Turkey’s call for intervention in Syria will be disastrous

Ankara will be left all alone and even NATO will not come to its rescue of Erdogan continue its aggressive intervening policies in Syria.

Ozturk Yilmaz, who is the Deputy Head of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party has warned against getting involved in Syrian’s internal matter and has lamented Ankara’s policies regarding Syria. Turkey is involved in bombing Kurdish YPG, the military wing of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), across the border and Yilmaz is of the view that Turkey is being pushed into a civil war quagmire in Syria.

Ozturk Yilmaz was serving as the Consul General of Turley to Mosul when he was abducted by Daesh in June 2015. He was kept in hostage for 101 days along with around 50 other diplomats when ISIS took over the city. Yilmaz has recently issued a press statement in which he has claimed that the in power Justice and Development party is still chasing its Ottoman dream and Erdogan desire to rule the Middle East. He slammed Ankara’s policy regarding Syria and has accused the government of lacking foresight. He further added that Turkey’s current policies are hurting country’s future and the after effects of these policies will be daunting for the security of Turkey in the years to come.

Another political figure from Turkey blasted Turkey’s recent move. Ali Tuygan, a retired Ambassador who has also served as Turkish Foreign Ministry undersecretary from 2006 to 2009, believes that instead of learning from mistakes, Erdogan’s government have adapted the policy of continuation. He added that Turkey made a few mistakes in Syria in the start but instead of fixing it, Ankara is making more mistakes to cover the previous one.


“It will be difficult to secure results in this way,” he told reporters.

He also slammed government for deteriorating relations with Russia and urged Ankara to fix its relationship with Moscow as soon as possible.

“It was also wrong to let relations with Russia deteriorate in this way,” he added, noting that a major risk for Turkey is a confrontation with Russia over Syria. “Ankara should work to de-escalate the tension with Russia, but we see Davutoglu doing the opposite in Kiev, of all places,” said Tuygan, referring to prime minister’s remarks on Russia’s air campaign in Syria during his February 15 visit to Ukraine.

He added that it took Turkey 25 years to normalise its relations with Russia and with one silly action, this government has damaged that. Tuygan urged Erdogan and his government to work with Russia for their own benefit.

The UK Independent also commented on Turkey’s saber-rattling at the Syrian border and warned Turkey of the grace consequences it could face if it continue with its aggressive policies in Syria.

“There is the temptation to double down on his losses, but if Erdogan does, he will bring Turkey down with him,” it stated in its analytical piece on the development in Syria.

It’s up to Erdogan and his government to make a sane decision for the future of Turkey.


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