Bashar al-Assad not ruling out Turkish, Saudi invasion of Syria

The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad  was speaking to APF news agency in an exclusive interview where he did not rule out the possibility of a foreign invasion involving Turkey and Saudi Arab.

Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad came hard on the Western media and their biased interpretation of the events taking place in Syria. He rebuffed the claims by Western media that Russian shelling has been the cause of civilian suffering in his country. The terrorists have been the cause of the unrest there and the Syrian President has vowed to eliminate terrorism from his country with and without the help of friends.

“The cause of this suffering is the terrorists, not the Russian shelling, as claimed by Western media, and when one cause for migration is the almost five-year-old embargo against the Syrian people, naturally my, and every Syrian official’s first task, is to fight terrorism essentially using Syrian capabilities, but also using our friends’ support in the fight against terrorism.”

On a question regarding a possible foreign invasion from Saudi Arab and Turkey, Assad did not rule out that possibility entirely. He is of the view that intervention does not seem like a likely option right now but in world politics, nothing is certain and things can change pretty quickly.

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“Logically, intervention is not possible, but sometimes reality is at odds with logic, particularly when there are irrational people leading a certain state.”

He lashed out at Turkish president, Erdogan, calling him a fanatic person who has soft corner for Muslim Brotherhood. He added that Turkey is dreaming about the Ottoman Empire and the Arab Spring means a lot to them.

“That’s why I don’t rule that out for a simple reason: Erdogan is a fanatical person with Muslim Brotherhood inclinations. He is living the Ottoman dream. For him, the collapse which took place in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria is something personal. He believes that he has an Islamist mission in our region.”

Talking about Saudi Arabia, Assad said that like Turkey, Saudi Arabia wants to be the undisputed ruler of the Muslim world. The demise of terrorist in Syria is an indication that their policies has failed in Syria and that has put them in a tight spot. He further added that Syria will not welcome any such foreign intervention and it will be resisted at all cost.

“The same applies to Saudi Arabia. The collapse of the terrorists in Syria is a collapse of their policies. I tell you that this process is surely not going to be easy for them, and we will certainly confront it,”

Talking about his life as the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad said that being a president of Syria is not a hobby rather a responsibility. And in such circumstances, his responsibility has increased to a great extent. He further added that his future as the president of the country depends on two factors which are his desire to continue in this post and the desire of the people of his country.

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