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Here is the latest Investing News from CNBC.

Your first trade for Monday
The “Fast Money” traders deliver their final trades of the day.

Billionaire investing has fallen on hard times
Following the stock picks of billionaire investors has never been easier, but does it work?

Job growth masks deeper weaknesses
Headlines like Friday’s news of 242,000 new jobs in February don’t tell the whole story.

Cramer: Costly funds could be ripping you off
Jim Cramer shares common mistakes made by investors when buying a mutual fund or ETF.

Cramer: Untangling the IRA, 401(k) Roth mystery
Jim Cramer goes over the good, bad and ugly when dealing with 401(k) and IRA contributions.

Cramer Remix: What you didn’t learn in school
“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer raises the bar finding the mutual funds and ETFs that make the most sense.

Eaton Vance’s Perkin: Buy quality cyclical names
As the U.S. economy improves, Eaton Vance’s Eddie Perkin says that now is the time to buy quality cyclical names.

Cramer: Young investor? Here’s where to start
Jim Cramer knows being broke is a major buzzkill. He shared three tips for young investors looking to get involved with stocks.

This is the sound of stocks sighing in relief
Volatility has left the building.

Top trader Lebenthal buys into Apple rally
CNBC “Halftime Report” trader Jim Lebenthal bought shares of Apple on Friday for his model portfolio.

Musk rumor sparks options ‘explosion’
Talk about the tech titan Elon Musk seems to have set off a flurry of bullish activity in SolarCity options.

Sell stocks on ‘eventual’ recession: JPMorgan
Investors should lower their equity exposure due to rising recession risk, according JPMorgan strategist Jan Loeys.

The Trade: How to play the jobs number beat
Using Kensho, a hedge fund analytics tool, CNBC Pro screened for which securities do well and poorly on jobs report days.

Don’t bail on stocks … yet: Top strategist
Canaccord Genuity market strategist Tony Dwyer says stocks have more room to run, but there is ugliness ahead.

Major bubble burst, and it’s good for stocks: UBS
UBS said that better-than-expected U.S. data led to a popping of the global “negativity bubble.”

The energy stock bloodbath could be over
If the worst is over for oil prices and energy stocks, what’s the best way to get in on a rebound without getting burned?

Early movers: BIG, SPLS, HPE, TSN, DSW, FB & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Why investors are piling into US junk bond funds
Investors are seeking U.S. junk bond funds at the fastest pace on record, the Financial Times reports.

Here’s who Millennials choose to manage their money
Millennials are using robo-advisers to handle their investments in lieu of traditional wealth advisers.

Facebook finally finds way into investors’ hearts
Facebook shares are now among the top 20 most widely held institutional stocks, according to eVestment.

Jobs report is strong, but Fed can wait on hike
Hiring was strong in February, but the fact there was no wage growth should keep the Fed from raising rates until at least midyear.

Snapchat raises $175M in latest funding round: Report
Snapchat has raised $175 million in fresh funding from Fidelity Investments, giving the company the same $16 billion valuation it had a year ago.

Cramer: Risk is a necessity, with these rules
Jim Cramer says speculation could be good for a portfolio, but what matters is how it is executed.

Cramer: Bye-bye foreign stocks, hello geography
Jim Cramer shares his new method of diversification. Foreign stocks are out, and a healthy geography is in.

Cramer: How much gold to have in your portfolio
Jim Cramer shares his take on why it is important to own gold. If you don’t want it, you need it as a portfolio insurance policy.

Cramer Remix: How to expect the unexpected
“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer shares the best way for investors to stay diversified and protect their portfolios.

Top trader Najarian buys auto stock
CNBC “Halftime Report” trader Pete Najarian bought shares of General Motors Thursday for his model portfolio.

Cramer: My new way to diversify your portfolio
Jim Cramer throws out the old rules of diversification with sectors, and introduces his new way to build a portfolio.

Big vs. small: Who’s the true market leader?
Smaller companies on the S&P 500 have been doing their part in the recent rally. An equally weighted index is up 10.5% since the low in February.

Why worst may not be over for pound: FX expert
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi’s Derek Halpenny tells CNBC there’s scope for major declines as the “Brexit” debate rages on.

Why it’s time to buy bank stocks: UBS analyst
UBS bank analyst Brennan Hawken took on Bill Gross’ bearish sector call on Thursday, saying it is a good time to buy financials.

These are your best trades when junk bonds rally
As recent market gains have renewed risk appetite, junk bonds are getting a fresh look.

Cramer Remix: What Trump means for your stocks
“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer voted on how to reassess portfolios as the election process continues.

Market timer: Beware the Ides of March
Jeffrey Hirsch, editor-in-chief of the Stock Trader’s Almanac, explains the various trading patterns in March.

Street recession indicator says fears overblown
Recession fears gripped the markets last month, just as one indicator was beginning to show those worries were overblown.

THIS has put the Fed in a corner: Boockvar
The Fed may have to raise rates at an inopportune time as inflation picks up and elections loom, Peter Boockvar says.

Something strange is happening in the metals market
Silver tends to do what gold does, only more so. But this year, it hasn’t been able to keep up the pace.

Early movers: JOY, COST, HLF, LB, DIS, SHW & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Gross: Avoid bank stocks in negative rates world
Negative yields threaten bank profit margins as bank net interest rate margins narrow, Gross said.

Bob Doll: How I’m playing the aging bull market
The bull market is in the later innings, and active managers must step up to the plate, Nuveen’s Bob Doll says.

I see bubbles bursting everywhere: Yale’s Mansharamani
Financial bubbles are set to burst everywhere, Vikram Mansharamani, a lecturer at Yale University, told CNBC.

Where to invest in Asia right now: UBS
Some investors may be nervous about China but UBS’s Min Lan Tan says there are some great investment opportunities in the region right now.

Pro Uncut: Full interview with Jamie Dimon
In a CNBC interview, JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon shared his views on negative interest rates. Watch the full interview.

Technician: The bulls need to avoid this temptation
A very important technical level may be warning investors to stay away from some potentially dangerous sectors.

40 banks test bitcoin tech for trading bonds
Major banks have tested a way to trade fixed income assets using the blockchain, the technology that underpins bitcoin.

Art Cashin: Jobs report may fool you
Careful when looking at Friday’s jobs report, UBS’ Art Cashin says.

Recession talk fading ahead of jobs report: Hogan
But almost as important as positive data, according to Art Hogan, may be the conversation surrounding it.

New president, new market woes?
Market watchers rounded up to talk about the impact the next POTUS will have on the markets.

Your first trade for Thursday
The “Fast Money” traders give their final trades of the day.

Super Tuesday not so super for drug stocks
A Trump-Clinton faceoff could cause investors to keep selling drug stocks into the election.

Trump nomination could give Dems Congress: Analyst
The market isn’t pricing in the risk of a Democratic Congress — yet, Brian Gardner says.

Street girds for role as White House battleground
Wall Street is girding for its role as the White House battleground.

The strange ETF that’s doubled this year
Shares of an unusual gold play have risen 120 percent in 2016. But buying it now could entail several serious risks.

Suddenly, the market sees growth—and rate hikes
The recent stock rally and mildly encouraging economic data have investors feeling a little braver.

Investors have a change of heart on debt
Investment grade debt is increasingly popular with investors, while high-yield issuances are shunned.

Bulls battle bears over Abercrombie’s future
Analysts are divided over whether Abercrombie’s quarterly results signal long-term momentum for the retailer.

Citron exec: This is Tesla’s biggest problem
Shares of Tesla Motors will have a hard time going higher because of this, Citron’s Andrew Left says.

Stock exchange prices confusing traders, too
Part of it stems from jockeying among exchanges to win business from the biggest traders, The New York Times reports.

Finally, a silver lining for retail investors
Many retailers were able to clear through excess fall and winter inventory, positioning them for a happy spring.

Cramer: These are losers under a Trump presidency
If Donald Trump becomes president, these companies stand to see sales dips, CNBC’s Jim Cramer says.

The Trade: Smoother stock investing ahead
Using Kensho, a hedge fund analytics tool, CNBC Pro screened for which securities do well when volatility falls.

Market just saw a near-term bottom: Acampora
Ralph Acampora said that stocks could soon surpass levels not seen since late last year.

Dr. Not So Doom: Marc Faber says stocks may rally
Marc Faber said Wednesday he believes stocks are “extremely oversold” and could be poised for a rally in the near term.

Early movers: ANF, AMZN, CSX, IBM, VRX, CKP & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Cramer: What made the bulls run like crazy
Jim Cramer was ready to yell “hallelujah” when the bulls dominated stocks. Was this rally sustainable?

Your first trade for Wednesday
The “Fast Money” traders give their final trades of the day.

Survivors emerge from teen retail tantrum
Teen retailers Abercrombie and American Eagle appear to be making a comeback.

Pro Uncut: Interview with Barclays CEO Jes Staley
In a CNBC exclusive interview Tuesday, Barclays CEO Jes Staley discusses his views on the company’s restructuring.

The case for old-school stocks: Bruderman CEO
The recipe for avoiding too much volatility is playing it safe, Bruderman Brothers CEO Oliver Pursche told CNBC.

Wayfair CEO to Cramer: Why we are different
Jim Cramer spoke to the CEO of Wayfair, as the stock continues to be challenged by short sellers.

Cramer: This signal means sell, sell, sell now
Jim Cramer shares his firm rule that when this happens with a company, you must run fast.

What does the market expect from Super Tuesday?
It’s Super Tuesday, and according to these experts here’s what the market expects from the presidential primaries.

After-hours buzz: ZNGA, ASNA, ROST & more
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell Tuesday: Zynga, Ascena, Ross Stores and more.

NYC judge unlocks door to Apple privacy win
A New York judge may have unlocked the door to an Apple privacy win.

Retailer’s shares jump 10% after besting rivals
Kate Spade reported fourth-quarter sales growth that easily outpaced Michael Kors and Coach.

Don’t buy into the safety stock surge: Traders
“Safe-haven” have surged this year, but some traders believe the gains have peaked.

Woodman: This is the biggest year ever for GoPro
GoPro CEO, Nicholas Woodman, discussed his company’s acquisition of mobile video editing startups Splice and Replay.

Why Panda bonds don’t look so sweet to US banks
Issuers of China’a so-called Panda bonds must provide financial statements drawn up under IFRS, which is causing unexpected side effects.

The Trade: March market seasonality
Using data from Kensho, CNBC Pro searched for how indexes and sectors perform during the month of March.

Expect more pain for this FANG stock: Trader
It’s been a tough year for many of the FANG stocks, and according to one trader it’s about to get even worse for the group.

China pours more liquidity into system
China is doing its utmost to block up the holes in its financial economy, but it is effectively pouring more liquidity into a leaky system.

How Super Tuesday could rock the stock market
If Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton looks vulnerable after Super Tuesday polling, the upset could show up in the stock market.

Early movers: DLTR, MAR, MDT, WBA, AZO, VRX & more
Names on the move ahead of the open.

Investors develop a taste for junk
What’s behind the bounce in high-yield bonds?

Saut: Look for stocks to march higher
The market used up its internal energy digging out of February’s low, but stocks are poised to rise, Jeffrey Saut says.

PRO Uncut: The full interview with Phil Falcone
Former hedge fund manager Phil Falcone joined CNBC for an exclusive interview to talk about his new business venture, HC2 holdings.

Pain from a ‘Brexit’ would go way beyond the UK
If the UK left the European Union, the 28-nation bloc would lose nearly $3 trillion in annual GDP.

Mind the GAAP: Buffett warns of deceptive earnings
Warren Buffett had a few words in his most recent shareholder letter for managers who mislead their shareholders.

The markets could see new highs by May: Tom Lee
Mega-bull Tom Lee reiterates his call that the S&P 500 could rally as high as 2,325 by the end of the year.

Cramer: Not clear who’s best for private sector
A lot of the issues seem upside down, says Jim Cramer weighing in on where political lines are drawn on Super Tuesday.

Your first trade for Tuesday
The “Fast Money” traders give their final trades of the day.

Chart: Don’t give up on the Nasdaq
A technical expert analyzes the NASDAQ with two different levels of technical analysis to provide a better understanding of the index’s activity.

Cramer: S&P could be headed for new highs
Jim Cramer goes off the charts to determine if the recent rally is real and lasting.

Cramer: My top takeaways from Buffett’s letter
Jim Cramer lists his top takeaways from Warren Buffett’s letter, including these stocks that he is salivating to buy.

March starts one of best times of year for stocks
Markets are expected to kick off March with reports that show manufacturing remained weak in February but auto sales were decent.

7 trades to watch after sluggish February
After another down day for stocks, “Fast Money” traders discussed the moves they would make if the pain continues.

Cramer Remix: The election stock opportunity
Jim Cramer says to cast your vote, caucus your candidate, just don’t forget about this opportunity for stocks.

After-hours buzz: VRX, MRO, WDAY & more
Check out the companies making headlines after the bell Monday: Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Marathon Oil, Workday and more.

Valeant shares plunge 18% on SEC probe
Valeant Pharmaceuticals shares plummeted 18 percent after the drugmaker said it faces a previously undisclosed probe from the SEC.

Cramer: Angry politics are hurting this market
Jim Cramer attributed the negative political backdrop as the reason why investors are paying less for stocks than normal.

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