Ohio battle: Manufacturing may sway this swing state


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Ohio battle: Manufacturing may sway this swing state
A win by Gov. John Kasich in Ohio would stall Donald Trump getting a majority of delegates. What the state’s economy tell us.

Start-up prices may be falling even faster
Venture investors are paying up to 40 percent less for software start-ups than they were a year ago, says this VC.

Self-made millionaires unveil traits of a perfect partner
These self-made millionaires are looking to invest with a very specific type of entrepreneur.

Don’t give up! A simple fix to save a failing business
One burger joint was losing cash until the owners reinvented the restaurant with a more gourmet concept.

Zuckerberg’s not the only dorm room success story
A whiz kid trying to build a blog turned frustration into Super Bowl ads, millions in revenue and big VC funding.

10 ways to earn good money in less time
Don’t want to log long hours? At these jobs, you can work part time and still earn good money.

Success is in the blood: One family’s story
For one New York City family, entrepreneurship is genetic. Or at least, that’s how it seems.

From geisha beauty rituals to millions in sales
A look at how one San Francisco-based beauty start-up, Tatcha, cracked the multibillion-dollar prestige beauty market.

You’re not old, you’re just ready for your next act!
It’s not just millennials. More older workers are finding entrepreneurship success later in life.

The #1 city for starting a small business
Deciding where to start or build your business? Take a look at these biz-friendly ones.

This start-up sells cheap food as ‘hunger relief’
Daily Table is on a mission to sell healthy food so cheap it can compete with fast food.

Start-up tries biggest change in shipping since 1973
Find out how this new, on-demand service is taking the headache out of packing up and sending back your returns.

Businesses push back against regulations
In one state, you can end up in jail for up to six months for selling baked goods. Inside the world of small business regulations.

Home bakers fight ‘cookie ban’
CNBC’s Kate Rogers reports small business owners in Wisconsin are fighting the state’s baking lobby. One baker Lisa Kivirist, owner of Inn Serendipity B&B, could land in jail for up to six months if she charges for her muffins and cookies not made in a licensed commercial kitchen.

Executive Edge: Freedom to tour
The “Squawk Box” news team and CNBC’s Kate Rogers discuss South Carolina’s daunting test for tour guides.

Cookie bans? Small biz fights back against regs
Small businesses are taking on regulations, as government red tape has intensified. From “cookie bans” to hours of work training, the list of rules is long.

Why Main Street isn’t partying just yet
Small businesses report stronger performance, though tough lending conditions persist, according to new Fed data.

Weaker small business confidence bucks firming data
U.S. small business confidence declined further in February as concerns about sales growth and profits hurt capital spending and hiring plans.

An ancient craft is brewing up new jobs
Small brewers, like Half Full in Connecticut, are seeing big growth, and that means thousands of new jobs for the industry.

TaskRabbit pushes consumer expectation
If you need someone to stand in line for you at the passport office, online chore market place “TaskRabbit” can help you. The app has a new feature – it will confirm within five minutes, reports CNBC’s Kate Rogers.

This could be a game changer for Detroit housing
In a unique Detroit housing program, select lenders are offering guaranteed second mortgages as a way to make up for appraisal gaps.

TaskRabbit rolls out on-demand service
TaskRabbit CEO Leah Busque also talks about balancing growth with background checks on workers.

Main St.: This is our pick for president
Some 60% of small-business owners plan to vote in this election. A survey reveals their top pick.

Elf on the Shelf’s success secret: Ignore haters
The twin sisters behind the company that makes The Elf on the Shelf advise new entrepreneurs to never give up.

Early finance training could save your family biz
Given that a small percent of family businesses survive two generations, it’s imperative owners train their heirs in financial literacy early on.

How to fight cyberthreats—on the cheap
Cloud technology can be an effective and affordable way to fight cyberterrorism.

Veterans are really good as cybersleuths
The skills gained in the military are helping veterans succeed in cybersecurity.

How sunglasses for dogs topped $3M in annual sales
Roni Di Lullo created Doggles when she realized her border collie, Midknight, needed eye protection.

IRS to return $150K seized from small-biz owner
A convenience store owner who had his bank account seized under an IRS policy meant to target drug dealers will be repaid.

One mom turns food into cash for farmers
A Wisconsin mom tells CNBC how a P.T.A. fundraiser became a business that helps local farmers.

Small businesses seek IRS-seized cash
A dairy farmer and a convenience store owner are fighting to get back money they say was wrongfully seized by the IRS.

Mom-and-pops fighting for IRS-seized cash
A dairy farmer and a convenience store owner are working to get back their cash they say was wrongfully seized by the IRS.

During a dry spell, some ask, ‘What El Nino?’
A record rise in flood insurance policies was reported, according to FEMA. But amid a dry spell, some are asking, “What El Nino?”

Where investors down on Wall St. are headed
Real prosperity can be found in the many investment options that sit within local communities.

Valentine’s Day panicking? Try a florist start-up
Start-ups in the florist industry are using on-demand delivery and farm-direct flowers to appeal to consumers.

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey wants to help veterans
More veteran groups are harnessing video games and VR to help members of the military.

Inside one of NYC’s first medical pot shops

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