North Korea conducts miniaturized hydrogen bomb test

North Korean has announced that the country has successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb within a month of the announcement made by their dictator ruler that the weapon has been developed.

A state television anchor broke the news of North Korea successfully conducting their first hydrogen bomb test. His statement was a typical propaganda filled report by the authoritarian government of North Korea. The statement termed this test a success for the country and a weapon that will keep United States from taking unlawful action against the sovereign state of North Korea.

Washington has not confirmed the claims made by North Korea but John Kirby, who is the spokesperson for the State Department, has condemned this step and has made it clear that if it is true then North Korea has clearly gone against the wishes of the world and has violated UN Security Council Resolutions. He called on Pyongyang to not back away from its promises and commitments to the world.

“We condemn any violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions and again call on North Korea to abide by its international obligations and commitments,” John Kirby said in a statement issued by the State Department.

South Korea has reacted furiously to this bomb testing by North Korea and has called on the authoritarian regime of the country to abide by the UN resolutions. South Korean presidential security official Cho Tae Yong again called for the world to make Korean Peninsula a nuclear free zone.

“We strongly condemn the test. North must abide by U.N. resolutions that require the country to scrap its nuclear and ballistic missile programs completely and irreversibly,” Cho Tae added.

Shinzo Abe, Japan Prime Minister has termed this test by North Korea a threat to Japan’s security. While talking to reporters, the Japanese Premier stated that Japan condemn this test by their neighbor strongly and he vowed to take up the matter with its allies, mainly the United States in coming days. He also said that Japan will work in close collaboration with South Korea, United States, China and Russia to resolve this situation and find an outcome that is acceptable to all.


North Korea has been a thaw in the eyes of United States for a long time and the test of hydrogen bomb is bound to worry Washington to a great extent. For now, North Korean missiles cannot reach Untied States but given the fact that their engineers and scientists have managed to develop such an advanced weapon, there are no guarantees that they cannot develop long range ballistic missiles in coming years, which will have the capacity to reach the shores of the US.

Last time North Korea conducted a nuclear test was back in 2013 and surprisingly, country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un did not make any mentions of hydrogen bomb during his New Year Speech. How China will react to North Korea’s hydrogen bombing is yet to be seen as Beijing has yet to comment on the situation.

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