Why France Needs To Wake Up And Stop The Burkini Ban, By Hijabi Blogger Nabiilabee


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Why France Needs To Wake Up And Stop The Burkini Ban, By Hijabi Blogger Nabiilabee
Hijabi blogger Nabiilabee on why France’s burkini ban is totally offensive

Men In Skirts: A History Of Male Dress Obsessions
David Beckham’s sarong, Jared Leto’s suit skirt and Kanye’s leather kilt – Jaden Smith isn’t the first guy to skirt the issue

How To Deal When You Hate All Your Clothes
Got nothing to wear? Here’s how to handle it

EXCLUSIVE: Grimes On Politics, Panic + Why She’s Over Talking Gender Neutrality…
Get a sneak peek at our October cover star…

Where To Shop Olivia Palermo’s Off-Duty Looks (For Under £40)
Get her weekend style on the high street

Bafta Winner Georgina Campbell On Eating Ice Lollies With Jude Law
It’s time you got to know Georgina Campbell…

K-Middy’s Engagement Dress Is Back And Buyable (For Under £100)
And SHOCK, it’s still in stock…

This Is The Most Pinned Engagement Ring On Pinterest
Engagement rings, you’ve got a lot to live up to

WIN A Luxury Holiday Worth £3,000
Vote for your favourite watch brand for your chance to WIN a luxury holiday…

Why We Need Two-Tone Jeans In Our Lives
The £40 Insta-trend the fashion crowd are obsessing over…

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Don’t miss your chance to an InStyle subscription for ONLY £13.99 this August…

The Tommy x Gigi Collab Everyone’s Talking About

Your first look…

Where To Shop Kylie Jenner’s Exact Birthday Bikinis
And they’re actually affordable…

5 Quirky Gift Ideas For Your (Adorably) Ironic BFF
Because sometimes a quirky gift is the only way forward…

The Look: The Michael Kors Girls

From Kate Hudson to Blake Lively, the Michael Kors girl gang are all smiles, sleek hairdos and glistening tans…

6 Cool New Ways To Wear A Shirt
Inspiration from the Insta-elite

Can YOU Pose Like An Olympian?
Can you pose like an Olympic Gymnast? It’s ideal for sass-ifying your Instagram OOTDs…

The New Way To Wear A Sheer Skirt
A lesson in layering like an adult

Why This Pug Is Like SO Autumn/Winter 2016
Suki, the adorable pug from the blog Suki And The City, works this season’s hottest trends…

WATCH: 5 Steps To French Style With Stacy Martin and Joshington Hosts
The onion necklace is like, so OVER. Our September cover star, Stacy Martin teaches us how to nail French style…

Kim Kardashian West Puts A Cool Metallic Twist On Summer Whites
Space vibes

Are You Surprised By The Most Pinned Wedding Dress Of All Time?
We kind of are…

#TrainLikeAnAngel: How To Work Out Like A Victoria’s Secret Model
It takes some serious exercise to look that good (although we reckon good genes help), so we’ve found out what the Angels do to stay in shape…

How Cara Delevingne Is Making The Over-The-Knee Boot Cool
We’ve got thigh high envy… (In fact, we just want to look like Cara)

How Margot Robbie Is Single-Handedly Proving The Midi Is Not Dead
Because it kind of was…

Raf Simons Is Confirmed At Calvin Klein
The wait is over…

Dissecting Cara Delevingne’s Suicide Squad Tour Wardrobe
Cara Delevingne is SLAYING right now

Claudie Pierlot Prize Draw Terms and Conditions
Please read the T&Cs in full

Why #WeWearWhatWeWant Is The Body Positive Hashtag Curve Girls Need RN
How one model’s body positive hashtag is taking over social media

Check Out The First Looks From The H&M x Kenzo Collaboration
ne of our favourite games each year at InStyle HQ is to work our which designer will be next to collaborate with high street mogul H&M. The last collaboration with Balmain set the bar pretty high, so we were delighted to hear that Kenzo would be next on the list

Meet Topshop’s New Face: Taylor Hill
Watch out Gigi and Kendal, there’s a new gal in town. Meet Taylor Hill, the world’s hottest supermodel who has transitioned from social media sensation to the face of Topshop, with eyebrows to even rival Cara Delevingne’s. Get. To. Know.

Is HE Beach Body Ready? One Man Feels Our Holiday-Prep Pain
Let’s be honest – there’s so much waxing, plucking and tanning to do before we hit the beach, it’s no wonder we need a break. Men, you have no idea, but one brave grooming virgin is about to… Meet Ben Machell, the guy who tried getting holiday ready our way

Popper Rub? Bus Wedgie? 9 Reasons Why Bodysuits Should Have Stayed In The ’90s
The body is back…

The 11 Best ‘Grams From @EveryOutfitOnSATC
Sex And The City fashion was… something

26 Things You Definitely Did If You Were An Emo In 2005
My Chemical Romance have got us feeling all nostalgic

Why Pretty Woman Is Still A Major Style Inspiration
Who’d have thought its been over 25 years since Richard Gere snapped that jewellery box on Julia Roberts fingers in Pretty Woman?

Cats Of Instagram: Purritos, Catnaps And 12 More Of The Best Cat Pictures Online
Watch out, dogs, the cats are coming for their Instagram fame. What better way to spend the next five minutes than with a selection of the funniest, furriest, and downright cutest cats on Instagram right now? Prepare for feline overload…

Woman Told To ‘Get A Better Sports Bra’ Shuts Shamer The F*** Down

Why We’re Talking About The #RaiseYourHand Campaign

Olivia Palermo, Soo Joo Parks, Jamie Bochart and more…

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