“I Can’t Stand My Husband’s Best Friend”

Can You Be Friends With an Ex?
We’ve all wondered this at some point: Can you really be friends with an ex? And if so, can that friendship be rewarding for both parties, or is it just a crappy consolation prize for whoever was dumped?

“My Boyfriend Is Terrible With Money”
What should you do when your partner is terrible with money? People weigh in.

3 Ways To Masturbate…Without Using Your Hands
If you haven’t enjoyed hands-free masturbation or mixed up your routine lately, consider these four ways to get off.

“My Boyfriend Proposed to Me and I Said Yes Out of Pressure”
Public proposals are popular right now, which means guys everywhere are putting themselves at risk for the ultimate public rejection. Unless, of course, their prospective fiancée feels guilty about saying no.

Scientists Explain Why We Have Oral Sex
The question of why we have oral sex seems like an obvious one: because it feels good. But according to a recent investigation by Medical Daily, there could be a few other reasons why both men and women engage in oral sex.

These First Dates Are Most Likely to Lead to Marriage
Of all the first dates people can go on, the most popular that lead to marriage are the simplest.

Why Aren’t Guys Investing More In Online Dates?
More men are giving women the shaft when it comes to online dates. Here’s why.

8 Online Dating Tips You Can Actually Use
Comedian Maria Bamford isn’t just great at spinning her OkCupid days into funny storylines—she also happens to give amazing online dating advice.

The 5 Worst Relationship Advice We Hear On the Regular
To help you weed through all the relationship advice people get during their lifetimes, we asked experts what common pieces of supposed wisdom we should actually ignore.

Why Do Men Get Over Breakups So Much Faster?
A new survey found that half of men are over a breakup in a month. But why? Experts way in.

Here’s How Much of Our Lives We Spend Having Sex
A new survey figured out how much of our lives we spend having sex by analyzing how many hours and what percentages of our lives are spent on various activities.

How Author Jessica Valenti Learned to Define Herself
A high school teacher once told me that identity is half what we tell ourselves and half what we tell other people about ourselves. But the missing piece he didn’t mention—the piece that holds so much weight for so many women—are the stories that other people tell us about ourselves. If we’re pretty, if we’re smart, if we’re brave. If we’re ugly. The qualifiers we hold most dear tend to come from the outside, and the ones that stick aren’t usually the kindest. The stories other people tell us can become the ones we shape ourselves into. They’re who we are, even if so much of it is a performance. And I’ve been performing since the beginning.

Your Sex Life Gets Better As You Get Older
Here’s one more reason to not be afraid to get older: A new survey shows that our sex lives get better with age.

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