How Social Media Changed the Games for China


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How Social Media Changed the Games for China
Article written by guest contributor, Wei Qiang. Social media has allowed the Chinese individual to present a public persona that shrugs traditional expectations. This transformation was especially evident during the recent Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro when the Chinese National Olympic Swimming team caused an

EV Revolution Set To Cripple More Than Just The Oil Industry
The electric car revolution is already underway, and if the long-term projections are even remotely close to accurate, the effects will ripple through every corner of the global economy. A large chunk of conventional fossil fuel powered electricity generation is already uneconomic because of the surge of wind and

CrowdInvest Is Bringing The Wisdom Of The Crowd To Your Portfolio
By Dylan Wittenberg Investing is all about information. For active investors looking to beat the market, technical or fundamental analysis can be used to try to gain an edge. But for passive investors who are merely looking to match the market’s performance, one of the most valuable pieces of information is

5 Ways Retailers Are Using Technology to Rethink In-Store Shopping
Many brick-and-mortar stores are watching their profits slowly crumble to the ground, thanks to the internet. With the ease of online shopping and fast, free shipping from subscription services like Amazon Prime and Wal-Mart’s ShippingPass , some consumers are shying away from physical retail locations. Shoppers

Big Banks To Make Their Own Digital Currency: Why That's Worrying
According to an article on , four major banks and a broker are joining forces to launch their own blockchain-based digital currency, provisionally called “utility settlement coin.” UBS, Deutsche Bank, Banco Santander and BNY Mellon are joined in the project by the broker ICAP. The idea of adding a

Square (SQ): An Old School Tech Company with a Twist
When most people think of tech stocks, they think of companies that have a great, often revolutionary or disruptive idea but have yet to make money. Buying stock in such companies takes a great deal of faith in the management of the company and the utility of the product, and is inherently a very risky thing to do.

Tesla's New Leasing Program Could Be The Driver It Needs To Move Higher
Tesla. Shutterstock photo Tesla Motors ( TSLA ) and CEO Elon Musk certainly have ambitious goals when it comes to the future of the automobile. However, the company’s recent leasing update may mean more in the interim than anything else that’s been bandied about. The company recently unveiled the ability to

The Current And Future Trends Of Digital Advertising
Advertising has always been a powerful tool to influence customer decision, preferences, and spending pattern by presenting a product story in an impactful way. With time and technology, the world is fast moving towards digitalized advertising, challenging older mediums while bringing in novel and innovative

Israel: The World's Startup Nation
So much has been written over the years about Israel, its economy, and where it stands in the world, and for that reason I have not ventured into writing about the country until now. What changed my mind? An advertising supplement I saw in Site Selection Magazine titled “ Shine: An Introduction to Enlightened Direct

Impinj (PI), Interview with Chris Diorio, CEO

Apple's Growing Services Business Will be a Boon For Shareholders
Despite the prevalence of the iPhone and iPad on Apple’s ( AAPL ) revenues, its Services business will wind up being more important to the future of the company in the long run. Given that CEO Tim Cook has said revenue from services will be the size of Fortune 100 company next year, shareholders may be seriously

Frank Poore, CEO, explains how CommerceHub connects retailers with suppliers

Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend (TLND), discusses their Data Integration Product
Adam Johnson interviews Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend ( TLND ). Mike Tuchen discusses the explosion of data over the last couple of years and answers questions regarding the path of Talend. The full video interview can be viewed here . Mike Tuchen Prior to joining Talend, Mike was the CEO of Rapid7, a security

Why Bitcoin Is Essential To Abra's Global Payments App (And What It Does)
Bill Bardhydt has been trying to solve the problem of mobile money transfers for over a decade and he may have finally found the proper solution in the form of Abra . Even before the development of the famed M-Pesa platform in Kenya, Bardhydt was fascinated with the idea of allowing anyone with a mobile number

Peeptrade Wants You To Profit Off Your Trades – By Selling Your Portfolio
By Jim Probasco Peeptrade almost defies description. Or, perhaps more accurately, it requires a long description. It’s a social network for investors. It’s also a trading platform. And it offers up news, fundamentals, charts, and sentiment. Plus, it allows traders and investors to monetize their knowledge and

Why You'll Always Need Cash
In snow-swept Sweden, the rise of mobile payments is making cash so sparse that some bank robbers have been left with nothing to steal . But in the U.S., that day probably won’t come anytime soon. People have been predicting the demise of cash for nearly 50 years, says David Stearns, professor of money and

What's Next For Nintendo After Pokemon Go Fades Away
Pokémon Go is being heralded as the most successful mobile app of all time. In its short history, the game has racked up over 100 million downloads across Apple ( AAPL ) and Android devices. And in its first month, the viral sensation collected $200 million in sales as it continues on its historic trajectory. The

Is This Finally A Real Energy Storage Breakthrough?
If you thought renewable energy was the big thing of our times, you’d be only partially right. The bigger thing is energy storage – the key to making renewable energy sustainable and reliable; the key to making it practically useful and more than a fad. There is a truly huge race on to create cheap storage systems,

Eight Ways Tech Can Split the Dinner Bill for You
There is always that little moment of dread among friends at the dinner table when the check arrives; how best to split it? The subject can be a minefield and cause hard feelings. But this is the 21st Century; we have computers in our pockets. There are plenty of apps that can help us split the bill and settle up

The Two Faces of Bitcoin Regulation
When it comes to Bitcoin, not all regulation is created equal. There are things that all regulatory proposals from national and regional governments have in common for sure. First they are all hated and labeled “theft” or something else criminal by those in the Bitcoin community with a libertarian bent. Second,

What Tech's Biggest Companies Are Spending Their Money On
Continuous innovation is considered the best survival tactic for technology companies as they belong to a segment where the wave of disruption is the strongest. In fact, the amount of spending a company does on research and development is considered a measure of its willingness to stay ahead in the technology curve.

The Long Term, Fundamental Case for Biotech
At times, financial markets can show some very human propensities, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Any market is simply the aggregate of a whole host of human opinions and actions. Even so, it still seems strange to think of “the market” making mistakes. The price of an asset is, after all, simply the

Sling: Icelandic Startup Wants To Change Face Of Labor Management
Like many entrepreneurs, Helgi Hermannsson, the co-founder and CEO of labor management tool, Sling , comes from a software development background. He also comes from Iceland, a Nordic island nation known more for its volcanic landscape than for its tech startups. To learn more, Benzinga spoke with Hermannsson by

Why Instagram Wants To Crush Snapchat

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