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BP may cut back further as profits slump 80%

Here is the latest Business News from CNN Money.

There is a skateboard in this car’s bumper Audi’s latest concept car, based on its Q3 model, features an electric longboard that is stored in the rear bumper of the vehicle.

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open Read full story for latest details.

With these gadgets, you’ll never need an alarm clock Read full story for latest details.  Popular: Guns in America | Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World

Can the L.A. Times survive Gannett? Read full story for latest details.  Recent podcasts: Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Guns in America | Radical Islam in America

Redskins ask Supreme Court to hear trademark case The Washington Redskins are asking the Supreme Court to hear its case surrounding whether or not the team can trademark its controversial name.

Mike Tirico, veteran sportscaster, leaving ESPN Mike Tirico, a veteran ESPN sportscaster, is leaving the network for NBC after 25 years.

TSA finds record number of guns in carry-on bags Guns were confiscated by TSA agents at record-breaking levels last week.  Recent podcasts: Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Guns in America | Radical Islam in America

Kelly Ripa gets a personal apology from ABC execs Top executives at Disney and ABC have personally apologized to Kelly Ripa for last week’s bungled announcement about the departure of her co-host Michael Strahan.

Tom Brady’s suspension will cost him only $235K Tom Brady was set to lose $1.9 million in pay with a four-game suspension last season for the deflategate scandal. But while he battled the sentence in court, he renegotiated his contract. Now, the suspension could cost a whole lot less.

Megyn Kelly lands Donald Trump interview Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has agreed to a sit-down interview with Megyn Kelly that will air during a Fox special on May 17.

Giant cable merger cleared by regulators The FCC and the Department of Justice approved Charter Communications’ $78 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable and its $10.4 billion purchase of Bright House Networks.

1M watched pirated copies of Thrones premiere Read full story for latest details.

Erin Andrews settles stalker lawsuit with hotel Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews has settled her lawsuit against the hotel owner that allowed a stalker to secretly film nude videos of her.

Ecto Cooler is coming back for new ‘Ghostbusters’ Coca Cola is bringing back Hi-C Ecto Cooler to accompany ‘Ghostbusters’ launch.

Beyoncé isn’t going to save Twitter Even though Twitter is often the first place that celebrities and their fans go to discuss big events, it’s still is fighting an uphill battle on Wall Street. Investors are unconvinced that Twitter can get user growth back on track.

Saudi Arabia’s growth plan: 0% income tax  Despite plunging oil revenues, Saudi Arabia is not planning to tax income or basic goods any time soon.

Environmentalists win big over fracking pipeline  New York State rejected the proposed Constitution Pipeline amid pressure from anti-fracking activists over worries about how the natural gas pipeline would impact the environment.

Vanity Fair tweaks Trump — right on its cover Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has a message for his nemesis Donald Trump. And it’s printed right on the cover of the May issue.

You can open a Goldman Sachs account with $1 Goldman Sachs has gotten into the online banking world and customers only need a $1 to open an account.

America’s part-time workforce is huge There are 6 million part-time workers who want full-time jobs, a historically high number that hasn’t budged since September.   Popular: Guns in America | Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World

Cash is flooding into emerging markets After years of investors pulling out, money has been flowing back into emerging markets this year amid a few improved factors.

Who gets Prince’s millions? It’s not yet known if Prince had a will — and who will inherit his multimillion-dollar estate.

Apple about to report its worst quarter  Apple is about to announce that it had its worst quarter in 13 years, reporting sinking earnings and sales on the back of lousy iPhone demand.

Is Julián Castro the Great Latino Hope? Read full story for latest details.

Costco could hike its membership fee Read full story for latest details.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans flock to viewing parties Read full story for latest details.

Kelly Ripa will be back on Tuesday. What will she say? Read full story for latest details.

Prince George’s bathrobe has sold out Read full story for latest details.

Why Mercedes isn’t worried about China Read full story for latest details.

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ is now on iTunes Beyonce fans who don’t have subscriptions to her husband’s streaming music service Tidal can take heart. “Lemonade” is expected to be offered for sale via Apple at midnight on Sunday.  Recent podcasts: Sanders Demands Clinton Apologize | Guns in America | Radical Islam in America

Bangladesh Bank heist gang could strike again Security researchers have urged global banks to tighten their network defenses following the discovery of malware that helped hackers steal $101 million from Bangladesh Bank.

‘Saturday Night Live’ to cut ads by 30% next season “Saturday Night Live” is cutting two commercial breaks from its broadcast next season, according to NBC. That’s about 30% of ads on the sketch show.

The startup helping low-income students see the world Learning Afar gives low-income students the chance to travel abroad, building community and inspiring them to broaden their horizons.

Gannett offers $815M to buy LA Times & Tribune Gannett wants to buy fellow newspaper owner Tribune Publishing. On Monday, Gannett went public with a bid, saying its initially private entreaties had been rebuffed.

Yes, China has won big from U.S. trade Read full story for latest details.

He is NFL’s top player in merchandise sales Read full story for latest details.

Why Tallahassee built a ‘table’ that served 400 people Read full story for latest details.  Podcast favorites: Bernie gets the Axe | Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes GOP Leader

Koch: System is ‘rigged’ in favor of wealthy Read full story for latest details.

Saudi Arabia trying to break oil addiction Read full story for latest details.

Warren Buffett is beating the market again Berkshire Hathaway shareholders should be in a good mood at the company’s annual meeting in Omaha this weekend. Here are 5 key things they’ll hope to hear about from Warren Buffett.

Kelly Ripa M.I.A. after Michael Strahan says he’s leaving Is Kelly Ripa protesting Disney’s treatment of her talk show? After the news, Ripa was absent from Wednesday’s “Live.”

The world is becoming ‘paranoid’ about the media The 2016 World Press Freedom Index shows that world leaders are cracking down on the press’ freedom.

Visa moves to speed up chip card transactions Visa says new software will allow consumers to check out with chip cards as fast as swiping a card with magnetic strip.

U.S. officials think Brexit is a terrible idea Read full story for latest details.

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