Trump and Clinton enjoy equal unpopularity

According to the latest Franklin Pierce University and Boston Herald poll, presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are deadlocked in New Hampshire but two thirds of likely voters say that they don’t like either one of them.

With both candidates getting 44 percent of the vote in a general election matchup, but only a small portion of voters have taken a favorable view of the two likely presidential nominees.

The recently published poll should be a cause of concern among Democrats who have relied on New Hampshire’s four electoral votes in the past three elections. In the primary, Clinton was bested by Senator Bernie Sanders and is now looking very vulnerable against the highly controversial Trump.

Moreover, the new poll will further encourage Sanders’ supporters to say that he would be a stronger and more viable candidate against Trump.

The fact that Clinton is not enjoying a lot of popularity in the Granite State, means that Republicans could have a clear shot at making an assault at a place where they hold only one major statewide office.

According to the Franklin Pierce/Herald poll, only 35 percent of likely New Hampshire voters are in favor of the former secretary of state while 61 percent have unfavorable views of her.

However, Trump isn’t doing that well either with the outspoken candidate enjoying only 34 percent of a positive view of him from likely voters while 62 percent have not been impressed by him.

The poll of 405 likely New Hampshire voters was conducted between May 25 and 28 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.


Bernie Sanders on the other hand, is enjoying far more popularity in New Hampshire as opposed to the likes of Clinton and Trump, with 56 percent of likely voters viewing him in a positive light and only 34 percent having an unfavorable opinion of him.

Despite a seemingly insurmountable delegate advantage, 65 percent of Granite State Democrats believe that Sanders should stay in the race against Clinton.

Moreover, the poll also highlights the dissatisfaction of voters with the presidential choice. Both Democrats and Republicans voters are not happy with the presidential choice with almost one-third of likely voters saying that despite usually voting Democratic, they are not committed to that any longer and are not happy with Clinton. Same is the case with voters who usually back Republican who say that they are not happy with Trump.

Independent voters on the other hand, are even more unhappy with both candidates with 23 percent not committing to either of the two and are instead waiting to see if a third-party candidate throws in their hat in the race.

There’s also a wide gender gap visible in the Franklin Pierce/Herald poll, with Trump beating Clinton among men 55-35 percent, while Clinton besting Trump among women 54-32 percent.

It is becoming quite clear that thanks to the unhappiness of likely voters with both candidates, the race in New Hampshire is going to be a very heated one.

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