NBA Free Agency: Odds On Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade And Dirk Nowitzki Leaving Current Teams


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NBA Free Agency: Odds On Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade And Dirk Nowitzki Leaving Current Teams (Updated)
In today’s NBA landscape, it’s not uncommon to see All-Star caliber talent switch jerseys to go chasing rings. With that said, there are a select number of players around the league whose name has become synonymous with the franchise they have suited up for since coming into the league.

Hanergy Launches Solar Powered Cars In China
China’s Hanergy Holding Group (Hanergy) has unveiled four solar-powered electric concept cars, set for production within three years. Hanergy is a large clean-energy company and one of the largest thin-film solar cell manufacturers in the world. Hanergy is also the owner of U.S. based Alta Devices, which it bought in 2014.

“Street Of Eternal Happiness” Author Rob Schmitz Talks About China Writing, Books
Newly published “Street of Eternal Happiness” by Shanghai-based Marketplace correspondent Rob Schmitz has won strong reviews for its insights into the lives of ordinary mainland Chinese. Jennie Liu and Zhao Yifan from the Forbes Shanghai bureau talked to the author about trends in the market for China-themed books and reporting in China. (Click here for video excerpts on YouTube.) Schmitz compares “Street of Eternal Happiness” with 2014’s popular “Age of Ambition” by New Yorker correspondent Evan Osnos, and explained why businesspeople should want to pick up his own text.  The interview was held in a restaurant along the “Street of Eternal Happiness,” better known locally by its Chinese name Changle Lu, in downtown Shanghai.

Tesla Slips In Q2 Vehicle Delivery Numbers Over The Long Holiday Weekend
Tesla slides in Q2 delivery data

Can Sarah ‘Lady Macbeth’ Vine Survive At The Daily Mail?
Does it matter if you’re liked? For most of us it does but what about the lucky few who shape our lives?

Apple’s Lawsuit With Media Regulator Points To Broader China Woes
Apple was dealt with another setback in its second-largest market, with China’s state media regulator suing the tech giant for infringing the broadcast right of a film it made.

Where China Invests In America

What Are Chinese Companies Looking for in Hollywood?
With all the Chinese investment in Hollywood, and the apparent diversity of investment, it is natural to ask, “What are they looking for?” By knowing what Chinese companies are looking to invest in, you can position yourself to be in the best position to receive some investment, or you can avoid wasting time if you don’t have what they are looking for. With that introduction, here is my take on what they are looking for based on my experience with clients: First and foremost, recognizable names. All the major studios are “names,” as well as celebrities and well known producers and directors. Even if the investment with a “name” is less economically compelling than some alternative, Chinese companies will go for the one with the name. The reason is simple; in most cases, the investment will be directly or indirectly syndicated to other investors, and that process will be a whole lot easier if the investment involves a recognizable name. In particular, many Chinese companies are either listed, or plan to list, on one of the Chinese stock exchanges, where multiples for media companies are often over 100 times earnings, and “names” matter more there than EBITDA. Chinese co-productions. While not an absolute requirement, Chinese companies generally prefer films that will work as Chinese co-productions. The reason for this is two-fold: Chinese co-productions are not subject to the quota limit that applies to non-Chinese films, and the distributor gets a much larger share of Chinese box office receipts (42% instead of 25%). The rules for qualification as a Chinese co-production are not iron-clad, but they generally require some Chinese cultural element, at least one third of the lead actors to be Chinese, and at least one-third of the crew to be Chinese. The films must also pass Chinese censorship, which frowns on anything involving too much sex or graphic violence. Spreading Chinese culture (“soft power”). Chinese are rightfully proud of their history, culture, and mythology, and they want to see it projected around the world in the same way America has projected soft power through its films. If you gave the average American the choice between $1000 and somehow promoting American culture, the American would say “God bless America,” and take the $1000. If you gave the average Chinese the same choice about China, they would all pass on the money in order to promote China. Chinese distribution rights. Many of the investors have distribution operations in China, and those investors always prefer a transaction that gives them Chinese distribution rights. Theatrical films. The main distribution money in China is from the box office, and revenues fall off a cliff after the theatrical run. There is also little interest in American television shows. Thus, Chinese companies prefer large budget theatrical films – at least if they can get through the quota and censorship hurdles. Learning the Hollywood system. Chinese companies are willing to pay dearly to acquire Hollywood film expertise, and an element of most investments is the opportunity to learn the Hollywood system. If you know the industry and are mobile, I would advise you to “Go West, young man.” Respect. Chinese companies want to be actively involved, and they want their opinions listened to. They do not want to be shunted aside as mere passive financial investors. Building a studio. If you combine everything set forth above, the end game for some Chinese companies is building a cross-cultural film company that produces and distributes English language films with Chinese themes for a worldwide audience, which ultimately becomes a major studio. It may take some time to get there, but given how hard Chinese work, this result is inevitable.

How Japanese Billionaires Have Changed Over The Last 20 Years
Japanese billionaires could be described as an endangered species. There are fewer of them today than 20 years ago – and their average age is growing. These trends become even more striking when comparing them to other Asian billionaires, not to mention billionaires across the whole World.

When Chinese Struggle To Find Work In China’s Entertainment Industry
Here in China, the economics of race are well-established. Take the high demand for freelancing white males, for example: Chinese companies often hire them to attend business meetings to stand-in for executives; they even sign papers and give speeches,  providing to these companies an air of international standing. English-teaching companies usually search for white foreigners, sometimes at the expense of their actual English abilities.

Tips From 12 Money Experts On How To Invest This Election

Trump Won’t Be Able To Handle What’s Ahead
I have serious doubts about whether Donald Trump will be able to deal with the uncertainty and relative chaos of what’s going to happen between now and Election Day. I’m not talking about the nomination. In spite of the continuing reports that there will be a serious effort to stop Trump at the Republican convention, it’s hard to imagine he won’t be the nominee. Indeed, the best indication that the stop Trump effort won’t be successful is the relatively large number of very senior anti-Trump Republicans who have already announced – proudly and very vocally in many cases – that they’re not going to attend the convention. They would be there if they thought there was a significant chance Trump could be stopped.

AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Feels Like It’s On A Long, Slow Road To Nowhere
AMC’s Preacher has been picked up for season two, but it can be hard to comprehend its first few episodes so far, which may explain a relative lack of buzz.

Kim Kardashian

With A Kardashian, Sex Appeal, And Lots Of Milk, Fergie’s New Video Is An Instant Viral Smash
Fergie gives it everything she’s got to make her new single go viral.

Box Office: Disney’s ‘The BFG’ Nabs Not Very Big $23.6M Weekend
Steven Spielberg’s ‘The BFG’ did not have a big (friendly) gianantic opening weekend.

Box Office: ‘Independence Day’ Fails To Make July 4th Fireworks, ‘Finding Dory’ Tops Weekend
‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ had no holiday fireworks, although ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘The Shallows’ had cause to celebrate.

Exxon’s Carbon Tax Support Is Rational: How Rare
The negative reaction from many climate change activists to Exxon’s promotion of carbon taxes is a throwback to a pre-scientific era of demonization of opponents rather than rational consideration of theories, policies and facts.

20 Sports Figures Who Have Endorsed Donald Trump For President

‘Trump’ By Ted Rall: Military School Makes ‘Donny’ A Man
A preview from cartoonist Ted Rall’s upcoming graphic biography of Donald Trump, Trump: A Graphic Biography. The book will be published on July 19, 2016.

Tips For Grilling The Ultimate Asado Feast

Making Barbecue Healthier
Consuming barbecued meats could increase your risk of cancer. So does this mean that one of America’s favorite pastimes should go up in smoke? Not necessarily.

Tesla’s June Quarter Actuals Fall Short Of Guidance Again. Full Year Guidance At Risk.
Tesla released its preliminary June quarter production and deliveries results and continues a trend of falling short of guidance.

Democrats’ Platform Pushes Hillary Clinton Toward Single Payer Healthcare
The latest draft of the Democratic Party?s platform endorses a public option favored by Bernie Sanders to further expand health benefits beyond the Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama.

Winners And Losers: Real Estate Price Trends in European Cities

Before You Rush To Buy Inflated Real Estate Assets, Take A Vacation To Greece
Real estate is a popular investment in the US, it always has been. For a good reason: Real estate assets have been good long-term performers.

Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2016

Drake Rules The Albums Chart For A Ninth Consecutive Week
Drake rules yet again, while The Avett Brothers debut at number three.

From Djokovic to Nadal and Graf: The Seven Biggest Wimbledon Upsets
Sam Querrey isn’t the only one to “shake the Ivy” at Wimbledon.

Punjabi Star Diljit Dosanjh Runs Hot In India With ‘Sardaar Ji 2’ And ‘Udta Punjab’

Kevin Durant Free Agency: Latest News And Rumors On Thunder, Warriors, Celtics, Other Top Suitors
Kevin Durant’s long-awaited NBA free agency decision will come by Monday, July 4, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, and its reportedly down to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors and possibly the Boston Celtics.

Political Drama ‘Shorgul’ Faces Bans And Threats In India
Last Friday Indian politician Kapil Sibal urged his 289,000 Twitter followers to see Shorgul, lauding the controversial film as holding a mirror to “the ugly reality of divisive forces tearing asunder the peace we all deserve.”

Chicago Bulls: Rajon Rondo Signing Makes No Sense
What are the Chicago Bulls doing?

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