“I Can’t Stand My Husband’s Best Friend”

Does Orgasming During Sex Increase the Odds You’ll Get Pregnant?
You’ve probably wondered this at some point: Does having an orgasm during sex increase the odds you’ll get pregnant?

Condoms Are About To Come in 56 Different Sizes
The condom company ONE will release a line of condoms this fall that comes in 56 sizes that mix and match different lengths and widths.

The Most Surprising Things About Motherhood
For one, nothing will gross you out.

Is Coconut Oil a Good All-Natural Lubricant?
Experts say there’s one natural sexual lubricant that’s actually worth looking into: coconut oil.

3 Dates That Will Bring You Closer
You can’t force a connection if it’s not there, and you can’t deny one if it is. But if you’re just trying to get over an initial hurdle, these date ideas should help bring you closer.

3 Reasons to Masturbate More
May is National Masturbation Month! Here’s why you should go all out and masturbate even more.

“He Took Off the Condom While We Were Having Sex”
One woman’s boyfriend took off the condom during sex. Here’s how she reacted.

1 in 10 People Check Their Phones During Sex
Crazy but true: 10 percent of people check their phones during sex. Here’s why.

Turns Out, Men Also Have a Biological Clock
Women aren’t the only ones who have a “biological clock.” Here’s why men have one, too.

What to Do When You Can Orgasm Alone (but Not With a Partner)
It’s not usually hard for women to orgasm from masturbation, but getting off with a partner can be a totally different story.

What It’s Like to Be a Professional Cuddler
During her day job as a customer service representative, Roxanne loves to help others. But by night, she helps people in a different way: as a professional cuddler.

“I’m Feeling Hopeless About Dating”
With hookup culture replacing the dating scene in many places, trying to find a deep, long-lasting relationship can sometimes feel like a hopeless endeavor. One woman shares her story.

Can Taking a Break Actually Work?
As anyone who’s seen “Friends” knows, taking a break from your relationship can be messy. You’re uncertain about your future, the issue of fidelity becomes blurry, and your relationship is in this murky state between together and broken up. But could it be worth it?

“He Got a Lap Dance at His Bachelor Party”
There are some behaviors that are without a doubt cheating, then there are others that some consider acceptable and others don’t. Attending strip clubs tends to fall in that latter grey area for many couples.

Who Needs an XL Condom?
Condoms are created to accommodate a wide variety of penis sizes. So, to actually require an XL-sized condom, your junk has got to be pretty darn big.

What It Means to Be Monogamish
The term “monogamish” was first coined a few years ago by Dan Savage, but it has since caught on.

How to Deal with a Guy Who Sheds
If you’ve ever dated a hairy guy, you know there’s an…interesting side effect. Namely, his body hair can show up in your sheets, on your bathroom floor, toilet seat—pretty much everywhere.

Here’s How Wedding Night Sex Went Wrong for 3 Real Couples
According to these three brides, wedding night sex left a little (or a lot) to be desired.

Here’s How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship
It’s natural to feel a bit daunted by the idea of using a sex toy with your partner—even with toys that have been specifically designed and created for couples to use together. Here’s how to do it.

When It’s OK to Think About Sex With Your Ex
A survey by the dating site EliteSingles just found that 30 percent of women and 21 percent of men compare their current sex lives to the sex lives they had with their exes. Um…is that OK?

You Could Go to a Sex-Themed Amusement Park Soon
The new sex-themed amusement park will be in Brazil and go under the name ErotikaLand.

8 Guys Reveal Why They Sent Dick Pics
Lately it has come to our attention that guys are sending dick picks unprompted, unsolicited, and sometimes totally out of the blue. What’s going on?

There’s Now an (Awesome) Coloring Book Full of Penises
Like adult coloring books? The Pen15 Club has a penis coloring book for you.

Yup, Smell Dating Is a Thing
Today, the trend of following our noses is re-emerging with smell dating parties and events nationwide.

8 Surprising Secrets That Go Into Making Porn
You always hear about how porn doesn’t represent real-life sex, but you might be surprised by the extent to which it’s different. A lot of bizarre, hilarious, and, frankly, impressive feats go into its creation.

Women Are Posting Open Letters to Their Significant Others’ Exes
If you’ve been on Instagram over these past few days, you may have seen posts captioned with a letter that begins with the phrase “to the girls who let him go, thank you so much” popping up.

This Determines How Easily You Can Orgasm From Sex
If sex isn’t getting you off, it may not be your fault or your partner’s. In fact, it may have more to do with the way your lady bits are built.

Get Your Love Horoscope for May 2016
See your May love horoscope, plus what’s in the stars for you this month.

What Men Really Think About When They Masturbate
According to my mostly anecdotal research, here are the six themes that are on the minds of American men when they get off.

“We Disagree on How Much Should Be Spent on an Engagement Ring”
Many of us have dreamt about our weddings since we were little, and often, those dreams include engagement rings. But amibeingasnob’s dream has just been crushed by her boyfriend and soon-to-be fiancé, who isn’t willing to pay the cost of the rings she likes.

What Does Cheating Mean, Exactly?
Once upon a time, cheating was defined only as a physical affair in which a male and female engaged in sexual activities outside their primary relationship. Today there are various definitions.

“I’m Thinking of Divorcing My Husband Over His Selfishness in Bed”
Is a bad sex life grounds for a divorce? In extreme cases, you can’t help but wonder.

‘Game of Thrones’ Makes Porn Viewing Tank
According to PornHub’s data, porn viewing dropped four percent when Game of Thrones was on—a pretty significant amount, considering PornHub gets 60 million hits a day.

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