Hillary Clinton throws caution to the wind

Democrat candidate for US presidency, Hillary Clinton has continued her verbal assault on Donald Trump by questioning the business tycoon’s ideas of running the country and has warned that the coming weeks represent a crucial period. She has also said that if Mr. Trump is not challenged, he will tone down his statements in a bid to broaden his support.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand, says that polls suggest that Mrs. Clinton has a dangerously high percentage of people who don’t agree with her and also questioned whether the American populace will pick the lesser of two evils if given a choice between her and Mr. Trump.

And while she’s tackling Mr. Sanders’s unwavering critique, Clinton feels that it was more important for her to confront Mr. Trump right now rather than leave it for later, else he is going to change his tune in a bid to become more appealing to the Republican primary electorate.

“I do not want Americans and, you know, good-thinking Republicans, as well as Democrats and independents, to start to believe that this is a normal candidacy,” Mrs. Clinton said of Mr. Trump’s campaign on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

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While admitting that Trump has a host of Republicans backing him, Hillary feels that over the course of the campaign, Trump’s inexperience will be out in the open before going on to state that he has no idea how to make America great again and that his rhetoric is hollow at best.

In recent days, there has been a lot of talk about Trump’s failure to release his tax returns and Hillary Clinton says that she’s very much open to the idea of considering business leaders as her running mates.

“Businesspeople, especially successful businesspeople, who are really successful — as opposed to pretend successful — I think, have a lot to offer,” said Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton’s recent intensity when it comes to being critical of Trump’s motives and shortcomings comes after a recent poll showed that the two are neck and neck among registered voters in a general election matchup. Voters have formed unfavorable opinions of the two.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has vowed to fight all the way to the Democratic convention in July and believes that polls clearly indicate that he will fare way better than Mrs. Clinton against Trump. Sanders has also complained that the Democratic super delegates rushed into making a decision when they threw their support to Mrs. Clinton before he had even entered the race.

“I ask those super delegates to take a look at which candidate is the stronger to defeat Donald Trump,” Mr. Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I don’t want to see the American people voting for the lesser of two evils.”

When asked if he saw Clinton as the lesser of the two evils, Sanders chose to go for a diplomatic response by stating that her unfavorable ratings point to the fact that she’s seen as a lesser of the two evils by most Americans.

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