An inside look at Impossible Foods

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An inside look at Impossible Foods

Food Business News22 hours ago
The company’s goal is to replace animals as a “food technology” by 2035, and the vision includes feeding the world’s burgeoning population delicious food in a more affordable and environmentally feasible manner than the current livestock system. Patrick Brown, Ph.D., who worked as a biochemist for …
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Ahram Online

Egypt Denies Sinai Battle Choking off Food, Medicine Supplies

U.S. News & World Report16 hours ago
“Thousands of food parcels have been and are being provided to people in North Sinai,” Colonel Tamer al-Rifai, the spokesman, added. … Residents said food supplies, medicine and fuel were insufficient and that movement restrictions meant most people were unable to leave the region, HRW reported.
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Are GMO Foods Safe?

New York TimesApr 23, 2018
So it is no surprise that genetic engineering of food and feed crops resulted in their resounding condemnation as “Frankenfoods” by many consumers, who seem as terrified of eating an apple with an added anti-browning gene or a pink pineapple genetically enriched with the antioxidant lycopene as I am of …
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Walmart Is Getting Suppliers to Put Food on the Blockchain

Bloomberg15 hours ago
Walmart Inc. is getting suppliers to put food on the blockchain to help reduce waste, better manage contamination cases and improve transparency. … s blockchain platform in 2016, is ready to use the technology on its live food business, according to Frank Yiannas, vice president of food safety and health.
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Refrigeration slows – but doesn’t stop – food rot. Now scientists know …

Massive13 hours ago
Storing food at cold temperatures may one humanity’s oldest tricks. We have used cold to prolong the shelf-life of food long before refrigerators, and even long before we knew bacteria existed, much less that they were (and still are) a major culprit of food spoilage. Our confidence in cold is well-earned, but …

Organic and Natural: What Do These Food Labels Mean?

U.S. Masters SwimmingApr 22, 2018
There are more than 40,000 choices in the average grocery store, so navigating the aisles may seem a bit overwhelming. Furthermore, fear-mongering and misinterpretation of scientific studies in food and nutrition articles often causes more confusion. When you’re selecting your sustenance of choice, you …
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Isle of Dogs is Wes Anderson’s love letter to food

USA Today 10Best (blog)18 hours ago
The use of food is perhaps the one unifying element throughout reviews and articles, and it’s hard to find one that doesn’t mention, if not lavishly praise, that pivotal, enchanting sushi preparation scene. While this particular scene might have been more about style than substance (an argument some critics …
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The color purple now showing in food formulations

Food Business News19 hours ago
“The right shade of purple is the perfect way to indicate a grape, blueberry or wild berry flavor, but purple is being tapped more often by manufacturers as a way to bring novel excitement to a broad range of food and beverage applications,” Mr. Serrur said. “Whether we’re looking at an ube (Filipino purple …
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And the Massive Food Halls Just Keep On Coming

UrbanDaddy16 hours ago
The Asian one. The Italian one. The other Italian one. And now, the healthy one. With Jackson Hall finally open, Miami’s food hall explosion now includes its first health food-driven option. It was only a matter of time. It looks like this. Burgers are nice. So are tacos. So is pasta. But if and only if a mysterious …
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Tyson works to ‘stop food waste, save money’

Meat & Poultry18 hours ago
“People need protein to be healthy and satisfied, and Tyson Innovation Lab is able to contribute delicious surplus meat products to the food boxes, making them more balanced than produce-only food boxes,” Hamdallah said. “We also bring a great deal of experience with food supply chain management to …

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