A supervolcano caused the largest eruption in European history. Now it’s stirring again

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A supervolcano caused the largest eruption in European history. Now it’s stirring again.

Washington Post
The Italian name for the caldera – Campi Flegrei, or “burning fields”— is apt. The 7.5-mile-wide cauldron is the collapsed top of an ancient volcano, formed when the magma within finally blew.

Spiking Temperatures in the Arctic Startle Scientists

New York Times
The cruise ship Crystal Serenity, anchored outside Nome, Alaska, in August, before its inaugural voyage through the Northwest Passage.

Scientists Create Artificial Leaves That Can Serve As ‘Mini-Factory’ For Drugs

International Business Times
129762_web Even with the naked eye the amount of light captured by the ‘mini-factories’ is visible, lit up bright red. The ‘veins’ through the leaves are the thin channels through which liquid can be pumped.

Relive one of the most exciting moments in SpaceX’s history – and watch Elon Musk freak out

Business Insider
One year ago, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and his rocket company, SpaceX, pulled off an incredible feat of spaceflight history. That’s when – on December 21, 2015 – SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket, dropped off a satellite in space, and then landed …

Businesses, Markets and Innovation Can Beat Climate Change

Huffington Post
Businesses, markets and innovation can reduce emissions of gases that warm the planet. And they can do this while generating profits, creating jobs and growing the economy.

Alien Megastructure Star: ETI Not Behind Dimming Of KIC 8462852

Tech Times
Intelligent alien life is not likely behind the dimming of the star KIC 8462852. Mathematical models suggest the erratic dips in the star’s brightness are due to something intrinsic.

U.S. university launches tool to show how fake news spreads

Business Insider
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Researchers at Indiana University have developed a new tool that shows how fake news and unverified stories spread through social media.

Scientists Discover Jet Stream In Earth’s Molten Iron Core Using Satellite Data

Tech Times
Images taken by ESA’s Swarm satellites confirm that a jet stream of hot liquid iron part exists at Earth’s core, some 1,870 miles beneath the land surface.

‘Spoon’ on Mars catches hungry UFO hunter’s attention

It’s time to stir the soup. Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Red circle by Amanda Kooser/CNET. More odd Mars. Suspended ‘spoon’ spotted on Mars · UFO fanatics spot ancient god on Mars.

‘Klingon’ newts, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ snakes among 163 new Mekong species

Christian Science Monitor
Dozens of new discoveries along the Mekong River in Southeast Asia offer a glimmer of hope to a region under pressure from development and poaching.

Meet Obama, a new coral-reef fish!

Economic Times
New York, Dec 22 (IANS) After a trapdoor spider, a speckled freshwater darter (fish), a parasitic hairworm and an extinct lizard, outgoing US President Barack Obama now has a new species on his name: a coral-reef fish.

Proof that Santa hats look even more adorable when worn in space

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for people on Earth and astronauts on the International Space Station. While astronauts floating 250 miles above Earth in the Space Station won’t be able to come back home for a holiday visit, they will still

NASA Transition Team Might Get New Members

The new personnel would focus on commercial space issues at the behest of Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor who supported Trump during the campaign and is now advising the incoming president, out of concerns that the current landing team was too …

Sex robots: Experts debate the rise of the love droids

BBC News
Would you have sex with a robot? Would you marry one? Would a robot have the right to say no to such a union? These were just a few of the questions being asked at the second Love and Sex with Robots conference hastily rearranged at Goldsmiths …

Alaska volcano eruption sparks aviation alert for second straight day

Fox News
For the second straight day, the Alaska Volcano Observatory issued its highest alert level for aviation when a volcano erupted with a towering ash cloud in the Aleutian Islands.

Watch a “Ghost Shark” Glide Past Deep-Sea Cameras for the First Time

Slate Magazine
This may be the only video ever of a live “ghost shark” in the wild. It looks like what you’d expect if Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas went swimming.

China launches carbon-tracking satellite into space: Xinhua

Business Insider
SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China launched a satellite to monitor its greenhouse gas emissions early on Thursday, the latest step in efforts to cut its carbon footprint, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Unidentified Complex Sound From Earth’s Deepest Trench May Be New Whale Call

The Mariana Trench, a massive rift stretching from Japan to Australia, contains the deepest sections of the world’s oceans. Despite decades of research and even manned missions to the bottom of the trench, researchers are still discovering new species

117th Christmas count is for the birds

Florida Weekly
The count is held each year around Christmas. COURTESY IMAGE The count is held each year around Christmas. COURTESY IMAGE A partridge in a pear tree, two turtledoves and three French hens have little to do with the National Audubon Society’s …

A Japanese Startup Will Try to Land on the Moon Next Year

Going to the Moon is officially hip again, thanks in no small part to Google, which is offering $20 million to the first private company that can land on our nearest neighbor, roll around a bit, and beam images back to Earth.

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