Is Hillary Clinton finding it difficult?

The U.S. Presidential race is becoming a two-horse race with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clearly taking the lead over Bernie Sanders. Conventional wisdom forces us to believe that Clinton would be the favorite, but the same conventional wisdom struggles to explain Trump’s path.

Trump is completely new to American politics and a rank amateur who, rather than jumping through media hoops, says what he wants — a man who simply defies political correctness and says what he feels he must, even if it irritates countless people within and outside the United States.

Trump is turning into a mainstream Republican with a message that, at times, suggests him to be a champion of the working class. It remains to be seen, however, if he is able to replicate his primary season success. That will depend on his ability to convince voters that underneath the character he has put on show, he is a shrewd businessman and, as a consequence, persuade the Republicans that they chose the right man for the job.

The prospect of all this should worry Clinton as the former First Lady embarks on a monumental effort to get the Obama coalition behind her. Hillary has millions of admirers, but millions of others think that she stands for nothing. Her point of views on the Iraq war, trade, crime, and minimum wage have been unconvincing to say the least. She will raise a ton of money to dampen the effect of Trump, but will it actually help her drive to gain more traction?

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One should not put a lot of faith into early head-to-head polling, since the American public has only just started considering the choices that are on show. However, there is one particular poll that helps Hillary case by giving her an edge over her adversary by 54 percent to 41 percent. But, then again, the same voters trust Trump more than they do Clinton when it comes to the economy.

Economics is the issue, where Hillary has not offered much except the same rhetoric that has been visible during Obama’s tenure. What’s shocking is that she has also not taken any clues from Bill Clinton and how he went about his job during the 90s.

Trump, on the other hand, has been talking about creating jobs from day one, and the public clearly believes that he means it.

Trump has put forth a strong case, and Clinton clearly needs to fight him on the turf he calls his own — something no one has done yet. Rather than simply billing herself to be a champion for women and children, Clinton needs to fight for the votes of men.

Although Bernie Sanders is struggling, he is clearly making it hard for Clinton, who has to fend him off on an almost regular basis. Trump, on the other hand, has no such problems and is completely focused on Clinton. In the past few weeks, the landscape has changed. While Trump faces a unique insurgency within his party, Clinton has no such issues, and she should take advantage of the support she has garnered from a large portion of her party.

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