Dozens trapped in cable cars over Mount Blanc rescued


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Dozens trapped in cable cars over Mount Blanc rescued
Rescuers brought down dozens of tourists, including a 10-year-old child, who were stranded in cable cars over Mont Blanc in the Alps overnig…


5 things you need to know Friday
The biggest news to start your day.


Uzbekistan’s new leader pledges better ties with Russia, U.S.
MOSCOW – The acting president of Uzbekistan, chosen following the death of the country’s authoritarian leader, says he wants closer ties wit…


Passenger train derails in Spain, killing 3
The train was traveling from Vigo to Porto, in neighboring Portugal.


Fashion for people with disabilities, made in Rio
Christiano Krosh makes fashionable clothes for people with physical disabilities.


Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty tells her coming out story: ‘It was really hard’
O’Flaherty is Miss America’s first openly gay contestant.


Strangers attend funeral for woman with no family
BLAUVELT, NY – About 30 people attended Francine Stein’s funeral Wednesday, none of whom she had ever met.


North Korea conducts 5th nuclear test
North Korea conducted a test of a nuclear weapon, its fifth since 2006.


45 trapped in cable cars over Mount Blanc overnight
Rescue efforts continued Friday to save 45 people who were stranded in cable cars over Mont Blanc in the Alps overnight.


Clinton: GOP seeks ‘to undermine the right to vote’
North Carolinians should reject Republicans’ “concerted effort to undermine the right to vote” by showing up at the polls in droves, Hillary…


Friday’s forecast: Eastern heat, rainy Plains
Find out the weather where you are and get a few tidbits of weather history.


Flag from iconic photo returned to 9/11 Museum
Flag had been missing for more than a decade until it showed up in Washington state.


More Americans than ever living under multi-generational roofs
The Great Recession ended seven years ago, but one key trend it jump-started shows no signs of stalling: more of us live in multi-generation…


NASA asteroid probe launches from Cape Canaveral
A NASA probe blasted off Thursday evening from Cape Canaveral on a seven-year, 4.4 billion mile journey to grab a chunk of a primitive aster…


North Korea conducts apparent nuclear weapons test
North Korea appears to have conducted a nuclear weapons test early Friday, the Yonhap News Agency reported.


Bay St. Louis police chief, fired by mayor, dies after shooting himself
Chief Mike DeNardo committed suicide while being escorted off the Miss. city’s property.


‘This is what I’m left with,’ mother holding son’s ashes tells teen killers
Michael White’s mother brought an urn of the slain teen’s ashes to court Wednesday, telling his young killers “this is what I’m left with.”


Sept. 11 Q&A: How America sees terrorism 15 years after the 9/11 attacks
What happened on September 11, 2001?


5 things to know about NASA’s asteroid mission
OSIRIS-REx is expected to return to Earth in 2023 with a sample of asteroid Bennu.


Trees by the ton: Hermine leaves a heavy load in Fla.
A week after the category 1 storm shredded Tallahassee’s iconic oaks and pine trees, a 2,200-ton mound of tree debris continues to grow at t…


AP deletes Clinton tweet from two weeks ago
The Twitter message was about an AP analysis of Clinton’s meetings while secretary of State.


Off N.C. coast, NOAA searches WWII battlefield, largest in history
For decades, the dead lay silently, undisturbed and resting on the cold, dark ocean floor.


Ryan Lochte got it much worse than Michael Phelps did
The most important stories of the day. That’s all. #TheShortList


2 dead, scores wounded in alleged Syrian gas attack
A suspected chlorine attack by Syrian forces was blamed for respiratory injuries suffered by civilians.


River in Arctic Russia turns vibrant red
Shocking images posted on social media show a river in Russia that mysteriously turned a vibrant red color, ABC reports.


iMessage updates get lost in translation on Android
Most of the features work, but not to their full effect.


Poll: Majority of Arizona voters don’t support border wall, mass deportations
Nearly 55% of poll respondents said the U.S. should “maybe not” or “definitely not” build a wall between Mexico and the U.S.


Southwest soaking: Hurricane remnants threaten floods
Parts of Arizona and New Mexico are under the threat of flooding Wednesday as heavy rain from Tropical Storm Newton pounds the region.


TSA: airport lines shortened this summer
Transportation Security Administration officials said they dramatically reduced checkpoint lines, after hours-long waits in the spring frust…


Wealthy donor will run anti-Clinton super PAC
Rebekah Mercer’s influence in 2016 election is growing.


Obama, Duterte meet despite Philippine leader’s vulgar remarks
The brief meeting came a day after Duterte expressed regret for referring to Obama as a “son of a bitch.”


Trump: Clinton is ‘trigger happy and very unstable’
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to participate in a ‘Commander in Chief Forum’ Wednesday night.


FBI renews search for student missing for 20 years
Kristin Smart, 19, was last seen in the early morning of May 25, 1996.


Woman who received world’s 1st face transplant dies at 49
A French woman who received the world’s first partial face transplant after being mauled by her dog, died several months ago, at age 49.


Mystery of flag in iconic 9/11 photo solved
It was a symbol of first-responders’ heroic actions and a nation’s unconquerable spirit after the 9/11 terrorist attacks: the image of three…


Man using wanted poster as Facebook profile picture arrested
A Florida man wanted on outstanding warrants was so proud he made “Wanted of the Week,” he made the image his Facebook profile photo.


British florist unwittingly ends up in ISIL magazine
Stephen Leyland, 64, was pictured in the magazine ‘Rumiyah’ standing in front of his flower stall.


Cops raid Amish party, arrest 75 teens
Police say the arrests were made for underage drinking.


Scores wounded in suspected Syrian gas attack
A suspected chlorine attack by Syrian forces was blamed for respiratory injuries suffered by civilians.


Poll Tracker: Follow who’s up and who’s down in the presidential race
Check out the latest national polling averages for the presidential race as well as state-by-state polling averages.


She becomes cop, catches her childhood molester
A Texas woman molested for four years as a child brought her abuser to justice as a cop more than a decade later.


Nearly a million people following a gluten-free diet don’t have celiac disease
Participants who didn’t have the disease, but avoided gluten more than tripled since 2009.


‘Dallas Morning News’ endorses Clinton after decades of backing Republicans
The Dallas Morning News has not endorsed a Democrat since before World War II.


S.C. boy dies after playing ‘choking game’
A South Carolina boy died last week after accidentally strangling himself while playing the “choking game,” according to his father.


Trump ends media blacklist: ‘I figure they can’t treat me any worse!’
Blacklist kept organizations such as The Washington Post, Politico and BuzzFeed from getting press credentials to his events.


German school has special welcome classes for refugee students
A classroom full of children is singing their hearts out in German at the beginning of the school day.


Obama blames trade agreement delay on U.S. election
President Obama also paid tribute to survivors of unexploded bombs the U.S. dropped on Laos.


For the Record: This election isn’t a popularity contest
A split between the popular vote and the electoral vote hasn’t happened for 16 years, so it’s officially retro now.


Ultra-red Wisconsin county struggles with Trump
In the outer Milwaukee suburbs, Hillary Clinton is widely disliked. But so is Donald Trump, leaving many GOP voters at sea


Poll: Arizona a toss-up between Clinton, Trump
Close race in typically red state is a departure for Arizona as 22.9% of likely voters are undecided.


Where McCain, challenger stand in Arizona Senate race
Voters have well-defined views of incumbent, but many have yet to make up minds about Ann Kirkpatrick.


FBI renews search for California student missing 20 years
An FBI team prepared Tuesday to excavate a site on the edge of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in hope of finding …


Obama pays tribute to Laotians living in ‘shadow of war’
President Obama paid tribute to survivors of unexploded bombs the U.S. dropped on Laos.


Sisters give birth to girls minutes apart
Their doctor was busy sprinting between the deliveries of their babies.


5 things you need to know Wednesday
The biggest news to start your day.


Police: Mom admits to killing her blind, autistic teen
Police say they found her in a field about 20 feet from a dead teenager wearing a diaper.


Navajo Code Talker dies at 95
Gov. Doug Ducey asked Arizonans to remember Joe Hosteen Kellwood’s service to America.


Miss America protest: 6 things you probably didn’t learn in history class
It wasn’t a “bra-burning” fest, nor were they protesting the Miss America contestants.


Asheville author looks to preserve Appalachia’s ‘Victuals’
Through the food of Appalachia, Ronni Lundy tells the story of her home region.


Teen’s plan to die has disability groups seeking intervention
Several groups have asked for child-protection authorities to investigate the case.


Suspect tells police he talked to the devil about shooting 2 teens
He told police he was angry because he didn’t have a girlfriend.


N.Y. governor signs law mandating lead testing in schools
The state’s nearly 700 districts will conduct the testing by Oct. 31.


Broadway community slams Wells Fargo for ads minimizing the arts
The ads showed teens with the words “A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today.”


‘Making a Murderer’ prosecutors got it right, author says
“I think it is important for someone to do it,” former prosecutor Michael Griesbach said.


Jesuit schools are for mind and soul
The Society of Jesus runs 28 colleges and 62 high schools in the USA.


Woman’s boyfriend faces tampering with evidence charges in husband’s death
Paul Tucci allegedly helped try to clean up evidence of Craig Rideout’s slaying.


Carson: Trump should apologize for pushing ‘birther’ conspiracy
“I think that would be a good idea, absolutely,” Carson said on CNN Tuesday.


Seven new Zika cases in South Florida
MIAMI — Florida health officials are investigating whether mosquitoes carrying Zika are spreading even farther in South Florida as the numbe…


Mission to asteroid a ‘go’ for Thursday launch
The spacecraft aims to rendezvous with the asteroid and return to Earth with a sample.


Marco Rubio, Patrick Murphy trade blows over Zika funding
The two election opponents regularly bash each other on the issue.


Wednesday’s forecast: Wet Southwest, Midwest; hot East
Find out the weather where you are and get a few tidbits of weather history.


New York AG probing EpiPen sales to schools
Eric Schneiderman is investigating whether sales violated competitive business practices.


Airborne boat critically injures two in hit-and-run, police say
The New Jersey State Police Marine Services Bureau is seeking the public’s assistance.


Suspect gives chilling details about 1989 killing of Jacob Wetterling
Danny Heinrich told a judge he sexually assaulted, then shot Jacob Wetterling in 1989.


Doctors in right place save woman having heart attack in car
Nashville woman had a heart attack while driving and crashed her car; doctors saw the crash.


Hungarian award prompts complaints of anti-Semitism
Criticism over the government’s award of the prestigious Knight’s Cross to a columnist accused of anti-Semitism has focused attention on the…


Clinton: Trump trying to hide something in his taxes
Hillary Clinton, speaking to reporters Tuesday, said Donald Trump “clearly has something to hide” in his tax returns.


To tip or not to tip? What you need to know now
As the sharing economy takes off, tipping etiquette becomes more complicated.


Clinton ad hits Trump on past comments on military
The ad comes the same day 88 retired generals and admirals endorsed Trump.


How you might be making your child’s concussion worse
Most parents rely on outdated information to care for their children, a UCLA study found.


Clinton camp pushes back at Trump for saying she doesn’t look presidential
Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pushing back after Donald Trump said the Democratic nominee did not have “a presidential look.”


Out: Greta Van Susteren. Settled: Gretchen Carlson. What’s next at Fox News?
The most important stories of the day. That’s all. #TheShortList


Video: Iconic Oregon rock formation toppled by bros
Park officials thought Mother Nature destroyed it. A video showed they were wrong.


Trump: Putin ‘laughs’ when he looks at Clinton
Republican nominee talks national security and bashes his Democratic opponent in Virginia Beach.


Follow usatoday on Snapchat
It’s fun. It’s newsy. It’s snaptastic.


EMILY’s List, Priorities USA release new digital ads for Clinton
Two pro-Hillary Clinton super PACs launched almost $1 million worth of new digital ads.


‘Accused’ podcast focuses on ’78 murder of Elizabeth Andes
Two Cincinnati Enquirer journalists spent a year investigating unsolved 1978 case.


Graphics: In Syria, your friend may be your friend’s enemy
The Syria conflict pits forces trying to unseat President Bashar Assad against each other.


Wife of nuns’ slaying suspect: ‘I pray for my husband’
Marie Sanders is moved by the forgiveness shown to her by nuns’ church family.


15 seafood recipes to make before summer ends
Let summer leave the best taste in your mouth with these recipes.


CJR Article: Chris Davis’s Ambitions for Gannett’s Investigative Reporting
The newly-recruited head of investigative journalism shares his plan for the NETWORK


Hurricane Newton hits Mexico, still a flood threat for U.S. Southwest
Hurricane Newton roared into Mexico’s Baja Peninsula Tuesday morning with winds of 90 mph, forcing tourists in resorts at Cabo San Lucas to …


Flake on Trump: I’m going to speak out until he changes tone of his campaign
Flake says he will keep prodding Trump to change the tone of his campaign, even in the face of Trump’s Twitter attacks and pressure from oth…


Brock Turner registers as sex offender for Stanford assault
Brock Turner sexually assaulted a young woman on Stanford’s campus in 2015.


Chicago hits 500 homicides for 2016 after deadly Labor Day weekend
The city recorded 13 murders over the Labor Day weekend alone.


U.S. plans to hit ISIL before militants grab human shields
U.S. military wants to keep fighters from escaping by using civilian hostages.


Obama vows to tighten North Korea sanctions
President Obama vows tighten sanctions against North Korea.


Radical UK cleric jailed for inviting ISIL support
LONDON — A radical British cleric has been jailed for five and a half years for inviting support for the Islamic State.


Reports of creepy clowns in woods expand into second state
In an incident eerily similar to clown sightings in South Carolina, police received reports Sunday that a clown tried to lure children into …


National poll: Trump leads among likely voters, but it’s close
Trump is ahead of Clinton 45%-43% among likely voters in CNN/ORC poll.


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