The 11 Craziest Summer Reddit Skin Care Tips That Actually Work


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The 11 Craziest Summer Reddit Skin Care Tips That Actually Work
When it comes to tips to fighting summer skin care woes like acne, oiliness, sweating, and chafing, we don’t mind doing things that are a little out there—as long as the tricks work. That’s why we scoured to find the moves users swear by and ran them by dermatologist to discover the ones that will keep your skin clear, glowing, smooth, clean-smelling, and happy throughout these steamy months. Here are the odd but effective tips we picked up from the site.

How to Pull Off J.Lo’s Perfect Summer Lipstick Color
The best summer lipstick-and-outfit idea in so long.

7 Easy Summer Hairstyles: Best Hairstyle Ideas for Summer 2016
Summer hairstyle ideas for short, curly, long, and straight hair.

Bella Hadid Just Debuted the Prettiest Platinum Pink Hair Color
Bella Hadid isn’t one to change her hair up very often, however, she just debuted the pretties blond and pink ombré shade.

13 Times Kardashians Have Talked About Hair Removal
Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall have all opened up about their body hair in interviews, on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and on social media. Here, they talk laser hair removal, waxing and shaving.

Does Kim Kardashian’s Weird Trick for Preventing Cellulite Actually Work? We Asked a Derm for Answers
Kim Kardashian’s latest beauty tip wasn’t her typical makeup hack, but rather her trick for preventing cellulite and skin from sagging on her body. Here’s Kardashian’s product recommendations for keeping her body skin wrinkle-free.

How Living in Paris Made Me Way Less Self-Conscious About Body Hair
Give your razor a rest.

Purple Hair Streaks, No Commitment? Here’s How!
How to get temporary purple hair without having to dye your hair.

How Christie Brinkley’s Hair Extensions Lifted My Teen’s Confidence
My 15 year-old daughter, Grace, has pop star hair. It’s long. It’s lush. It cascades over her shoulders in a glamorously nonchalant way. It’s really something to see, this hair. And oh, how I wish it were hers. But no. Most of it belongs to Christie Brinkley. You see, Grace has been rocking the supermodel’s clip-in hair extensions for months as her naturally thick and curly hair is “under construction.” (Her flatiron obsession caused her long hair to break off at an alarming rate. It was a bad time.) Grace’s devastation over her (unwanted) new bob got me into supercharged beauty expert mode. I hid all of the irons and handed her a package of Viviscal. I instructed her to use only super-hydrating shampoos and conditioners—Creme of Nature Natural Oil-Infused Hydrating Shampoo ($8.99,, followed by Pantene Cleansing Conditioner ($6.99, at drugstores), has been the best combo so far—and only I could blow her out. We’ve seen some improvement, but still. Her hair was short, barely brushing her collarbones. Her teenage and Latina desire for long hair was overwhelming. She complained. She cursed the hair gods. And she researched and researched. And just as she discovered hair extensions, she spotted

6 Inspiring Influencers Who Prove Beauty Is More Than Just Makeup
All month long we’re asking our 25 favorite influencers to share their 25 best beauty ideas for spring. Look out for the 25×25 logo here on Lipstick and on our social channels—@get_lipstick on Instagram and @glamourmag on Snapchat—for exclusive tips, tricks, tutorials, and interviews. Up next, an important movement that’s bigger than any one trend: The celebration of diversity and beauty inclusivity. Read on. The women behind the website, which emphasizes diversity and inclusivity within the world of personal style, know what they’re talking about. The mother-daughter duo (Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, respectively) are currently working on a documentary about and inspired by people of all ages, body types, and backgrounds. Everyone’s invited to this party. And while we’re always down for a new lip color or hairstyle idea, the message they’re sending is bigger than that. “Beauty is really vast,” says Mandelbaum. “It’s about your state of mind and owning your uniqueness—what makes you you, and not trying to be anybody that you’re not.” The beauty icons here are living proof of that. Freddie Harrel A photo posted by Fr�d�rique Harrel (@freddieharrel) on Mar 23, 2016 at 2:44am PDT It’s tough not to smile when you see

Why Hair and Makeup Are So Important to Me As a Deaf Woman
A writer shares how hair and makeup help her communicate with people.

Coping With Hair Loss During Chemotherapy
One writer shares what it was like to lose her hair during cancer treatments.

What Is Dry Cutting and What Does the Technique Do for Your Hair
One writer shares what dry cutting did to change her hair.

The Surprising Benefits of Having Pubic Hair
We asked doctors to weigh in on if it’s good for you to have pubic hair.

Sarah Hyland’s New Hair Color is Unexpectedly Gorgeous for Summer
The Modern Family star makes a big hair change

9 Awesome TV Characters Who DGAF About Discussing Body Hair
Some say that this is the golden age of television, and no small part of that is that there are more female leads than ever before (and on amazing shows to boot!). But, let’s be honest, it’s also the golden age of pubes on-screen.

The Ultimate Guide to Body Hair Removal
Is shaving, laser hair removal, plucking, or depilatories right for you?

In Defense of Getting Bikini Waxes While Pregnant
One mother shares why she got a wax down there before she gave birth.

10 Ways You’re Ruining Your Hair but Don’t Know It
There are many hair habits that can lead to breakage, damage, and excess shedding. Here’s how to fix them.

Khloe Kardashian Looks SO Different With Natural Makeup
See the reality star’s latest natural makeup look.

11 Things Your Bikini Waxer Wants You to Know
Bikini waxers share their best tips for first-time wax jobs and more.

The Best Razors You Need for Summer
The best razors and shavers that will get rid of unwanted body hair and give you the smoothest skin ever.

This Beauty Blogger’s Disney Makeup Transformation Will Blow Your Mind
See how this beauty blogger transforms into Dory from Finding Dory.

Evan Rachel Wood Has a Message for Short-Hair Haters Everywhere
Evan Rachel Wood, beauty rebel, Westworld and Into the Forest star, and front woman of the new Gucci Guilty Eau perfume, shares her beauty highs and lows.

11 Mistakes Holding You Back From a Perfect Cat Eye
We asked pros to share their best tips and tricks for getting perfectly winged cat eyeliner.

Khloé Kardashian’s Favorite Mascara Is Only $7
Khloé Kardashian’s favorite mascara is $7 from a drugstore.

So, About That One Awkward Hair
Let’s obsess over that random hair on our chin or jaw or arm.

Karlie Kloss’s Genius Hair Trick Will Make Your Cheekbones Look Amazing (Yes, Really!)
Find out the flattering secrets of the supermodel’s latest hairstyle.

15 Women Get Real About How They Deal With Hair Removal Pain
Here are 15 hair removal survival techniques that’ll get you through their your without feeling too much of a sting.

Watch Lucy Hale Get Real About Boob Contouring
When it comes to some of the beauty trends that have recently made their way from Instagram obscurity to red carpet It Look, you either love ’em or you hate ’em. And when Lucy Hale gets involved in the debate? Well, we listen up.

11 Things You Should NEVER Do After a Bikini Wax
Here are the things you should avoid 24 hours after getting a Brazilian wax.

11 Highlighters That’ll Give You Next-Level Cheekbones
The 11 best highlighters, illuminators, and luminizers we’re loving for glowy skin this summer.

You Won’t Believe What Jenna Dewan Tatum Looks Like With a Perm
Jenna Dewan Tatum posted an Instagram of herself with curly hair and captioned it, “Anyone wanna bring back the spiral perm with me?” proving there’s no hair look she can’t pull off flawlessly.

5 Things You Should Know Before Trying to Wax Your Own Legs
Tired of shaving and paying the salon way too much to wax my legs, I decided to give it a whirl myself. Here are the products I used and what I’ve learned.

Here Are the Biggest Beauty Questions Women Google in the Summer
All the beauty-related stuff you’re Googling this summer.

How to Cover Up a Bad Sunburn
Bad sunburns can be difficult to cover up, so try these simple tricks for treating and concealing a summertime burn.

Brazilian Bikini Waxes: What No One Told Me About Getting One
Last month I got my first Brazilian bikini wax ever. I know, I’m so late to the party on this. Who waits until age 40 to get a Brazilian?

The 13 Craziest Waxing Stories on Reddit
Any time you’re talking about a service that centers largely around your private parts, you’re ripe for embarrassing, crazy, and downright funny stories. And, of course, the people of Reddit have delivered. Here are the 13 best stories on the community site that will make your next hair removal appointment seem downright uneventful.

Tony Awards 2016: Best Hair and Makeup Looks
Take a look at how Broadway’s biggest and brightest stars—like Eclipsed’s Lupita Nyong’o and The Crucible’s Saoirse Ronan—transformed their hair and makeup for the 2016 Tony Awards..

You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner Used to Use as Lipstick
This lipstick alternative is pretty genius.

Cute Celebrity Tiny Tattoos You’ll Want to Copy
These celeb tattoos make the perfect accessory on the red carpet—and in real life.

Celebrities Who Have Had Short Hair, Long Hair, and Bob Haircuts
These stars have tried every hair length and cut.

Daisy Ridley Just Got Real About What Endometriosis Does to Your Skin
Daisy Ridley was diagnosed with endometriosis at 15 years old. After suffering from bad skin due to her condition, she decided to open up about her symptoms and what she has learned from the experience.

The Three-Minute Braid You Need to Master If You’re Traveling This Summer
The best braided hairstyle you need to try when you’re traveling.

Emma Stone Can’t Stop Changing Her Hair—Here’s the Latest
Her red hair is back after a short platinum blond phase.

Aerosol Sunscreen Might Not Be as Safe as You Think—Here’s Why
We talked to dermatologists to get to the bottom of the buzz.

How to Protect Blond Hair From Fading and Drying Out in the Summer
A guide to taking care of blonde hair in the sun and while swimming.

The Genius Way Brittany Snow Gets Tan Without Going in the Sun (and No, Not With Self-Tanner)
Brittany Snow knows a lot about sun protection. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, the actress was surrounded by beaches and tan-lined filled summers her entire life. That’s why her latest partnership with Coppertone came as such a natural fit. Here, the actress dishes on her summer tanning secrets, biggest sunscreen fails, makeup tips, and more.

The Best Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes
We asked celebrity makeup artists to share the best makeup colors for every shade of blue eyes. Here’s how to make your blue eyes stand out.

Here’s What Selena Gomez Looks Like With Bangs
Selena Gomez dyed her hair and got face-framing bangs.

The Best-Smelling Fragrances of 2016
Unless you’re a perfumer or stalk fragrance threads on Reddit, you’ve probably never heard about the Fragrance Foundation Awards. But within the beauty industry, they’re a BFD. (Think of them as the Oscars for perfumes.) Every year members of beauty world get together to vote on the scents that are most game-changing—either because the bottles are beautiful or they combine the most unexpected, but perfect-together scents. So if you’re looking to upgrade that perfume your BF bought you three Christmases ago, these are where you want to start. Click on through to start smelling absolutely incredible.

The Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2016
Check out all the major hair cuts and color changes celebrities have gotten this year.

Ariana Grande Went Blonder for Summer
It’s safe to say Ariana Grande is a hair chameleon. The singer has rocked red, purple, brunette, and platinum hair—and isn’t stopping anytime soon. She posted a shot of her new “blonder” strands on Snapchat and we’re here to show you her new look (because that’s what we do when celebrities change their hair). See it for yourself.

Lauren Conrad Tried the Dark Lips Trend, and We Hardly Recognize Her
See how she looks wearing fluffy brows and dark lipstick.

Khloe Kardashian Just Debuted Her Shortest Hairstyle Ever
In addition to blowing our minds recently with her $6 highlighter and pink latex fashions, Khloe Kardashian just debuted her shortest haircut EVER on longtime Kardashian stylist and Ouai Haircare founder Jen Atkin’s Instagram. And we’ve never seen it this short before.

How Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey Learned to Love Her Curly Hair
Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey shares her best curly hair tips.

Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber Is an Army Reserve Officer
Being the first military member to win is just one way she’s not the typical pageant girl.

15 Beauty Products That’ll Help You Get Ready 10 Times Faster
We rounded up 15 multi-tasking, time-saving beauty products that experts and editors swear by.

The ’00s Beauty Trend Gigi Hadid Is Obsessed With Right Now
It sparkles, it shines, and it certainly draws attention—heck even Rainbow Brite was a fan of it! So, of course, it should come as no surprise that one of today’s most in-demand models—um, that would be Gigi Hadid—is passionate about making this throwback beauty trend her go-to for the summer.

The Most Common Concealer Mistakes Women Make
Tricks for concealing dark circles, pimples, and dark spots better.

“My Friend Wants Me to Color My Naturally Red Hair Brown for Her Wedding”
The bride doesn’t want her friend to clash with the wedding colors.

Here’s the $8 Secret Hidden in Kim Kardashian’s Skincare Regimen
There’s one key product we can definitely all afford.

The Best Ways to Treat Every Single Type of Acne Imaginable
Different kinds of breakouts require different kinds of treatments.

Selena Gomez Took Her Hair Lighter for the Summer, and It Looks Amazing
See the new summer hairstyle Selena Gomez debuted during a photoshoot in New York City.

7 Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Life on Vacation
What to do if you forget your zit cream, hair-dryer, deodorant, and more on vacation.

I Tried IPL to Get Rid of My Sun Spots, and Here’s What Happened
Learn how much it costs, and more.

4 Celebrity Tricks to Getting Glowy Skin Without Using Bronzer
Celebrity makeup artists share how they give stars a lit-from-within glow on the red carpet.

The Acne That Nobody Talks About
One writer gets real about what it’s like to have perioral dermatitis.

5 Lipstick Mistakes to Avoid When It’s Hot As Hell Out
Jenn Streicher, celebrity makeup artist, gives you the hard truth.

Eva Longoria Just Got a Major Summer Hair Makeover
Eva Longoria just debuted a brand new hair look for summer, complete with caramel highlights and a fresh new cut. While we’re not exactly surprised she lightened up for the warm months (everyone does it) we’re no less amazed by the finished product. The actress posted an Instagram yesterday showing exactly how much work went into the transformation—and it involved a glam squad of 5 people—including her longtime hairstylist Ken Paves.

Khloe Kardashian Swears by This $6 Highlighter
Khloe Kardashian swears by this $6 highlighter for sharp cheekbones.

Kim Kardashian Revealed Exactly How Long It Takes Her to Get Ready Every Morning
Does it surprise anyone that Kim Kardashian West takes an absurd amount of time to get ready in the morning? We think not. But still—we never actually thought it would take THIS long—especially now that she’s given up heavy contouring.

The 12 Best-Selling Products at Sephora for Spring 2016
We asked Sephora to share the top-selling products that flew off shelves for the month of May 2016. Here’s what the brand said.

Gina Rodriguez Just Got Real About Shaving Her Head
The Latina actress posted an Instagram about her new hair and it has a pretty powerful message.

How to Get Glowy Skin: The Best Highlighters, Strobe Creams, Illuminators and Bronzers
Celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor breaks down the different ways you can master each look—and explains how to fake perfectly glowy skin, no sun necessary.

MAC’s New Lip Balms Change Color Based on Your Mood
MAC TenderTalk Lip Balm is the latest color changing makeup to react to skin’s pH.

Gwen Stefani’s No-Makeup Selfie Is Here to Remind You She’s Flawless
Gwen Stefani posted a no-makeup selfie of herself on Snapchat with a note saying “goodmorning” and looks flawless. The singer is 46 years old.

10 Hair and Makeup Looks From The Hills That’ll Give You Serious ’00s Flashbacks
Hair and makeup looks from the MTV reality show we’ll never forget.

The Best Advice for When You Book Your Wedding Makeup Artist
Need help? Wedding makeup artists give us their favorite tips and tricks

9 Amazing At-Home Pedicure Tools Your Feet Will Love You For
The best at-home tools and gadgets that will help make your feet softer and smoother.

The Best Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes
Here’s how to find the best eyeshadow and eyeliner colors for your eye color.

How to Paint Your Own Nails Without Making a Complete Mess
These easy tips and steps will get you perfect at-home nail polish and manicure.

8 Non-Sticky, Non-Smelly Bug Sprays to Try This Summer
These 8 bug sprays will protect against bugs without being greasy or have too strong of a scent.

I Wore an Animal-Print Face Mask on a Road Trip and Here’s What Happened
Sheet masks on a plane? Seen it. Here’s what happens when you do them on the open road.

You Won’t Believe How Much Celebrity Eyebrows Have Changed in the Past 20 Years
We rounded up photos of Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, and more from the past few decades.

Shopping for Curly-Hair Products at Sephora Just Got So Much Easier
Curly-haired girls, Sephora has some exciting news for you: The brand recently launched a new campaign on its site just for your hair needs. Because anybody with curls knows they’re not all created equal.

Mistakes You’re Making When Removing Your Makeup
The best tips for removing your makeup more thoroughly.

Too Faced’s Totally Cute Eyeshadow Palette Is What Your ’90s Dreams Are Made Of
You probably know and love Too Faced for its mascara that’s literally better than sex or its line of intoxicatingly good Chocolate-scented makeup but we are here to interrupt your Thursday with something even better. The brand’s latest launch is a new eyeshadow palette that’ll help bring out your inner ’90s sticker-loving kid. Introducing the Too Faced Totally Cute Sticker Eyeshadow Collection.

The Best Kim Kardashian Lookalike Doppelganger Ever
Croatian makeup artist Jelena Peric is a Kim Kardashian twin

Every Strategy I’ve Tried to Stop Picking My Cuticles, Ranked
The best tips and how to stop picking and biting your cuticles.

11 Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Behind Your Ear From Celebrity Tattoo Artists
Cute tattoo inspiration from JonBoy, Bang Bang NYC, and more

5 Things No One Tells You About Wearing Liquid Lipstick
Liquid lipstick is like lipstick’s cooler, younger sister—it’s a fun, fresh change of pace from the classic stuff. But it’s hard to wear. editors share their tips.

Gwen Stefani’s Makeup at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards: Fans Were Not Happy
Makeup Gregory Arlt artist explains her dramatically different look.

9 Mistakes That Could Be Wrecking Your Perfect Spring Hair Color
We asked hairstylists to share their best advice for maintaining your hair color in the spring and summer.

Hailey Baldwin Just Got Another Matching BFF Tattoo
Hailey Baldwin sure does have a thing for matching best friend tattoos. She already has one with cousin Ireland (that says Baldwin, aww) and has matching finger tattoos with bestie Kendall Jenner. But she’s not done yet. She just debuted another one with friend and fellow model Mari McKinney on tattoo artist Jon Boy’s Instagram.

Emma Stone’s New Platinum Hair: These Products Keep It Healthy
Read on for some of the best products for bleached blond hair.

The Best Beauty Buys at Trader Joe’s
We round up 11 of our favorite Trader Joe’s skin and hair care picks.

Contouring Is Officially Over, Says Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian just said something we’d never thought we’d hear her say, ever. This weekend at the Vogue UK festival, she told attendees she’s DONE contouring. And done with heavy makeup, too.

Chrissy Teigen Just Cut Her Hair Short Again
Jen Atkin cut Chrissy Teigen’s hair short again, but this time it’s an asymmetrical lob.

Lucy Hale’s *Billboard* Music Awards Hair Is So Cute From the Back
At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, one of our favorite beauty girls Lucy Hale pulled the ultimate sneak attack hair move we almost didn’t even see: A ponytail with some major fun happening in the back.

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