Trump makes a few admissions on the late-night talk show

During an interview with late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Republican candidate, Donald Trump admitted that he has used aliases in the past.

Two weeks after categorically denying that he ever pretended to be a publicist named John Miller or John Barron in promoting his business affairs with media, Trump admitted that he has been using pseudonyms over the last few years and revealed that he used the name Barron as his son’s has the same first name.

The Republican nominee has already admitted under oath that he used aliases and was pretty infamous for that during the 1980s. However, he says that he hasn’t done any such thing earlier this month in the wake of the emergence of an audio where Trump is posing as “John Miller” in a 1991 interview with a reporter from the People magazine.

Trump still denied to Kimmel that it was his voice in the audio, first published by the Washington Post, saying “to me that didn’t sound like my voice”. However, shortly after the 1991 interview to People, he had admitted it was him, claiming it was “a joke gone awry”.

Meanwhile, Trump’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Was more or less a solo one after R&B singer The Weeknd and rapper Belly cancelled their performances in protest to Trump’s appearance.

Belly, a Canadian-Palestinian rapper said that he chose to pull the plug on his appearance because he did not want to share the stage with Trump.

“I feel like the way I was raised was to be able to see through all the titles in this world from religion to race,” Belly said in a statement. “I just didn’t want to feel like I was a part of a celebration for somebody who has beliefs that majority of us don’t agree with.”

Ever since he became a Republican nominee, Trump has taken a lot of heat from all corners of the globe for his disparaging comments on topics including, Mexican workers, refugees, immigrants and Muslims.

However, no party involved in Wednesday’s show has chosen to come forward with a comment regarding the recent turn of events.

“I’m here on a campaign of positivity and love and to contribute what I can to music,” Belly said. “I create songs people go to sleep and wake up to, songs that they fall in love to. For me, being Muslim and being somebody that appreciates my access here in America, I love the fact that I’m able to be here. To play my part in this business is a privilege and a beautiful thing. The fact that I could lose that ability through the actions of someone such as Donald Trump isn’t right to me. At all.”

Meanwhile, Trump told Kimmel that he was not sure about the best approach towards transgendered bathrooms, a growing controversy in recent weeks. However, the Republican candidate said that he will be supporting what the states decide before further adding that he was hopeful that everyone will make the right decision when the time comes.

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