Fighting risk with risk: How investors are using options to protect portfolios


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Fighting risk with risk: How investors are using options to protect portfolios
An option to sell specific stock and bond market segments can cover some or all of your investment portfolio risk.

Whoops! The biggest money mistakes millennials are making
Rianka Dorsainvil, president of Your Greatest Contribution, lists the 10 biggest investing errors Gen Y is making today.

Key takeaway: The average retiree will see Social Security benefit decrease
Decisions by Medicare and Social Security trustees may mean retirees’ Social Security benefit will start taking a hit.

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is offering this advice to young investors
Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary offers a solution for young investors to have a diversified portfolio with a low investment threshold.

Suddenly single: The financial reality of going from two to one
Widowhood or divorce can mean having to master some new financial skills — at the time you’re least equipped to deal with it.

401(k) and IRA nightmares: What NOT to do with that retirement-plan cash
Up to a third of savers have cashed out a retirement plan. Financial advisors share worst-case scenarios they have witnessed.

Op-Ed: US expats need to brace for the tax consequences
Many Americans don’t stay tax-compliant while living abroad, but this choice is becoming risky—for five very good reasons.

Op-Ed: John Oliver was right: Financial advisors should be called the other ‘F word’
John Oliver ranted about advisors’ fiduciary obligations. The DOL gave it a shot; now it’s the SEC’s turn to step up.

Worried about outliving your money? Take these steps to stretch savings
Ensuring you don’t outlive your retirement nest egg requires self-introspection and number-crunching.

This money manager is betting big on Tesla
Money managers Catherine Wood and Christopher Retzler always keep an eye on unloved companies.

How much stock should near-retirees have in portfolios?
Moving from riskier to safer investments with age remains valid, but lifestyle changes require some tweaking over time.

No will or estate plan? Big problem … for you and your heirs
While estate planning is associated with the wealthy, financial advisors say most Americans can benefit from it.

Why you should ditch your mutual funds now
Actively managed mutual funds may no longer be the best way to gain exposure to equities and fixed-income asset classes.

Does it really matter whether your financial advisor is certified or not?
Investors care whether advisors hold certifications but don’t seem to understand what they are, exactly.

Amazon will be a trillion-dollar company, portfolio manager predicts
CNBC discusses next-gen tech-stock buys with Catherine Wood of Ark Invest and Christopher Retzler of Needham Funds.

A trust can save you big-time on state income taxes
Incomplete gift non-grantor trusts can shift tax exposure out of high-tax states to those with no state income tax.

Individuals really like investing like Harvard and Yale
Nothing appeals more to investors than being able to invest like big endowment funds, investment banks and hedge funds.

If you skip on required IRA withdrawals you’ll get a 50% tax
You are required to take money out of your IRAs and tax-deferred retirement plan at age 70½ or pay a hefty penalty.

How Amazon can help you choose the next great stock
Disruptive trends are accelerating. To see if any of your stock holdings are at risk, ask yourself this one important question.

Estate planning after remarrying is about yours, theirs and the kids’
If remarrying, update your estate plan to ensure your spouse and heirs have clear guidelines on your inheritance wishes.

To attract younger clients, financial advisors turn to technology
Advisors are playing catch-up with tech offerings to attract the 71 percent of millennials who don’t use their services.

Facing reality: Health-care costs are rising by twice the rate of inflation
Lifetime medical care costs $245,000 for a 65-year-old couple, so it’s important to factor in health costs when saving.

Negotiating finances in a multigenerational household should be a family affair
Before moving into a multigenerational household, you need to iron out the financials around the kitchen table.

Tony Robbins: Hidden fees in 401(k) plans can destroy your retirement dreams
A 401(k) plan is a wonderful savings vehicle, but many have huge commissions, high expense ratios and hidden fees.

Debunking the top 10 myths of 401(k) savings plans
Certified financial planner Tim Maurer of Buckingham and the BAM Alliance debunks 10 common myths about 401(k) plans.

Investors need to take these steps to avoid being a cybercrime victim
Cybercrime can be especially painful if investors’ personal and investment data get into wrong hands.

John Oliver correctly used the ‘F word’ on TV when discussing financial advisors
John Oliver ranted about advisors’ fiduciary obligations. The DOL gave it a shot; now it’s the SEC’s turn to step up.

Retirees can avoid going broke by funding long-term health-care options
It’s important to research how to pay for potentially high long-term care costs to avoid depleting your retirement funds.

How will Clinton or Trump impact your finances?
Advisors recommend paying attention to the presidential front-runners’ proposals affecting your wallet this fall.

Don’t get duped into donating money to phony charities
A plan to determine giving all year can help avoid headaches at year-end and maximize the impact of donations.

Take these steps to protect inheritance from Uncle Sam’s tax bite
Trusts help people manage assets for themselves, their families and beneficiaries before and after they die.

Dirty dozen: 12 reasons retirees claim smaller Social Security checks earlier
A Nationwide Retirement Institute study found 12 reasons retirees are claiming Social Security early.

First Brexit, then maybe Trump. How should investors protect against volatility?
Speak with a professional to discuss goals, risk tolerance and strategies to mitigate investment volatility.

Eyeing big data buys, portfolio managers seek an ‘economic moat’
CNBC’s Sharon Epperson discusses tech stocks with Catherine Wood of ARK Invest and Christopher Retzler of Needham Funds.

Make these BIG mistakes and you’ll get a smaller Social Security check
Many people approaching retirement or who are already retired have misunderstandings or misconceptions about Social Security.

Breaking up is hard to do: When it’s time to leave your financial advisor

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