“I Can’t Stand My Husband’s Best Friend”


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“I Can’t Stand My Husband’s Best Friend”
What are you supposed to do when you can’t get along with your husband’s best friend? Real women weigh in.

Here’s How Your Sex Drive Changes During Summer
With summer coming up, you might expect your sex drive to pick up amid the beach vacations, nights on rooftop bars, and walks in your favorite sundresses. Or, you might expect it to slow down in the sweltering weather. Which is it?

5 Reasons Why You and Your Guy Friend Are Still ‘Just Friends’
Experts and men weigh in on why you might feel sparks with a guy friend, but it isn’t going anywhere.

This Scientist Explains Why You Should Drink on the First Date
According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, the most scientifically-sound first date is way more simple: Getting a drink.

How Many People Have Wedding Night Sex, Really?
Based on what you see in the movies, you’d think every couple hops into bed and gets to it the second their wedding party ends. But according to a new survey by the lingerie company Bluebella, if you have wedding night sex, you’re actually in the minority.

What Being the Bachelorette Teaches You About Love
Since few of us will probably get to experience finding love on reality TV, we asked a couple of former *Bachelorettes* what they learned during their time on the show.

“I Don’t Think My Best Friend Should Get Married”
It’s common to have opinions about our friends’ relationships, but usually, we start keeping them to ourselves by the time they’ve got rings around their fingers. But steffihill’s friend has been expressing doubts about her upcoming wedding, and she thinks it’s for good reason.

How to Break Up with a Friend
Sometimes friendships need to end. If you’re thinking that it’s time to move on, here are three ways to break up with a friend.

5 Factors That Predict If a Marriage Will Last, According to Divorce Lawyers
Here are some factors that might predict how long a marriage will last, according to the people who have witnessed them fall apart: divorce lawyers.

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right to Not Be Orgasm-Shamed
Why do some men shame women for something that’s notoriously hard to reach?

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right to Feel Sexy at Any Size
One woman insists she’s determined to feel good and to feel sexy in the body she has—and to treat it with more love.

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right to Sexual Possibility
I found it easy to refrain from sex. In college I realized why: I was a lesbian.

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right to Be Submissive
Being a feminist is about sexual autonomy and choice. If a little rough play and a little role play is what gets me off, why shouldn’t I embrace it?

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right to Be Vanilla in Bed
I’m not repressed; I just know what I like, and I know that you can’t one-up your way to liberation or satisfaction.

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right to Talk Like a Porn Star
Nikki Glaser knew she needed help when it came to talking dirty. So she turned to porn.

Your Sexual Rights: You Have the Right To Not Hook Up
Why do we perpetuate the notion that we should always be on the lookout for the next big bang?

How to Respond to Nosy Questions About Your Relationship
When you’re in a relationship, it’s often only a matter of time before someone wonders when you’ll get engaged. But once you are, that doesn’t always stop the nosy relationship questions—because people may wonder when the wedding is, if you plan to have kids, etc. Since these questions don’t stop coming, it’s worth preparing yourself for them.

How to Actually Have a ‘Coregasm’
Ever wondered how to have a coregasm, aka an orgasm during a workout? Try these three moves.

6 New Sex Toys to Check Out ASAP
Here are a few of the most cutting-edge new sex toys that have come out this year.

What Most Couples Won’t Admit About Their Sex Lives
Many couples are secretive about their sex lives, but one expert is dishing the dirt on things they don’t often share.

How to Find Your G-Spot: 3 Expert Tips
Sex expert Emily Morse breaks down how to find your G-spot…and what to do once you’ve located it.

5 Early Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For
According to psychologists, there are a few common early relationship red flags that couples often overlook. Here are some you might want to watch out for.

Could TV Be Hurting Your Sex Life?
One scientists claims that TV is killing our sex lives. Here’s his argument.

“His Mom Wants a Say in What We Name Our Baby”
One woman’s mother-in-law is trying to have a say in what she names her baby. Here’s how she should deal with it.

5 Dating Rules You Should Definitely Break
You’ve heard the dating rules before—but are they legit? Experts weigh in.

“My Sisters Aren’t Happy About My Engagement”
One woman’s sisters aren’t supportive of her engagement, claiming it’s messing with their own lives. What should she do?

Why Do People Cheat? We Got 11 Cheaters to Confess
We asked people who have cheated what their reasons were. If you’ve been cheated on, this might help you understand why—or maybe it’ll help you identify signs that cheating could happen in your relationship.

Why It’s Okay to Start Your Relationship Long-Distance
Can a relationship that starts long-distance grow into a solid relationship at home? Some couples swear it can.

Is It OK to Google Your Dates?
Does Googling a date in advance spoils the mystery, or is it just smart to make sure there’s nothing alarming about them out there on the Internet?

5 Online Dating Messages That Started Relationships
We got people who found love online to spill on the greeting that started it all. Here are some online dating exchanges that happy couples now reminisce on.

“How I Recognized (and Left) a Financially Abusive Relationship”
Financial abuse is a thing, and it can be hard to spot when you’re in a relationship. Here are the signs, plus how to get out of it.

Virtual Boyfriends Are a Thing Now
Introducing virtual boyfriends that you can download in the app store. They will stroke your ego, be sexually suggestive, and/or keep in touch the way you want them to.

4 Possible Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Wet
Experts say there can be a number of reasons why you’re not getting wet, and it can be due to things you wouldn’t even think of.

The Craziest Things You End Up Believing When You Don’t Have Sex Ed
Most of us held some false belief about the human body as kids, like that babies come from storks or that you can’t get pregnant unless you’re married. But, as it turns out, many of us also retain some pretty crazy theories well into adulthood.

The Number of Women Who Have Had Same-Sex Partners Has Doubled Since the ’90s
A new data analysis from the nationally representative General Social Survey, which includes more than 30,000 U.S. adults, found that the number of people between 1990 and 2014 who say they’ve engaged in same-sex behavior has more than doubled.

This App Will Give You On-Demand Relationship Advice
If you want relationship guidance from someone more qualified than your friends but less expensive and time-consuming than a therapist, the new app Relationup might provide a quick, cheap, and trustworthy alternative.

“I Just Got a Facebook Message from His Girlfriend”
One girl got a Facebook message from her friends with benefit’s girlfriend.

Should You Change Your Last Name When You Get Married?
It’s a big question: Should you change your last name when you get married? Here’s how nine women decided.

Your Love Horoscope for June 2016
Don’t miss your love horoscope for June 2016.

6 Important Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Have Kids
Having kids isn’t easy. Here are important questions to ask before you take the plunge.

Can Your Spit Reveal Your Dating Compatibility?
Instant Chemistry tests your spit to see if you’re compatible with your partner. Here’s how it works.

Here’s How to Have a ‘Long Distance Marriage’
A growing number of married couples are living apart from each other. Here’s how to tackle a long-distance marriage.

These Are the Best Cities for Singles
Badoo breaks down the top cities for single. Prepare to be surprised… .

“Why I Celebrate the Date I Was Dumped”
One woman has found a way to look at the anniversary of her dumping in a positive light. Here’s why.

This Woman Vowed to “Stay Hot” for Her Husband, and the Internet Freak
In return for looking good, he buys her things, such as a $400 vacuum cleaner.

Are We Finally Over Expecting Men to Be Masculine?
Often, people assume that calling a guy “masculine” is a compliment, while calling him “feminine” is an insult. But a new poll by the research firm YouGov suggests this might finally be starting to change.

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