Government efficiency and nursing nomes

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Today’s headlines: Government efficiency and nursing nomes

Arkansas Times (blog)22 hours ago
A convergence of newspaper articles this morning provided some valuable … The magazine coverage includes an article on Arkansas nursing …
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The significance of facial shaving as fundamental nursing care

Nursing Times3 hours ago
Being clean shaven may give many male patients feelings of dignity and identity. This article argues that facial shaving should not be an …
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Washington Times

Michigan Man Celebrates Christmas With Wife in Nursing Home

U.S. News & World Report22 hours ago
CHARLOTTE, Mich. (AP) — A 90-year-old Michigan man dressed up as Santa and brought Christmas to a local nursing home so his wife could …

Using competency assessment tools to enhance student learning

Nursing Times3 hours ago
This article discusses how student assessment can be improved by using a competency assessment tool (CAT), based on the example of the …

Commissioners OK loan to county nursing home

BrowncitybannerDec 13, 2018
SANDUSKY — The county’s longterm care facility got a helping hand from county commissioners last week. Commissioners approved a …
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Jackson Clarion Ledger

Mississippi Man Charged With Killing Wife in Nursing Home

U.S. News & World ReportDec 12, 2018
CLINTON, Miss. (AP) — A 70-year-old Mississippi man is charged with murder after police say his wife was shot to death inside a nursing home …
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The Loneliest Generation: Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone

Wall Street JournalDec 12, 2018
The lack of social contacts among older adults costs Medicare $6.7 billion a year, mostly from spending on nursing facilities and hospitalization …
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Meet Three Nurses Influencing Healthcare Through Technology (blog)Sep 18, 2018
Now, think of all of your nursing skills. All of the years of learning how to coordinate care, perform different tasks, and communicate with …
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4 Reasons Why Nurses Need Mental Health Days (blog)Sep 19, 2018
The occupational stress associated with the nursing profession is a problem. More nurses are experiencing depression and anxiety, caused by …
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Nurse Speaks Out Against Colleagues Who Bully EMS Workers (blog)Nov 16, 2018
By Cameron Hershey, BSN, RN. Lately, we have all seen the viral sensations to stomp out nursing bullying. While the cause is noble, nurse …

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