Good News: It’s Possible to Recover From Depression


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Good News: It’s Possible to Recover From Depression
According to a new study, depression not only can get better, it can also completely go away for more than a third of patients.

This Is Why the Average Pregnant Woman Gains 30 Pounds
Weight gain is a natural—and necessary—part of pregnancy. But it’s also a little confusing. If the average baby weighs 7.5 pounds at birth, why don’t we gain that amount?

Scientists: If a Celebrity Endorses a Food Product, It’s Probably Unhealthy
A new study found that celebrities only tend to endorse foods that are unhealthy.

9 Summer Beauty Foods For No-Makeup-Needed Skin
If the summer temps are taking a toll on more than your natural deodorant supply—and starting to affect your skin with no-fun breakouts and heat-related rashes—you might want want these cooling, summer beauty foods in your crisper.

Women Are Twice as Likely as Men to Develop Anxiety: Here’s Why
“I wish I was more anxious,” said no one, ever. But anxiety happens—and, according to new research, it happens to women way more than it does to men.

Is “Dead Vagina Syndrome” a Real Thing?
Dead Vagina Syndrome claims that using your vibrator too much will desensitize your vagina. Does this have any scientific basis, though?

Here’s How Birth Control Can Affect Your Skin
According to a new study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, some birth control methods help clear up acne, but others can actually make it worse.

Scientists: Zika Virus Might Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex and Deep Kissing
According to a new report, Zika virus may be transmitted by oral sex and deep kissing. Here’s what you need to know.

Does What You Eat Affect How Your Vagina Smells and Tastes?
You’ve probably heard at some point that what you eat can have an impact on how your vagina smells and tastes. But is there any legitimacy to this claim?

Why You Should Time Quitting Smoking with Your Cycle
According to a new study, one way to make the process of quitting smoking less difficult may be to time your efforts for the right point in your menstrual cycle.

Are Two Breakfasts Better Than One?
Calling all breakfast fans: According to new research, eating breakfast twice may actually be really good for you.

Here’s How Long You Have to Wait to Have Sex After Having a Baby
You have to wait a little while to have sex after having a baby. Doctors weigh in on how long is best.

Why You Should Give In to Food Cravings
Instead of fighting them off (and probably feeling miserable in the process), experts say you should give in to food cravings—and enjoy every bite.

Here’s the 411 On Continuous Birth Control
Continuous birth control is gaining popularity. But what is it, exactly? A doctor explains.

Are Hidden Allergies Affecting Your Health?
You can have allergies and not even know it. One doctor breaks them down, plus how to find out if you have hidden allergies.

How to Keep Your Workout Motivation from Dying Down
New data from the anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper shows that we’re pretty terrible at sustaining our motivation to exercise as time goes on.

Watch As This Baby Wiggles His Own Way Out Of His Mom During A ‘Natural C-Section’ Birth
Natural C-sections are a thing now. Here’s what they entail and why doctors aren’t so sure about them.

Do You Have Dormant Butt Syndrome?
Seriously, Dormant Butt Syndrome is a thing—and it’s more common than you’d think.

3 ModelFit Moves To Get You Ready For Crop Top Season
ModelFit is the latest workout trend—and it has a slew of famous fans like Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. Here are a few moves to try.

Why This Viral Chili Pepper/Tampon Prank Is So Terrible
Prankster Brad Holmes rubbed a chili pepper on his girlfriend’s vagina and then filmed her reaction. Here’s what you should do if anything like this happens to you.

Here’s What Your Profile Picture Says About Your Personality
A new study looked at Twitter users’ profile pictures to figure out what the images said about the account holder’s personality.

A Bunch of Ob/Gyn Devices Probably Shouldn’t Have Gotten FDA Approval
Here’s something scary: According to a new study in Obstetrics and Gynecology, many of the women’s health devices that the FDA has approved for ob/gyn use are not proven to be safe.

These Are the Healthiest U.S. Cities to Live In
If you’re looking to make a move and improve your health in the process, a new American College of Sports Medicine report that determined the healthiest cities in America could help you decide where to go.

How to Tell If You Have a Yeast Infection
Experts say we’re actually reacting to yeast infections the wrong way. In fact, they say the only way to know if you’re actually dealing with a yeast infection is to visit your ob/gyn and get tested.

YES: Hangover Ice Cream Has Arrived
So, a new Korean ice cream bar is purporting to cure your hangovers.

How Many Pregnancy Tests Do You Need to Take?
Kim Kardashian recently took six pregnancy tests with her into a bathroom and recorded it on Snapchat. But how many pregnancy tests do you need to take? Experts weigh in.

Female Sterilization Is as Popular as The Pill
As you can probably guess, the most popular form of contraception is the pill, with nearly 26 percent of women who use birth control opting for that method. But here’s what’s less expected: Female sterilization comes in at a very close second.

Here’s Why Pregnant Women Have Such Weird Cravings
You’ve heard pregnant women can get weird cravings, but why does it happen? Experts weigh in.

Michelle Obama Announced New FDA Nutrition Labels
Michelle Obama announced some major FDA changes to nutrition labels yesterday, including a new requirement that lists added sugars. It’s the first time in more than 20 years that there have been revisions to the labels, and the changes—which should all be in place by July 26, 2019—are pretty significant.

Scientists: Public Swimming Pools Are Pretty Gross
According to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control, thousands of swimming pools are also doubling as cesspools, thanks to inadequate sanitary conditions.

Here’s How Long It Takes for Your Vagina to Go Back to Normal After Having a Baby
Childbirth isn’t easy on your lady bits. So how long does it take for your vagina to go back to normal? A while, unfortunately.

6 Women’s Hilarious Period Confessions
To figure out what people are saying about periods when they can hide behind anonymity, we looked at some of Whisper’s period-related data and confessions.

Why Your Vagina Swells (and What to Do About It)
Every once in a while your vagina can swell which, naturally, can be a freaky experience. Dealing with swollen lady bits? Here’s what you need to know.

Labella: The App That Spies On Your Vagina
A new app called Labella is offering to check up on your vagina for you, just to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Endometriosis Might Not Be As Bad for Fertility As We Thought
Endometriosis has been linked with infertility, but a new study found that more women with endometriosis are able to get pregnant than previously thought.

9 Causes of Low Sex Drive
To help you better understand what might be causing your low sex drive, we rounded up the various sex drive saboteurs you should know about.

The 7 Minute Workout
You can do this workout any time, anywhere.

Who Should Be in the Delivery Room?
When you’re pregnant, your life can be consumed by planning. And on top of welcoming the child into the world, many soon-to-be moms have another decision to stress over: who will be in the delivery room.

4 Genius Alternatives to Traditional Pads and Tampons
Tampons and pads aren’t the only ways to get your period under control. These period alternatives can also do the trick.

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