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A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) March 1, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Here is the latest Finance news from CNBC.

Big news coming up for the market: David Darst
While some market watchers are fearful of the direction of the U.S. economy, these experts argue that the economy is doing well.

Yahoo may sell up to $3B in ‘non-core assets’: CFO
Yahoo is exploring a sale of $1 billion to $3 billion in its non-core assets, according to its CFO Ken Goldman.

Why the jobs report is more important than usual
The Fed’s quest to generate inflation has started to bear some fruits, but likely too few to spur a policy change.

VW to pay staff bonuses for 2015 despite scandal
Volkswagen will pay employees a bonus for 2015, despite the scandal over defeat devices.

Gross: Avoid bank stocks in negative rates world
Negative yields threaten bank profit margins as bank net interest rate margins narrow, Gross said.

Google is donating $1M to fight Zika
Alphabet’s Google said its engineers were working with the U.N. child agency to map and anticipate the spread of the Zika virus.

Where to invest in Asia right now: UBS
Some investors may be nervous about China but UBS’s Min Lan Tan says there are some great investment opportunities in the region right now.

Fed’s Kaplan: Oil won’t be balanced until 2017
Robert Kaplan, Dallas Fed president, believes that there is high downside risk for global economic growth.

BofA revs up on auto loans — despite warning signs
Bank of America is making a big push into auto lending just as regulators are sending warning signals as losses from auto loans are rising.

Early movers: JOY, COST, HLF, LB, DIS, SHW & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

UBS France investigated for witness intimidation
UBS France has been placed under investigation over allegations that it intimated a former employee who helped raise flags over potential tax-dodges.

Jamie Dimon: Low growth in China and US is OK
JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon tells CNBC that economic concerns remain, but there are reasons for optimism.

Start-up in Asia? UOB wants to help you
Singapore-based United Overseas Bank will invest $10 million into Israel-based OurCrowd to help start-ups in Asia.

Goldman unlikely to pursue Russia bond deal: Source
Goldman was taken aback that the State Department would not view the deal favorably.

New president, new market woes?
Market watchers rounded up to talk about the impact the next POTUS will have on the markets.

Suddenly, the market sees growth—and rate hikes
The recent stock rally and mildly encouraging economic data have investors feeling a little braver.

Investors have a change of heart on debt
Investment grade debt is increasingly popular with investors, while high-yield issuances are shunned.

Citron exec: This is Tesla’s biggest problem
Shares of Tesla Motors will have a hard time going higher because of this, Citron’s Andrew Left says.

Only 35 EM funds made positive returns last year
Only 35 out of over 2,600 emerging market funds made money for investors in the past year, according to investment platform Rplan.

HFT ‘eyesore’ upsets leafy England
High-frequency trading is causing upset in the leafy English countryside

Does Kanye West secretly use Pirate Bay?
Paid-music advocate Kanye West, landed himself in hot water again on Wednesday, after he appeared to be browsing The Pirate Bay.

EU launches emergency refugee aid scheme for Greece
The EU launched a new aid programme worth an initial 700 million euros Wednesday.

‘Extraordinary’ death rates boosting this firm
British funeral firm Dignity reported a spike in profits Wednesday after an “almost unprecedented” rise in U.K. deaths last year at rates not seen since 1952.

Early movers: ANF, AMZN, CSX, IBM, VRX, CKP & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Top cars from the 2016 Geneva Motor Show
As the 86th Geneva International Motor Show kicks off, CNBC takes a look at some of the top new cars which have already been unveiled.

The case for old-school stocks: Bruderman CEO
The recipe for avoiding too much volatility is playing it safe, Bruderman Brothers CEO Oliver Pursche told CNBC.

Jamie Dimon to Wells Fargo: Go ahead, make my day
Dimon did a little smack-talking to Wells Fargo about competing globally. But Breakingviews’ Jeffrey Goldfarb isn’t so sure about that advice.

Are investors starting to not care about China?
The news out of China, bad or good, just doesn’t seem to have as much bite anymore.

What does the market expect from Super Tuesday?
It’s Super Tuesday, and according to these experts here’s what the market expects from the presidential primaries.

Investing in the Middle East and North Africa
For this edition of “Access: Middle East,” CNBC’s Hadley Gamble talks to key business leaders at the “Red Sea Debate.”

Atlanta Fed sees sub-2% US growth in Q1
The Atlanta Fed says modest growth in consumer spending is behind the U.S. economy growing below 2 percent in Q1.

‘Bond King’ Gross: I did not quit Pimco
Gross said Pimco’s “misconduct” led to the “tarnishing of his stellar lifelong reputation.”

Early movers: DLTR, MAR, MDT, WBA, AZO, VRX & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

UK roller coaster to reopen despite serious crash
A U.K. roller coaster is set to reopen just nine months after a crash that seriously injured five people.

Russian oil firms won’t increase output in 2016: Putin
Russian oil firms have agreed not to increase oil production this year, says Putin.

Fed’s Dudley sees economic risks tilting to downside
A Fed official on Tuesday said he sees downside risks to his U.S. economic outlook that could flag a longer pause before the Fed’s next rate hike.

10 safe havens during the market ‘death spiral’
CNBC highlights the markets, currencies and securities that have performed well since the start of the year. Some might surprise you.

Barclays overhauls business, cuts dividend
U.K. bank Barclays announced further restructuring and cut its dividend as it reported its full-year results which showed a fall in pre-tax profit.

Hedge fund investors demanding change: Survey
Hedge fund managers may have to face some upheaval in their industry this year.

Chocolate bar chain Max Brenner up for sale: Report
A New-York based restaurant known for its sweet treats is up for sale, according to sources.

Goldman Sachs puts worker linked to Trump on leave
Goldman Sachs has put an employee on leave who contributed to Donald Trump’s campaign, The New York Times reports.

Stock pickers are getting clobbered again
Despite factors that might otherwise suggest a good year for stock pickers, the early returns are not encouraging.

AmEx to close sale of Costco portfolio to Citi
American Express said it would close an announced deal to sell its Costco U.S. card portfolio to Citigroup by June.

Cramer: Buffett’s out of touch with IBM
CNBC’s Jim Cramer was surprised by Warren Buffett’s remarks on IBM.

MassMutual to buy MetLife’s US retail advisor force
Shares of MetLife were nearly 1 percent lower Monday after it said it would sell its U.S. retail advisor force.

Argentina’s 15-year-old bond dispute ends
Argentina has signed an agreement that puts an end to a 15-year-old dispute over defaulted bonds with US hedge funds.

The challenges of using blockchain technology
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize finances but companies will have to overcome several challenges.

Warren Buffett: Buying IBM not a mistake, but …
Warren Buffett says investing in IBM was the right decision, but it could turn out to be a mistake.

JPMorgan traders sacked over compliance
JPMorgan Chase sacked two employees after they allegedly circumvented the bank’s compliance procedures, The Financial TImes reports.

Ex-Deutsche exec Jain to join online lender SoFi
Anshu Jain, the former co-chief executive of Deutsche Bank, is to join SoFi as an adviser, The FT reports.

Barclays set to exit African business
After a strategic review, the bank’s board decided that in principle it made strategic sense to get out of the continent, the FT reports.

Bank of America plans investment banking job cuts
The job cuts are likely to be higher than the 5 percent who are typically axed annually in investment banking, the FT reports.

Mishkin: The one thing the Fed needs to change
Forget a hawkish or dovish Fed, this is what they need to do, according to former Fed Gov. Frederich Mishkin.

Here’s what they’re saying about 2016 economy NOW
Enthusiasm for stronger-than-expected growth to close out 2015 didn’t last very long.

Short sellers hitting energy at near-crisis levels
Short sellers are piling into energy stocks at a rate close to what banks were seeing during the financial crisis.

Powell: Fed’s approach to rates means surprises
The U.S. central bank’s data-driven approach to rates will surprise markets, Fed Governor Jerome Powell said on Friday.

Berkshire shares lag ahead of Buffett annual letter
Ahead of Warren Buffett’s annual letter, investors will look for changes in how he views partnerships with investors.

Does insider trading still exist? Yes. 1,000%
It’s trickier to get away with insider trading nowadays but does it still exist on Wall Street? “1,000 percent,” One trader said.

Cramer: Elections ‘multiple depressor’ for markets
“I think it just makes people pay less for stocks,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

Fed may skip 2016 rate hike: Indonesia fin min
The U.S. dollar’s appreciation could force the Federal Reserve to moderate and even pause its tightening cycle this year, Indonesia’s finance minister told CNBC on Friday.

RBS reports eighth full-year loss in a row
State-backed bank reports its eighth straight full-year loss of 1.97 billion pounds ($2.75 billion).

This SEC law is ‘completely wrong’: CEO
This SEC law is completely wrong and fuels volatility, according to this CEO.

Recession sign is in play and has 81% accuracy
Since corporate profits turned negative, Wall Street has pondered whether it’s just a passing phase or something worse.

Big banks get serious on mobile payments
Big banks have banded together to battle back against the rising tide of payment start-ups.

US consumer OK, but be careful: Yardeni
You have to pick your spots, says Edward Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research.

Early movers: BUD, DPZ, BBY, LB, RATE, HPQ & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Cramer: Here’s what Best Buy is banking on
Best Buy’s betting big on THIS being a success, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

China tightening control of economic narrative
Beijing fights rising economic pessimism by exerting greater control of market data, The New York Times reports.

Break up big US banks like Ma Bell: Fed’s Bullard
Big banks need to be split up like the old AT&T in order to foster innovation, says the St. Louis Fed’s Jim Bullard.

Fed’s Bullard: Why stock correction was good
Jim Bullard also blames the market turmoil to traders factoring in all at once projections for four rate hikes in 2016.

Senior Goldman banker with 1MDB ties leaves bank
The move by Tim Leissner had been widely tipped after he moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2015, The Financial Times reports.

Bullard warns that hiking rates will hit Fed’s cred
A top Federal Reserve official has reiterated his opposition to further interest rate hikes given that U.S. inflation expectations have fallen.

More banks could be on way to oil confessional
After JPMorgan took a hit on its latest energy loan loss reserve, Wall Street is waiting for the other shoes to drop.

Don’t write off these bank stocks
These bank stocks have taken a real beating year-to-date, but UBS’s Kiran Ganesh says investors should take a second look.

Ron Paul: The Fed ‘hurts people’ with easy money
The longtime Fed critic advocates a return to a system where “the markets are important for setting prices.”

Deutsche’s LaVorgna: Wall St’s hopes way too high
Joe LaVorgna, who for years held a bullish view, believes growth is slowing and sees GDP rising just 1.2 percent in 2016.

Why the Fed’s inflation strategy will fail
Central banks are guaranteed to fail in their effort to produce viable growth through inflation, says Michael Pento.

MasterCard to replace passwords with selfies
MasterCard customers will soon be able to replace their passwords with a “selfie” and a fingerprints to verify their identity.

Fed’s Lacker: No evidence US recession is imminent
Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker said on Wednesday he saw no evidence in economic data that a recession was imminent for the United States.

Early movers: YHOO, LOW, TGT, CHK, FSLR & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Standard Chartered eyes bonus clawbacks after loss
Standard Chartered is considering clawing back bonuses, its chief executive said after reporting its first annual loss, the FT reports.

Fischer: Too early to assess hit from market volatility
Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer said the Fed simply did not know what course of action it would take at its next meeting.

Is this bad news or good news for the markets?
Commodities are signaling a bottom and the Dow transports are pointing toward the Dow Theory, according to this expert.

The surprising strategy that’s beating the market
A simple but elusive strategy has been beating the market this year: Just own what the hedge funds don’t.

Today’s weakness: Why we need oil stabilization at $30
Oil is a big wildcard, and without stability we will have no peace in the markets.

Fmr JPM trader: London Whale debacle not my fault
Former JPMorgan trader Bruno Iksil said he is not to blame for the “London Whale” scandal and was made a scapegoat.

Recession ahead? Here are three signs
Consumers are optimistic, but investors are worried and CEOs are pessimistic. Could this “trifurcation” lead to economic recession, asks Bart van Ark.

Cramer: Home Depot’s quarter was amazing
Home Depot’s latest quarterly results have competitors in awe, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

JPMorgan: We’re bracing for energy losses
JPMorgan Chase is adding another layer in its capital buffer against energy, metals and mining loan losses.

Where Wall Street takes its mistress to dinner
A guide to Wall Street’s favorite restaurants: Where do they take their mistress? their wife? their clients? Turney Duff has the lowdown.

Early movers: HD, M, TOL, FIT, UTX, AAPL & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Time considering buying Yahoo’s core biz: Report
Yahoo officially launched the sale of its core business, which includes search, mail and news sites, last week.

Fed official warns on rush to govt-only money funds
The Fed’s top markets official warned that a trend of U.S. money market firms converting funds from “prime” to “government-only” could harm the overall execution of policy.

Popular investing strategy may go ‘horribly wrong’
The in-vogue investment style’s popularity could hurt performance, leaving investors nursing large-scale losses, the FT reports.

Time to bet on India: Wells Fargo’s Jacobsen
Stocks and oil are pointing toward stabilization, according to Brian Jacobsen of Wells Fargo Advantage Funds.

Fundamentals still need to improve: Strategist
On Monday, the markets continued their rally which had investors asking if we’re in the clear yet.

Two more signs a recession could be coming
Stocks have gotten a lift from hopes that fears over a recession are overdone. That optimism could be premature.

Cramer: Rails ‘have bottomed’
Looking for stocks on the cheap? Take a ride on the railroads, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

Minerd calls for 1% yield on 10-year Treasury note
They “may seem like crazy numbers, but so do the negative interest rates that we are already seeing,” Minerd said.

Kashkari’s bank crackdown is dangerous: Bove
There are some serious problems with Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari’s plan to break up big banks, says Dick Bove.

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