Markets: Latest Financial Topics from The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen holds a press conference following the two-day Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting in Washington March 16, 2016.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Here is the latest Market News from The Wall Street Journal.

What Makes the Difference for Ping An Insurance
Ping An Insurance, China’s second-largest insurer, is beating its rivals. But the outperformance may only be fleeting.

Facebook: Why This Tech Giant Is Different
Even amid high expectations, Facebook still offers a lot to like ahead of Wednesday’s quarterly results.

Why Apple Is Hung Up on iPhone’s Weakness
The continued iPhone slump will take some spring out of Apple’s stock.

Banks Are Falling Back in Love With Mortgages
U.S. banks are making more mortgage loans, and keeping the biggest mortgages on their books.

BP: Are Investors Already Banking on a Cash Flow Recovery?
BP’s cash flows showed some signs of improvement in the first quarter. But that isn’t enough to get excited about just yet.

Why Oil Isn’t Everything for Standard Chartered
The emerging markets bank is cleaning up its books, but has lost a lot of revenues permanently.

Saudi Aramco: The Oil Giant’s Known Unknowns
Saudi Aramco would be a must-own investment as the world’s largest listed company but its sale carries both risks and even negative implications for oil prices.

Oil Fallout: Husky’s Relief Comes at Somebody Else’s Expense
Husky Energy’s deal to sell assets to sibling companies also controlled by Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing leaves some investors without a say.

Why China Will Struggle to Turn Toxic Loans Into Beautiful Bonds
China’s latest program to clean up bad loans—securitizing toxic assets into bonds—faces serious challenges.

Cheap Oil Doesn’t Light Fire for Big Japanese Utility
Osaka Gas’s role as an energy investor, rather than user, leaves it exposed to oil prices.

Chipotle Deserves Another Chance
Chipotle’s shares have fallen too far following E. coli and other health-related incidents; why the stock is due for a rebound.

Perrigo’s Pain Isn’t Just About Valeant
Perrigo’s guidance cut should be a concern for investors throughout the generic drug industry.

Tribune-Gannett Deal: Cash Is the Best Paper
Tribune Publishing shareholders should welcome a Gannett takeover.

Global Bond Yields: Still Too Low for Comfort
Fears about the global economy have receded. So why are bond yields still so low?

Big Pharma Gets Solace From Europe
Are the transatlantic tables turning in the pharmaceuticals industry? Switzerland’s Novartis says it is seeing faster uptake of heart-failure drug Entresto in Europe than in the U.S.

For Apple, the Upside of Worry
High expectations aren’t always helpful to Apple. Low expectations just might be.

Too Big to Fail? So What, Say Bank Depositors
The biggest U.S. banks continued to gain deposits in the first quarter.

The Fed Fights the Tape Over Interest Rates
Despite the Federal Reserve’s protests to the contrary, the market remains unconvinced a rate increase is coming.

Why Mitsubishi Motors’ Crash Assessment Doesn’t Look Good
Mitsubishi’s shares haven’t really become a bargain—even under the generous scenario that the scandal is contained to what the company has so far outlined.

Oil Pressure: Baker Hughes Has Appeal Even if Halliburton Deal Fails
The merger agreement for Halliburton and Baker Hughes expires in a week. With the deal hanging by a thread, investors should look for longer-term upside in Baker Hughes.

Valeant’s Makeover Is Just Beginning
Valeant’s big move to replace outgoing CEO Michael Pearson has won the stock a well-deserved rally. The road won’t get easier.

Everyone Wants a Pay Rise — Except Investors
The price for strong bond and stock markets may be anemic wage growth.

Google’s Earnings Missed: Why You Shouldn’t Worry
Google parent Alphabet has a history of falling short of Wall Street expectations. What is happening with the business is more important

GM’s Rodney Dangerfield Moment
GM investor gloom persists despite strong earnings. That presents an opportunity

Caterpillar Won’t Emerge From Cocoon Yet
Investors betting the worst is over for Caterpillar may want to think again.

Why Viacom’s Dish Deal Has Investors Cheering
Viacom’s deal with Dish removes a major overhang for its shares.

Why This Reinsurer Looks More Reliable in Tough Times
Munich Re has more capital and less risk, which should help protect its ability to return cash to shareholders.

ECB Corporate Bond Buying: Size Will Matter
The ECB is looming over the eurozone corporate bond market. Investors face a competitor with deep pockets.

Negative Rates and Patches of Trouble for Japanese Insurers
Insurers’ menacing realities began bubbling below the surface before negative rates came to be.

How Microsoft Is Reclaiming Its Former Glory
As Microsoft’s stock approaches its record, Thursday’s earnings report could help the rally maintain its momentum.

Oil Shocker: Bulging Inventory Beats Scary Headlines
Oil price shocks need to be huge to have similar price impact to those of yesteryear given a big rise in global crude inventory.

Zeroing In on the Allure of a $1 Billion Sales Target
When a big round sales number beckons, companies go overboard to meet it. What happens next is a concern for investors.

Iron-Ore Cuts Don’t Herald Price Salvation
Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton have cut their guidance for iron-ore production. That doesn’t signal a meaningful shift in strategy.

Lexmark Shareholders Clear Paper Jam With China Deal
For Lexmark shareholders, a bid from Chinese Apex Technologies is a timely deliverance after a rough ride.

Why Mitsubishi Motors’ Fuel-Economy Problems Won’t Clear Quickly
If Volkswagen is a model, investors shouldn’t place much hope in a quick restart for Mitsubishi Motors.

Banks: Look Out for the Brexit Relief Rally
Banks like Lloyds Banking Group and Virgin Money have strong defensive qualities, but are weighed down by risk posed by the European referendum.

Playtime Is Over for Mattel Investors
Mattel shares appear to be priced nearly for perfection ahead of Wednesday’s quarterly results.

Netflix’s Earnings Flop: The Show That Really Matters
Investors have switched their focus to Netflix’s international growth. But the U.S. is the place to watch.

The Very Good News In Goldman Sachs’s Bad Earnings Report
Goldman Sachs had a lousy first quarter. But Wall Street isn’t as troubled as it seems

UnitedHealth: Who Needs Obamacare?
As investors hoped, UnitedHealth signals its ACA woes are behind it.

Why Investors Are Listening for Helicopters at Central Banks
The helicopter money debate is a sign of the lack of faith in the global response to the financial crisis.

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