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Tesla Model 3

Primary Lessons: Should Your Brand Be A Movement Or A Monolith?
This article is by Cait Lamberton, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business.

Brand Madness: Marketing Winners And Losers Of The NCAA Tournament
This story is by Frank O’Brien, CEO of Odem Global.

Donald Trump Through The Years

Donald Trump Brand: Why Does It Connect With The Consumers In The Middle?
I’m interested in the Donald Trump brand phenomenon just like everyone else. Purely as a Brand Strategist, not a political pundit, I set out to determine if the Trump brand was resonating more strongly in the New Heartland (Midwest, Southwest, Southeast) than the rest of the country. Home to 60% of U.S. consumers, where tightly held core values including faith (not religion), community, and family drive buying behavior, the New Heartland is prime real estate for any brand (or presidential hopeful) looking to win.

A Marketer’s Worst Nightmare: How To Overcome A Poor Yelp Rating
The Yelp online review platform is a customer-driven resource where users can leave feedback for a business based upon a recent experience. Some people make creating Yelp reviews their life’s work, and there is not an easy way to prove if the review is honest or posted fraudulently. The one negative thing about this review platform is that anyone can create a page for a business. Poor ratings and reviews do not have to be a big dent in your marketing campaigns, however. Overcoming these setbacks takes perseverance and a smart plan.

The Elon Musk Leadership Model: 3 Key Steps To Building Radical Brand Evangelism
Last week, Elon Musk unveiled the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3, which is set for release in 2017 at a starting price of $35,000. Much has been written about the car itself, encompassing everything from its affordable price point to its standard autopilot feature. Yet perhaps the most impressive feature of the launch is not the car, but its future drivers.

The Customer Service Seesaw of Self-Help Versus Human Help
There is no time like a move to experience the highs and lows of service—after all you are often dependent on companies who are helping you get your life situated. Examples include the daunting four hour windows delivery, coordinating cable and TV set-up, and then when things go awry (which at least one thing always does) your attempts to contact the company you were trying to do business with. At one point last week I felt like I was on Tinder for customer service and I wanted to swipe left on many of the companies I did business with–but it’s not that easy. I am five months pregnant. Perhaps this is why I had little patience for companies that were very happy to swipe a credit card, but nowhere to be found when things went wrong. I realized these big old companies either pushed me to poorly constructed self-service offerings such as phone trees with poor hearing, or unstaffed call centers with (wait for it…) a message machine!

Professor Turned Entrepreneur Founds L2 To Benchmark Companies’ Digital IQ
A Series of Forbes Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape:  Scott Galloway, Founder and Chairman, L2

Body Language Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job

The 6 Greatest Blunders in Early-Stage PR (And How To Avoid Them)
We can all learn from these public relations mistakes. Sadly, each of these stories is true.

2016 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising

How Fidelity Creates Amazing Customer Experiences
Fidelity’s customer experience journey started three years ago when they decided to look at their customer’s changing needs and come up with a plan to face that head on. They invested and purchased a technology platform that allowed them to provide a unified view of the customer to the agent, in addition to a technology that allowed them greater flexibility with their video customer service and mobile offerings. Learn more about the Fidelity customer experience journey in my interview with Fidelity Senior Vice President Tom Herrick.

What It Takes To Retain Your Top Talent

How Harvard Business Publishing Is Embracing The Millennial Mindset At Work
There is a new workplace paradigm at play and it is changing the way millennial employees are building relationships with their employers: Millennials don’t with for you they work with you. Harvard Business Publishing is one organization that has been on the forefront of workplace learning for the past two decades.

10 Myths About Social Networking For Business

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Snapchat
Want to know the number one reason why your business can no longer afford to ignore Snapchat? Its user base has reportedly hit 100 million people. This alone should tell you all you need to know about why you can’t afford to dismiss Snapchat as something that’s not for business.

What Can Brands Learn from Facebook’s Emoji Reactions?
Facebook’s new reaction emojis have certainly gotten a lot of attention—or, shall we say, elicited an abundance of “reactions.” In the early days of Facebook—food pics and family photos—users didn’t need more than a like button. Then Facebook evolved, and a like button wasn’t always appropriate.

10 Of The Coolest Office Spaces

The Business Of Startups Has Become A Startup Business
A few weeks ago, WeWork, the workspace real estate company headquartered in New York City, gathered another $430 million in funding for its proposed expansion in China.

2015 Most Effective Marketers In North America

6 Content Marketing Resources Brands Should Be Aware Of
Yes, I know my title ends in a preposition. Sue me, grammar police of the world. There’s a reason that content dominates the world of marketing: It allows businesses to leverage their knowledge and stand out from their competition. Besides being cost effective, content marketing provides value that quickly builds relationships with customers.

How Changes In How We Measure Ads Will Unleash Creativity
Digital advertising (which increasingly just means “advertising”) is living in a strange limbo in which nearly everyone involved, from brands to creatives to media buyers to publishers, believes that how we measure the return on investment of advertising is wrong – or at least incomplete, yet no one has the incentives to make big changes.

Boeing Innovates Team To Produce New Satellite
It wasn’t business as usual any longer, to hear Jim Peterka, Boeing 702SP program manager talk about it.

The New Era Of Advertising Agencies: What Agencies And Clients Must Do Differently To Succeed
With expectations of agency performance increasing (i.e., linking agency performance to client in-market performance), the agency compensation model being disrupted, and new, leaner competitors cropping up, one could argue that the golden years of agencies are over. To better understand this shift, I recently talked with Alexei Orlov, Global CEO of Rapp. What makes Orlov’s perspective interesting is that, having spent most of his career on the client side (was the CMO of Volkswagon, China prior to Rapp), he provides unique insight on the future of agencies, what agencies need to do to better meet client expectations, and how clients can get more out of their agencies.

How Banks Can Defend Their Weakened Franchise In Small Business Lending
By Martin Tornes, Niels Peder Nielsen, Joe Fielding and Peter Stumbles

15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently

5 Productivity Tools All Marketers Should Know About
Marketers must maintain a high level of productivity at all times if they are going to reach their goals. Sometimes this is easier said than done, though. You need to go out of your way to stay productive and to stave off distractions. There are many productivity tools on the market that can help marketers stay at their best.

F1 Revs Up New Business Platform For Hospitality
At this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix the 11 teams in Formula One will be vying to improve on their performance two weeks ago at the season-opener in Australia. However, perhaps the most significant development of the weekend will be showcased today away from the track.

SAP’s Success Formula For BtoB Social Selling
Connecting with customers via social media isn’t just for consumer marketers as companies like Dell, SAP and others are finding. The concept of social selling is gaining traction at firms marketing to businesses. The approach of using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter by sales professionals to develop and further relationships with prospects and customers can be very effective. But it also requires significant planning, training and enabling capabilities to make it a sustainable part of a company’s sales and marketing process.

It’s Not Madness: Buick Has Found Its Groove But Is Looking For Much More
Every automaker can learn at least a couple of things from the ongoing success of Buick. First, there’s nothing like timing the right vehicle for the right segment to set off a sales explosion. And, second, a clever, relevant and consistent marketing campaign, executed with fidelity and determination, really can move the needle on brand perception.

Lexus Presses Its Advantage With Multi-Pronged Launch Campaign For Crucial RX
The new RX is such an important vehicle for Lexus that you can expect the brand to do everything possible to promote acceptance of the big design statement it has made and to keep the nameplate solid as the definitive mid-size luxury SUV, which it has been for decades.

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make First Hires The Best Hires
A business’s first hires are the most critical. Entrepreneurs should recruit and hire with a plan – these are the people who will set the tone for company culture and pave the way for a successful future.

Social Consciousness: Honda’s Always-On Philosophy Shines In N600 Story
Honda keeps getting great mileage out of its rolling launch of the new Honda Civic including, most recently, the introduction of its coupe version.

Oh Yes We Did Make A Car: Domino’s Leverages DXP Delivery Vehicle
Maybe it’s just being in such close proximity to the Detroit auto makers or a stone’s throw away from the Hyundai USA technical-development center. But the folks at Domino’s headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., just can’t let go of this idea that they are car makers.

Quick Content Marketing Strategies That Drive Leads
Content marketing has a bad reputation of taking a long time to provide results. Similar to SEO, it’s been sold as a strategy that requires many months, if not years, to fully turn a positive ROI. Well, I tend to think that’s a bunch of hooey. In fact, there are strategies in SEO that can produce results almost overnight. Similarly, there are tactics in content marketing that don’t require a lot of time to deploy, and can generate immediate leads for your company. Here are a few with some examples of them in action.

5 Must-Read Tips For Building A Brand

The Single Trait That Can Build (Or Kill) Your Brand
Value. Price. Service. Customer Experience. These are all, of course incredibly important to the long-term health and growth of any brand doing any kind of business in any part of the world today. There are others too such as Content, Technology and Adaptability.

Tech Publisher IDG’s CMO Discusses The Launch Of Its First Companywide Global Campaign
Last week IDG, the world’s leading technology media, data and marketing services company, unveiled its first-ever companywide branding initiative. The new branding unifies its corporate identity and showcases the breadth of its global product portfolio to clients and consumers. The firm known for its popular publications including CIO, Computerworld, Macworld and PCWorld, is evolving from a brand-driven publisher to a global media company that activates and engages technology buyers, offering premium brands and audiences on a worldwide scale. IDG’s new tagline highlights the company’s strategy to connect the world of tech buyers with “Insights, Intent & Engagement.”

ING Looks Past Digital For Innovation
“We don’t invent new products, but make experiences better,” said Ralph Hamers, CEO of ING Group, the Dutch bank. “We differentiate ourselves on how we do things, not what.”

The Big Leap: How Savvy Companies Are Leveraging Global PR
Due to massive competition with much larger Venture-backed competitors, GreenRope was forced to find creative marketing alternatives. The answer: International PR.

Best Experiential Travel Of 2015

Why Are Ad Agencies So Poor At Appointing Their Creative Leaders?
I mentioned in an earlier post that ad agencies have a dreadful record in appointing new creative leadership.

Luxury Travel Trends Shift As Affluent Millennials Act On Their Aspirations
Millennials are a generation that is completely redefining what adventure means and are looking at the world through a more global perspective. According to the United Nations, 200,000 million millennial tourists generate more than $180 billion in annual tourism revenue, an increase of nearly 30 percent since 2007. For brands in the travel industry this is great news.

What Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods Indicate about the State of the Retail Industry
A week after Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy, Dick’s Sporting Goods (NYSE: DKS) announced plans to open 36 new stores.  The two starkly contrasting news items send a message about the state of the retail industry today — and it doesn’t look good, at least on the surface.

How To Make Your Blog Get Real Attention

4 Simple Ways To Generate Traffic From Pinterest
Pinterest is more powerful than ever before. The numbers don’t lie and they are saying that a Pin is 100 times more spreadable than the average Tweet. If you are not already taking advantage of Pinterest, you should be, otherwise you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently

How To Be A Better Leader: Four Essential Tips

Five Communication Skills That Make Good Leaders Great
Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or a teenage entrepreneur just starting out, communication skills are vitally important. Great leaders motivate, encourage and inspire. They also train people, share new ideas and negotiate. These activities have one thing in common: They all require excellent communication.

New Nissan CMO Makes His Mark By Publicly Shaming His Agency, And It Just Might Work
Christian Meunier, the new Senior Vice President, Nissan Sales & Marketing, has invented a way for a newly appointed CMO to make his or her mark on a company. That is, to publicly shame the current agency into developing a new campaign. In this way, he indicates change, the company avoids a costly pitch, the agency keeps the account and the brand gets a fresh new campaign. I think Mr. Meunier is onto something here.

10 Most Influential CMOs In 2015

The State and Future of Live Video Creators and Real-time Audiences
Livestreaming is setting the stage for yet another breed of creator. From scripted or episodic content to serendipity and impromptu engagement, new communities are forming around the personal brands who bring them together in the moment. The new Hollywood continues to evolve with next-gen studios recruiting up-and-coming talent to monetize in digital and also traditional formats. At the same time,  brands and agencies are expanding influencer marketing efforts to partner with popular livestreaming personalities in addition to the ever-growing roster of social media influencers. Digital influence has never been more profound. Now more than ever, entertainment executives and even brand strategists must look beyond the legacy perspectives that defined yesterday’s “celebrity” and entertainment deals. Doing so, will only foster more engaging and lucrative deals between creator, audience and even brands while expanding the landscape for entertaining (and monetizable) content.

The Content Pyramid: And Why Video Must be at the Top
Sometimes it’s tough to believe that even with content marketing’s dominance over the past half-decade-plus some marketers are till wrestling with questions like: Should I create a written case study or a product video? The answer is simple: You should do both, but always take a video-first approach.

Is Mobility The Answer To Better Employee Productivity?
Mobility is no longer a “buzzword” or just the “hottest new shiny thing.” Today, mobility is mainstream, and it’s a business strategy that can’t be overlooked any longer. And recent research bears this out. But the latest research on mobility is also touching on something else vital to businesses’ success: how mobility impacts the workforce. Employee mobility leads to 30 percent better processes and 23 percent more productivity—and 100 percent more satisfied employees. With that said, are companies really thinking about the implications of mobile when they deploy it in their organizations?

Building Trust: How Blogging Can Improve Customer Relationships
Trust is everything in the online world. Ask anyone and they will tell you that they trust online reviews. According to a recent study by Econsultancy, 61% of customers read and trust online reviews when making a purchase. It goes to show that building trust in an untrusting world is essential.

2015 Most Effective Marketers In North America

Five Marketing Lessons From MarTech 2016 (Where Marketing And Technology Collide)
Marketing is evolving from what used to be the art of communications (what we say) and media (how we deliver the message) to now include “mechanisms” (the technology). It’s the combination of the three that helps drive the customer experience (CX).

10 Myths About Social Networking For Business

Five Social Musts For CMOs
This article is by Joel Dollar is principal, digital marketing at Commerce House.

5 Enterprises Built On Crowdfunding & Input

3 Global Brands Show How Crowdsourcing Is Done
This past December I wrote an article on the state of crowdsourcing. In that piece I referenced a study which showed that 85% of the Best Global Brands have used crowdsourcing in the last ten years. That percentage is from 2014 and my guess is that number has only gone up since then.

25 Most Powerful Women

Women In Advertising, Particularly White Women, Are Still Doing Far Better Than Others
Women have made many strides from the days when females were virtually nonexistent in agency management positions. There is parity representation in account management and they outnumber men in media agencies. More agencies install women CEOs. These women will do the hiring and will be the the role models to other women in their organizations over time, in all departments.

A Single-Minded Dedication to Doing One Thing Incredibly Well: 250 Flavors Of Amazing Ice Cream 
Learn the professional and personal keys to Jon Snyder’s arguably “Best in America” Gelatos, from Il Laboratorio del Gelato in New York City with 250 fresh, all natural, impeccable flavors.

USG Innovates Its Future With Walls
The Great Recession last decade hit the construction industry early and hard, and USG was no exception. Orders collapsed, as did prices. Though the company had weathered its fair share of difficulties, the business outlook and employee morale were not good. “We were innovating materials substitution and line extensions, but not funding big ideas,” said James Metcalf, Chairman, President & CEO, noting that the company had invented such products as drywall, steel studs, and acoustical ceilings. “Our customers needed something new to take to their customers, and our people needed a platform that said there’s a future for us.” Metcalf and Dominic Dannessa, USG’s EVP and Chief Operations and Innovation Officer, asked the company’s research scientists a simple question: What can we do that nobody else could do? The answer was to radically reimagine drywall, its core product, as a lighter, stronger, easier to use material that could be sold at a price premium. “Jim brought them customer insights, and they raised their hands to talk about technology instead of cost reduction,” Dannessa remembered. “Then he told them to get it done in half the time they thought it would take.”

From Nike Spots to Thought Leadership Content: Brands Share A Point of View
The op-ed page of The New York Times has always been daily ritual, although admittedly the content that sticks with me over time is not the biting essay from columnists or contributors, but the Mobil Oil advertorials from years ago. There, in the bottom right corner of the world’s most famous forum for opinions, Mobil (and later Exxon Mobil) penned its corporate view in a premium, paid ad buy. Sure, I knew each mini-essay had a commercial intent, and looking back some seem to deny climate change, but even at just a quarter of a page, they were serious, well-written and somehow special in their surprising but relevant placement.

Ray-Ban And Coach Stage Big Comebacks On Better Products, Smarter Pricing
Everyone loves a comeback story, but they are notoriously rare in the apparel, luxury and fashion worlds. Of course, just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it can’t be done – just look at Coach and Ray-Ban, two of the most exciting comeback stories in luxury retail. As an investor, it’s worth understanding the why and how behind these returns to glory to know what it takes to bring a troubled brand back to life.

The New Rules For Consumer Brands In Developing Asia
By Mike Booker, Sebastien Lamy, Bruno Lannes and Nikhil Ojha

6 (OK, 7) Big Data and Analytics Learning Resources That Business People Can Understand
If you like Moneyball-style sports statistics, you’ll like these resources to learn how analytics applies to other kinds of business.

Research Shows Marketing Personalization Misses The Mark
This article is by Ernan Roman, president of ERDM, author of VoC Marketing and an expert on CX innovation.

The Ghost Of The Unexpected: A CMO Embraces A Mid-Career Pivot
I’ve gone from being a one-brand manager to juggling many—I may be speaking to the head of communications at a beverage brand one day, and the head of marketing at a technology company the next. I can’t help reflecting on the journey that brought me here.

Men are finding the magic in Axe’s new campaign
Axe’s new “Find Your Magic” campaign from 72andSunny has taken a giant leap away from chick-magnets bros, to quirky men just being themselves. And men seem to appreciate the relaxed new messaging. Both Purchase Consideration and Ad Awareness measured by YouGov BrandIndex have shown a lift since the campaign launched early in January.

From Engineer To CMO: Why STEM Backgrounds Are Hot In Tech Marketing
I?ve interviewed a few tech CMOs lately and noticed that most have an engineering or computer science background. This is contrary to the dozens I?ve interviewed for other industries (retailing, CPG, financial services, entertainment, etc.). To better understand the transition from engineer to CMO, I interviewed Robin Saitz, the CMO of Brainshark, a B2B company that provides sales enablement solutions to thousands of companies.

The Game Is Changing: How To Build Your SEO In 2016
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element to every brand’s success. Without remaining at the top of search engine results, taking precedence over the competition and being able to connect with your audience on more platforms, your brand is likely to take a backseat in its respective industry. Something that brands used to steer clear from due to relevancy in search results is long-tail keywords, which has changed for 2016. This is a key factor in increasing conversion numbers and accurate search results.

Four Reasons Why Team-Building Exercises Can Actually Damage Your Workplace
For some employees, work team-building exercises are about feats of human endurance, group problem-solving activities or outdoors pursuits aimed at lifting spirits and fostering a team spirit.

What Do You Need To Think About When Crafting A Marketing Campaign?
Look at every successful marketing campaign and you will see that every single one of them had the same things in common. It didn’t mean that they all did the same things. It means that they all operated on the same principles. Content marketing today is the heart of every marketing campaign, with 93% of all businesses partaking in it. But the success of content marketing is all in the preparation.

This Brand Has A Need For Speed, Literally
Those that know me know that I am, among many things – naturally curious when it comes to the world of marketing, advertising and branding. I am also a huge fan of pop culture and sports and love when I can combine my natural curiosity of marketing, advertising and branding with the former or the latter – or even both.

The 101 Of Marketing On Instagram
Instagram requires more than just posting a photo or sharing an image and waiting for results. Businesses have to be more tactical in their delivery of posts in order to successfully meet post intention goals. There are right and wrong ways to use Instagram, with the most important elements touched on below.

If You’re a Startup CEO That Knows Nothing About Public Relations, Read This
Mr. Startup CEO, have you talked to the press before? Have you called a journalist and demanded they write a story about your company? Did panic grip your soul as you sputtered out your startup’s pitch?

How to Analyze Organic Click Through Rate Data To Boost SEO
This article was co-authored with Joe Arduini, SEO Manager at Internet Marketing Inc.

Four Lessons Every Business Leader Needs To Know To Connect With Millennial Employees
Is it any coincidence that the most loved consumer brands are also on millennial employees’ list of favorite places to work? And note that many of the companies that are the most-loved consumer brands have sustained economic returns to shareholders that far exceed their peers, too! What is the secret? Company leadership that understands how to bypass generational differences in the workplace and create a shared culture that crosses boundaries.

Outbrain Or Outbane: How To Distribute Your Content For Free
What’s perhaps worse than orphaning your content by doing nothing is fobbing them off on your rich uncle–the content distribution network.

America’s 10 Highest-Paid Marketing Executives

How To Get The Best From An Outside Marketing Consultant
When does it make the most sense for a marketer to bring in an outside consultant for independent insight?

Pods Aren’t Just for Whales — Scaling a SaaS Sales Team
The distribution build-out is probably where more venture capital (usually Series A and even sometimes Series B) gets consumed (and often wasted) than anywhere else.  My blog “How Not To Blow Your Capital on the Distribution Build-out” dives into that question in some depth, as well as how to know when it’s time to start scaling in earnest. Once it is the right time to crank up sales, though, there are several approaches one can take. For SaaS companies, the one I favor is the “sales pod” approach.

The World’s 50 Most Sustainable Companies 2016

Olam Connects With Cocoa Farmers
Nearly three-quarters of the world’s 4 million metric ton annual cocoa bean crop is grown in West Africa, where farmers often must overcome challenges accessing clean water, health services and even education as they struggle to eek out livings on small parcels of land. (The average cocoa farm is just under 5 acres, or about 2 city blocks.)

How Private Equity Firms Intend On Raising Capital
Critical to the success of private equity firms is their ability to raise capital. A Grant Thornton research study of 162 middle-market private equity firms found that two-thirds of them are looking to raise investment monies in the next two years. The majority of those surveyed expect the process to be somewhat or very difficult, while nearly 40 percent anticipate the process to be fairly easy.

3 of the Best Accelerators: Different Business Models and Sectors — Sephora, RGA and SKU
There has been a dramatic increase in the number and types of accelerators. Here are a few of the best: R/GA, SKU and Sephora and how they differ.

2016 30 Under 30: Marketing & Advertising

How Far Should You Push The Element Of Surprise In PR?
When is pushing the limits a good thing for your brand and business, and how do you know if you?ve taken the idea too far?

2015 Most Effective Marketers In North America

In Praise Of Advertising’s Trojan Horses
Advertising ideas are like Trojan Horses used to smuggle a sales pitch past the reader’s defenses.

Why Marketers Should Focus More On Returning Customers
Research from Forbes contributor Jerry Jao revealed that as recently as 2012, building customer loyalty was one of the lowest priorities for marketers. Today, that’s all changed. The playing field has changed because people are finally waking up to the importance of making previous customers come back for more. It’s how the most powerful brands in the world are built.

How Small Businesses Can Tackle Content Marketing
If this is your first time reading my column, or reading anything on marketing, you might be shocked to hear that content marketing has become quite a big thing as of late. For everyone else who is well aware of this fact, I’m glad to have you on board. Are you ready to learn the strategies that will allow any company, yes even the small ones, to have a content marketing campaign that will bring a tear to your eye?

The Wild Wild West: Three Industries Ready For Marketing Disruption
Marketing disruption occurs when a product or service is influenced by new technologies and methods to perform. The disruption causes a change in a market’s mood to change consumer perception in correspondence with new practices. Industries must evolve at faster paces to keep up with consumer demand and provide a product or service that meets the expectations of the market. The technology industry, for example, is constantly disrupted with new products and services being introduced regularly. Today, I will cover three of the industries that are ready for marketing disruption.

New Expedia Advertising Uses Technology To Bring Travel Destinations To Sick Children
Expedia is a travel company. They want you to book your next trip with them. That’s their agenda. But this new film/stunt from Expedia called “Dream Adventures” in partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does not ask you for your business. In fact, it gives us reason to believe that the brand is bigger than the transaction. And in the process makes us want to book our next trip with Expedia.

Social Media’s Biggest Turn Offs

Startup Hiring: What To Do When A New Hire Has Questionable Content On Social Media
The first thing on everyone’s mind is “What does it have to do with you?” Many would agree that what an employee does at home is nothing to do with an employer. But suspicious content on social media can tell you a lot about a candidate, such as how reliable they are and whether their resume is telling the truth.

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