

This is how your favorite wine gets made: Forget Uber — tech pioneers are chasing the perfect Cab
A group of visionary vintners in Napa Valley have uncorked a technological revolution that’s changing winemaking

Grand ole highway robbery: How debt collection firms line GOP pockets to scam with impunity
Pro-business Republicans give these corporate thieves a free pass to siphon money from scores of average Americans

Meet the Pokémoms: Obsession with playing Pokémon Go has brought families closer together
These parents are catching all the Pokémon in their neighborhoods and will soon surpass the kids

The medical debt crisis: The prognosis is still dire for Americans struggling to pay off massive health care bills
Exclusive: Data shows Americans are forgoing care and using extreme measures to pay off massive medical bills

Evan McMullin’s presidential run could potentially blow up the Republican Party
The former CIA and Goldman Sachs employee just might manage to destroy the GOP’s shrinking electoral coalition

“How do you lose General Electric?”: Donald Trump goes after Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy at Saturday night rally
At his rally in Fairfield, Ct., Trump adapted populist message for the job-creator crowd

Happy vs. high achieving: What ought to be our parenting objective?
Perhaps children don’t need to be told how special they are or given near constant affirmation to succeed

The Internet saved my life: At 13, I told one person I wanted to kill myself—my best friend, whom I had never met
Nearly 20 years later, I finally ask David how he found the courage to send help from halfway across the country

Trading places: If the Democrats are now a coastal elite party and the GOP are the populists, Trump is only the beginning
Yeah, Hillary will probably win. But unless Democrats can be more than the Whole Foods party, they’re doomed

Trump’s money mystery: Trump is definitely hiding something, but the question is what
Are we going to find deep ties to Russia in those long-awaited tax returns?

How video games suck you in: “Our sense of time becomes yoked, not to the ticking of the clock, but to the pattern of our interactions”
Salon talks to the author of “Death by Video Game” about the pleasures and perils of obsession

Why the latest bitcoin hack should make you worried about your money
Yes, bitcoin and virtual currency exchanges are changing the world — by showing how vulnerable we are to cybertheft

“We don’t do poverty porn”: “The Get Down” creators on recreating New York’s 1970s “party apex”
Salon talks to Baz Luhrmann and Nelson George about their new Netflix series, a colorful hip hop origin story

Blade runners: Do high-tech prostheses give runners an unfair advantage?
Lab testing is important but it can never replicate what actually happens on the track in the heat of competition

We might not have to bail out the banks again, says real-life “Big Short” investor Steve Eisman
“Things are definitely moving in the right direction,” Steve Eisman, of “The Big Short” fame, told Salon

Freeing democracy from perpetual war: Why it’s hard for members of the military to speak out
America doesn’t need more obedience — it needs more dissent. Not only among its citizens but within its military

Trump and the exploitation of right rage: It’s not the economy, stupid, that’s attracting angry white men to him
The brainwashing of Trump loyalists by right wing media is on display every day — and it’s disturbing

How Jeff Bridges built his fascinating body of work: “I tried hard not to develop too strong a persona”
Salon talks to the Oscar-winning actor about his music, famous family, The Dude & new film “Hell or High Water”

My husband wouldn’t read my memoir: “It’s just too painful”
I wanted him to want to make time to read my manuscript—but he kept letting our life get in the way

New Spotify Gaming wants to be the musical score to your high score
Spotify’s new music portal is out to show game boys that headphones are just as important as game controllers

Ann Coulter needs a dictionary — and so does Donald Trump
Words mean things! From “sarcasm” and “rape” to “legitimate,” the right’s ignorance gets more glaring

Trump on claiming Obama is “founder” of ISIS: “Obviously I’m being sarcastic … but not that sarcastic”
Trump even treated the lucky Erie, PA, crowd to his clunky recitation of “The Snake”

“Making a Murderer”‘s Brendan Dassey’s murder conviction overturned, deemed unconstitutional
Dassey was sentenced to 41 years in prison for his involvement, with uncle Steven Avery, in a 2005 murder

Real “big government” and “tyranny” in action: The Baltimore police are running amok and conservatives are silent
Where is the right’s outrage over the Baltimore police department’s broad abuses of power?

Sean Hannity fact-check of the week: No, Trump didn’t send his private jet to transport “stranded” Gulf War marines
WaPo reveals the Trump Shuttle plane was contracted to the military to pay off loans on the failed business venture

BLM platform blasts “U.S. empire,” militarization, war on terror, AFRICOM
The Movement for Black Lives platform makes subversive anti-imperialist demands and calls for global solidarity

High hopes get dashed: The feds reject legalizing marijuana — and take a small step in the right direction
The DEA’s decision to keep marijuana on the list of Schedule 1 drugs is a setback, but there’s some good news

“There’s so much shame and stigma”: “Abortion Stories” director Tracy Droz Tragos pulls back the curtain on “super complicated” issue
Salon talks to the maker of a powerful new film about the fight for choice and why women’s rights are human rights

Clinton taunts Trump while releasing her tax returns: “What is he trying to hide?”
Clinton released her 2015 returns and a new ad that uses Republicans to blast Trump for witholding his tax returns

An Olympic-sized gaffe: This newspaper’s apology, at least, gets a perfect 10
The Mercury News forgot to mention Simone Manuel’s historic win — but how they responded to criticism was great

Trump “fine” with sending U.S. citizens accused of terrorism to Guantanamo
“I would say they could be tried there, that would be fine,” Trump said. Under current federal law, that’s illegal

Morrissey and PETA make their own Pokémon Go, but for vegans: “This game is the biggest social crusade of all”
The former Smiths frontman says his objective is to “safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression”

An abuser’s best weapon: The murder that wiped out a Pa. family is a reminder that guns are too easy to get
The NRA wants you to believe guns prevent domestic violence — the grim reality is that they make it deadlier

Hillary’s economic pitch: She’s recommitting to progressive policies and dismantling Trumpism
Speaking on the economy, Hillary Clinton eased the concerns of progressive activists and lit into Donald Trump

Soylent Coffiest is made out of green tea, people. (It really sort of is.)
First Soylent went after solid meals, now its new drink Coffiest is trying to make your morning latte obsolete.

Playing the “What if?” game: The alternate reality where Trump vs. Clinton never happens
Jeb, Cruz, Rubio? They couldn’t beat Hillary either — nor could anyone in the GOP’s “deep bench”

Clinton courts the right: Attacking Trump as aberration rather than apotheosis gives Republicans a pass
With Sanders no longer around to drag her to the left, “Clinton is now the candidate she was destined to become”

It’s official — Silicon Valley housing prices set a new all-time record
The San Jose-Santa Clara County metro area has a median home price of $1 million to go with its homeless problem

Race, party politics and Trump: The theory that the billionaire is also destroying the Democratic Party is just bunk
No, Trump isn’t sending white working class voters away from the Democratic Party to the GOP

Not all memories really happened: What experts wish you knew about false memories
Just because you’re absolutely confident you remember something accurately doesn’t mean it’s true

Trump out-crazied the crazies: 9 off-the-wall Republicans who can’t get behind Trump
Trump’s lunacy and bigotry were evident from the onset of his campaign, but people are finally starting to catch on

Grandparents or parents? Coverage of Simone Biles shows that we still don’t know how to talk about adoption
A commentator said Biles’s parents were “NOT her parents;” Twitter revealed that adoption is still cloaked in shame

Decoding Obama’s playlist: Inside his summer jams, a hint of what we’ll miss most about him
This summer playlist is more than a mix tape — it’s one of the last big public statements he’ll make in office

The dangers of Pokémon Go: Kids’ brains are vulnerable to virtual and augmented reality
Immersive and interactive games that are fine for adults can cause a blurring of reality in younger users

Slap on the wrist for sex assault: Judge sentences University of Colorado rapist to 2 years in work-release program
Austin James Wilkerson received no prison time for raping an “incapacitated” drunk woman in 2014 while a CU student

Capitalizing on stupidity: Today, Trump called Obama a terrorist — something he’s being doing quietly since 2011
Trump knows his backers will believe every outrageous lie about Obama – and he’s giving them what they want

The end of discount luxury? The exodus of high-end brands is killing department stores
Michael Kors and Coach are the latest luxury brands to bail on discount retailers that dilute their exclusivity.

Trump’s birtherism is now Republican gospel: 72 percent of GOP voters still doubt President Obama’s citizenship
This is why Trump calls Obama “the founder of ISIS” — because Republicans will believe him

Conservatism in the Age of Obama: Trump’s violent rhetoric against Hillary has been festering for years within the GOP
Since Obama’s election, the discourse within the right-wing echo chamber has grown increasingly vile

Donald Trump’s job creator-centric economic policy: “We’re going to repeal the death tax”
“I know so many families that have been destroyed by the death tax,” Trump said of the tax on estates worth $5.5M

Plutocrats make it clear: Capitalism trumps democracy — why some free-marketeers actually like dictators
Some business elites and libertarians openly admit that capitalism and democracy are inherently antagonistic

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