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Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange shortly after the opening bell in New York April 12, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Here is the latest Business News from CBS News.

​A final checklist for last-minute tax filers
Attention tax-time procrastinators, these tips will help you avoid mistakes as you race to file by April 18

What to expect with summer gas prices
The U.S. Energy Information Administration sees a 14-cent drop, but consumers expect the current price surge to continue

IMF sees global economy slowing, and other MoneyWatch headlines
Slower growth predicted for global economy; TD Bank’s ‘penny arcades’ have a miscount problem; Saudi Arabia’s credit rating gets hit, and more headlines from MoneyWatch

Starbucks in hot water over changes in loyalty program
Customers are steamed and shares decline as one analyst speculates that it will hit the coffee chain’s traffic

​Israeli health minister: Boycott McDonald’s
He tells a cardiologists’ meeting that the burger chain is “out” and urges educating kids not to eat junk food

​Wall Street’s Tuesday is its best day in weeks
All three major indexes closed nearly 1 percent higher, as oil prices rallied again on hopes of an OPEC-Russia deal

​Clean air advocates sue the EPA over airliner emissions
A coalition accuses the agency of “foot dragging” over setting limits that would reduce pollution from aircraft

Why Goldman Sachs settlement is a slap on the tentacle
Bank once dubbed the “vampire squid” will pay $5 billion after conceding it misled investors — does punishment fit the fraud?

How rude! Words to avoid when sending email
Certain words and punctuation marks may not come across the way you intended

Deutsche Bank says “nein” to North Carolina LGBT law
As backlash grows, Germany’s largest lender opts out of an expansion plan that would have created jobs in the state

​Why the American Dream may be withering in some cities
Poor families living in expensive locations like New York City may be mortgaging their futures

Goldman Sachs pays up; Tesla recalls Model X
Goldman Sachs pays up; Tesla recalls Model X Goldman Sachs will pay upward of $5 billion for deceptive mortgage practices

Bank pulls coin counters after accuracy is questioned
Recent reports indicated that some coin counts at TD Bank were miscalculated by nearly $50

Some pickups perform poorly in new IIHS crash tests
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested many 2016 pickups in a key type of frontal crash tests

How Trump’s “recession-proof” supplement venture failed
The Trump Network relied on participants to sell health supplements and other products, person to person

Global stock markets mixed ahead of earnings reports
Futures showed that Wall Street was set for a tepid start: Dow futures were flat, while S&P futures slipped 0.3 percent

Weak oil prices prompt Fitch to cut Saudi Arabia’s rating
Ratings agency also kept its outlook view on the country at “negative,” which means that another downgrade is possible

​Ortho to phase out chemicals that may be killing bees
These “neonics” have been linked to the decline in bee populations, which threatens food dependent on pollination

​SUVs power China’s auto sales 10 percent higher
That demand more than made up for some slippage in car sales in the world’s largest auto market

​Greece and creditors hit pause in their bailout talks
Citing no new deal but some progress, the negotiators will take a break before picking up again next week

IMF: Global economy is losing steam
International lender pares its forecast for U.S. and global growth, while warning of mounting financial and political risks

Donald Trump’s fuzzy deficit-cutting math
The GOP front-runner’s proposals to eliminate the federal budget gap in eight years have numbers that don’t add up

​Which stock to buy now, Pfizer or Allergan?
Actually, a good argument can be made for buying both because each company is strong with good future prospects

Investors to McDonald’s, Domino’s: Cut the antibotics
A $1 trillion coalition warns several fast-food chains about mounting health risks from overuse of antibiotics in food

​Priced out of Obamacare, some opt for short-term plans
Tens of thousands of consumers are saving money with limited coverage, even with paying a hefty penalty at tax time

The safest pickup on the road
After insurance watchdog added a tough crash test, just one truck among Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Ram got a top rating

A checking account that pays 5 percent interest
A new survey also finds 21 banks paying more than 2 percent, but most make you meet several requirements

​Verizon and unions in looming strike showdown
Workers threaten to walk out Wednesday if a new contract, which they’ve been without since August, isn’t reached

Inside the $5.1B Goldman Sachs subprime mortgage settlement
No one is going to jail, and approximately half of the settlement is tax deductible — meaning Goldman Sachs will be getting a tax break that could shave about a billion dollars off the total

Iran says Boeing offered aircraft on Tehran trip
But the Chicago-based manufacturer declined to discuss specifics about the two-day visit, the first by Boeing officials in decades

Florida man upset over message left on Starbucks cup
Starbucks customer ordered a grande cup of white mocha, but he got more than he bargained for — and was not amused

Insurer UnitedHealth starts pruning ACA exchange business
Analysts say move by nation’s biggest health insurer should not be seen as an early warning that a mass exodus is brewing

Tesla recalls thousands of Model X SUVs
Electric car maker found that some seats in the gull-winged vehicle can snap forward in a crash

Daily Mail mulls possible bid for Yahoo
Despite its many challenges, the Internet media company has many attractive assets and popular properties

Goldman Sachs reaches $5.1 billion mortgage settlement
Goldman Sachs will have to write a big check for deceptive subprime-mortgage practices; Wall Street prepares for bad earnings news; and Americans waste more than a third of their food

One big reason some Americans live longer than others
The top one percent has a major advantage in life expectancy, but there are factors besides money that matter, too

​Lew: Retreat from global economic stage would be mistake
Said Americans have reaped significant benefits from the international architecture put in place after World War II

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