Audi CEO Rupert Stadler In Dieselgate Crosshairs


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Audi CEO Rupert Stadler In Dieselgate Crosshairs
Dieselgate first did cost the job of Volkswagen’s CEO Martin Winterkon, then it decapitated Volkswagen Group’s leadership. One man appeared to be immune: Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler. Yesterday, the toxic scandal reached the Teflon-covered Audi chief. Investigators of the Jones Day lawfirm, engaged to get to the bottom of the scandal, want to know from Stadler what he knew about the defeat devices, and when did he know it, Germany’s Spiegel Magazin says.

An Open Letter to Wells Fargo’s CEO
Dear Mr. Stumpf,

Employers Still Lag Behind When It Comes To Disability
Over the past decade, there has been a lot of focus on gender and race among FTSE100 firms. One area of diversity that is often neglected is disability. UK Government research shows that disabled people make up 19% of the UK population yet the difference between the employment rate of disabled people and the whole population in the UK stands at 33 percentage points.

Don’t Take The Job For Peanuts, Or You’ll Never Catch Up
It can feel scary to negotiate a job offer, but it’s much harder to negotiate a pay raise once you’ve got the job!

Top Ten Foods for Glowing Skin

Celebrity Facialist Susan Ciminelli Shares Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy While On The Road
Business travel is stressful and tiring and, unfortunately, your skin shows every bit of that stress and the sleep you missed out on. In this Q&A, Susan Ciminelli, a celebrity facialist and holistic skincare expert, shares tips on how to keep your skin healthy while traveling for business.

2016 30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entreprise Could Be The UAE’s Next Big Venture — If Government And Investors Step Up
Over the last few years, impact-driven enterprises are gaining traction in the UAE, where there is an appetite for start-up businesses and a focus on innovation.

Slow-Growing China Shows Brave New Signs Of Economic Health
A sign of a pickup came this week with a Chinese central bank survey showing that entrepreneurs in the country felt more confident in the economy this quarter.

Was I Wrong To Hire You?
Nick is new in his job and his manager Gustavo is worried. Maybe Nick wasn’t the right person to choose for the job. Gustavo is having second thoughts about hiring Nick — but are they justified?

Beyond The Bloodshed: Chicago’s Startup Boom
The 500 homicides are awful and the fiscal crisis is potentially devastating ? yet Chicago still has a great story to tell about its own future.

Chapter 4 | Security
America?s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, called cyberattacks a greater threat to the nation than physical terrorism. What?s really cause for alarm is the unprecedented breadth of what we mean when we talk about cyberattacks.

Building a Better Hacker Trap
One reason information systems are vulnerable to intrusion is that they?re sitting ducks. Gadi Evron, former chief information security officer for the Israeli government internet operation, wanted to turn the tables on that equation.

Cyber Is Everything
The great rewrite in cybersecurity is that protection efforts must be taken just as seriously as revenue goals. If not, company reputations, customer relationships and even public safety can suffer.

Regaining Control Of Your Data
For decades, cyberdefense was built using age-old ideas borrowed from physical security, says Adam Ghetti, CEO of Atlanta-based Ionic Security. You?d build a moat or wall designed to keep unwanted invaders out of a central information system.

On Silicon Valley, Immigration And American Greatness
I wish more Americans had the opportunity to view immigration through this lens, and to viscerally appreciate the uncountable, extraordinary ways that new and recent arrivals contribute every day to American greatness.

Driving Tourism: F1’s Mexican Grand Prix Unveils 90% Sell-Out Driven By Smart Marketing Strategy
Organizers of Formula One’s Mexican Grand Prix have revealed that the race is already 90% sold-out despite capacity being boosted by 10% and the race not taking place until 30 October.

An 8-Step Guide To Quitting Your 9 To 5 And Joining The Freelance Economy
If you’re contemplating quitting your day job and launching your freelance business, here’s a roadmap you can use.

Closing The Digital Divide — Can Innovation Be Taught?
“Good ideas are everywhere, we define an innovation as something brought from the possible to the practical, a tangible development that people value.”

Forbes CMO Interview: Audi of America’s Loren Angelo
Marketing director on Audi’s challenger status, sales, marketing and product innovation, and driving through the aftermath of the VW emissions scandal.

Smackdown On The Island: Hillary Vs. The Donald
The first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has all the makings of a WWE event. It will pit two characters who despise one another speaking in front of a national audience that to be frank despises them both. Never have two presidential candidates been more unpopular and less trusted.

In The Era Of New Nationalism, How Will Global Brands Fare?
Given the intensity of emerging anti-global, pro-local sentiments, how far-reaching might this trend be in influencing attitudes about global vs. national brands? And should we be thinking differently as marketers about how to interpret even globally uniting trends and events, such as the Olympics?

Lessons In Corporate Philanthropy: Grindr Connects Nonprofits And LGBTQ Advocates With Tech Talent
Grindr typically connects it’s 5 million male users to hookup, date, become friends and attend parties together, but since 2012, the hookup app has also used its vast audience and network to positively impact the LGBTQ community.

Women Changing The World: Health

A Sex Hormone In Birth Control May Protect Women From The Flu
Researchers from Johns Hopkins believe the hormone could offer “a viable flu treatment for women,” who are often hit hardest by the virus.

Am I Being Unreasonable — Or Is My Boss Being A Jerk?
Is Francis being unreasonable, or is Francis’s manager being a jerk? What’s your take?

Multimillionaire Serial Entrepreneur Shares 4 Lessons He Learned From Bankruptcy
A former gang member, Ryan Blair is now a self-made multimillionaire, New York Times bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and CEO of the global healthy lifestyle company, ViSalus. But along the way, Ryan hit rock bottom–at one point standing on a balcony contemplating suicide following bankruptcy. Check out his poignant and inspiring and the lessons he learned from failure.

A Conversation With ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Director Peter Jackson
I recently had the chance to spend some time with Peter Jackson. He is a 17-time Oscar Winner and most famously the director of the Lord of the Rings. Here is what he taught me about creativity, his processes, and mindset around being a world-class creative.

It’s The End Of Sales As We Know It
The sales industry is evolving faster than ever. What are you doing to keep up?

Three Ways To Cultivate The Power Of ‘Thank You’ At The Office
These two simple words can carry quite some weight in the workforce.

The Email Marketing Enigma
Email marketing offers much promise yet many marketers still struggle to master it.

How To Use LinkedIn To Get Promoted
LinkedIn, once thought to be exclusively for job search, is clearly becoming the social media tool for helping you do your job better, advance your career, and support your employer. Here’s how to use LinkedIn to help you accelerate your promotion.

3 Ways To Get Out Of Your Rut That Don’t Involve Giving Two Weeks’ Notice
Stuck in a rut at work? Here are three ways to get unstuck and be on the path to advancement, so that you can still grow in your job.

Why Isn’t Business Research More Useful To Business Managers?
There’s a pervasive paradox in academia: Research conducted at business schools often offers no obvious value to people who work in the world of business.

15 Must-Have Technology Capabilities for Digital Transformation (the Final Scream)
Yes, there’s a technology capabilities, skills and competencies crisis underway. I’ve been observing it for a while now. So have you. Your business is changing but your ability to respond to shifting markets, demographics and aggressive competitors is constrained because you’re not leveraging current and emerging digital technology. So your efforts at digital transformation are failing – and will continue to fail until you master the Magnificent 15.

An Iconic Dance Company Celebrates 25 Years Of ‘Architecture in Motion’
The modern dance company Diavolo celebrates 25 years of leaping and bounding.

How Will Amazon’s Part-Time Work Program Impact Workplace Diversity And ROI?
Amazon’s recently announced part-time work program highlights the complexity of managing personnel in scalable and sustainable ways.

Emmys Find Warmth In Midst of Bracing Media Transformation
They had me at “Sheket Bvakasha.”

The Link Between Happiness And Personal Missions
How different missions call different people different ways leads to some people being happier than others

Way Beyond Jeopardy… 5 Marketing Uses of IBM Watson
IBM Watson has many different marketing uses, from finding key influencers that embody a brand’s values to providing information at events and retail, to helping customers make purchase choices that better fulfill their needs.

How Can We Make Household Income Explode?
An enormous number of people have moved out of the middle class and into upper income brackets. How can we help more people to do that?

A Leading Retailer Seeks To Prepare For The Future While Sticking With Its Culture
Digital Transformation is a term that seems to be on every executive’s lips. But it is one thing to talk about it and another to achieve it. A recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit makes clear that many initiatives in this area are held back by a lack of joined-up thinking and uncertainties surrounding the role of the IT department. Indeed, the report suggests that digital transformation projects present a test of the IT specialists’ ability to lead and collaborate. Certainly, it appears that – while a degree of urgency is vital – there is also a great need for planning and preparation.

A Creative With A Burning Passion For Branding
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of BrandFire, a branding agency, has been following his passion for business and creativity to success.

The Misunderstood Lessons Of The Wells Fargo Fiasco
Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is scheduled to testify today before the Senate Banking Committee. He will doubtless be asked how the bank could possibly have allowed employees to open 1.5 million fraudulent bank accounts and half a million fake credit card accounts.

How The Cult Of The Tech Entrepreneur Is Turning Marketing Upside Down
Here are a few suggestions for channeling your inner Zuck and unlocking the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset while avoiding the related pitfalls.

What Adele Knows And Most Public Speakers Don’t
Adele’s extraordinary voice delivers authenticity and presence.

Jessica Mendoza, ESPN Analyst, On Why The Real Magic Happens When You Bet On Yourself
I’m surrounded by friends who are always on the cusp of something — taking the jump in a new relationship, buying the domain for the side project they’ve been dreaming about for ages or packing up two bags and moving to a new state without looking back. It’s empowering to see them lead from a place of determination, but it’s also disheartening when some get so close to what they want and cower under the fear.

Jewel: How Her Childhood Trauma Fueled Her Career Success
I spoke to Jewel, a singer, songwriter and author of Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story, about the inspiration for her career, the long term impact she wants to make, some of the obstacles she encountered along the way, how she turned her childhood trauma into her motivation for success, and her best advice.

Hyper-Training and the Future Augmented Reality Workplace
If you’re like me, you may be exhilarated by the possibilities inherent in augmented reality (AR) workplace training. Not only does AR open the doors for limitless creativity and innovation, it also enables enterprises to speed up the training process and make it more beneficial to employees. As someone who spends his life learning about what drives people to adopt new technologies, I see much potential in workplace AR, and predict that it will play a key role in offering companies a competitive advantage.

Day In The Life: Back To Basics
See what this professional can do with water, a day planner, and herbs. No, she?s not MacGyver. She takes us back to the basics.

Is Your Company Name All That Important? Why These Entrepreneurs Changed The Name Of Theirs
Why I changed my company’s name

U.S. Businesses Step Up For Refugees
For every minute that passed last year, an average of 24 people were forced by conflict or persecution to flee from their homes.  In June of this year, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees reported that there were 65.3 million people displaced worldwide, the highest number the 65-year old agency has ever recorded. The global refugee crisis has grown to such an immense scale that we risk losing sight of the human stories at its center, the peoples whose livelihoods have been irreparably and indefinitely disrupted and the families torn apart.

10 Things Mentally Strong People Won’t Do
Mental strength is a choice and a discipline, not an innate quality bestowed upon the lucky. Learn what they avoid so you can stay strong.

5 Extreme Customer Experience Lessons Every Parent Can Relate To
I can’t believe the world is over-populated considering how hard it is to bring a human into this world. Or at least as I limped out of the hospital on that bright September day this was the thought that kept going through my mind.

Evolving Notions Of The Right Stuff – In Space Flight And In Medicine
An increasing number of doctors are moving from an individual, relationship-oriented model of care to a more transaction, team-based approach; are we losing something vital in the process?

Five Questions Every Competent Recruiter Can Answer
Some recruiters are on top of their games and others aren’t! Every competent recruiter can answer these five questions. Don’t waste time with any recruiters who can’t!

Rare Victory For Environmentalists In Resource-Rich, Deforested Indonesia
Rejection of the geothermal project in Mount Leuser National Park indicates that Indonesian officials will listen to people who care more about the land itself than what it can produce.

The Surprising Skill Differences Between Customer-Centric And Traditional Marketers
Korn Ferry, the global, leading organizational and people advisory firm, recently completed a study where they evaluated the skill differences between what they call customer-centric and traditional marketing leaders. To better understand the results, I talked with James Patteson, Head of Strategy, Analytics and Knowledge Management for the Global Marketing Center of Expertise, and Caren Fleit, Senior Client Partner and Leader, Global Marketing Center of Expertise.

Dr. Mark Smith: How MedStar Is Supporting The Careers Of Millennials
I spoke to Dr. Mark Smith, the Chief Innovation Officer of MedStar Health and Director of the MedStar Institute for Innovation, about their Health for America program, why they are investing in the program, why work travel appeals so much to millennials, and his best career advice.

Olympic Gold Medalist’s 3 Keys to Success: Team Culture, Hard Work, and Persistence
The 2016 Rio Olympics are finished, but that doesn’t mean the hard work put forth by the athletes has stopped.

Pull in More Visibility, Apt Allies and Opportunities
Specific, proven ways to generate more value and visibility for yourself and others

Ten Reasons To Be Glad You Didn’t Get The Job
When we are in a job interview process, it’s very easy to get swept up in the current and to star to fixate on one idea: “I must get this job offer!” It’s only when the spell is broken — the moment after they tell you that they hired someone else — that you realize you never wanted the job anyway! Here are ten reasons to be glad you didn’t get the job.

28 Cartoons About Your Tech-Life Balance

Does Curt Schilling’s $2.5 Million Settlement Help Or Hurt A Potential Run For Office?
Curt Schilling, who was a star in MLB, but saw failure in business at the expense of the taxpayers, settled part of that debt. Now, does it impact him if he runs for office?

Which Important Features Will Apple Remove From The iPhone Next?
Apple has released its latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 7. There aren’t many major improvements. However, it is missing something: the earphone jack familiar to users of electronics for over a century. Cartoon by Ted Rall.

Moving On Up: The Road To Formula One
Ask most young boys what their dream job is and “racing driver” is likely to be high on the list. However, the interest usually dims on finding out about the training commitments, travel and investment required just to get a foot on the ladder. As Forbes has reported, the cost of getting from scratch to the door of Formula One is estimated at around $8 million. So what drives these young racers and what is life like for them? We ask the leading lights of junior racing to find out.

Ten Steps To Take When Layoffs Are Coming
Viola is afraid that layoffs may be coming at her job. What can she do now, to prepare? Here are 10 steps Viola — or anyone — can take.

How Madison Avenue Is Cutting Off Its Nose To Spite Its Face
When agencies start competing on the basis of price it can spiral into a string of ever-lower price cuts across the board. Price wars are almost always bad. When firms have a similar cost structure, cutting prices means cutting profit margin.

Why The Main Objective Of An Independent F1 Team Is Not To Race
Formula One is one of the most high-speed, high-tech and high-pressure sports with hundreds of millions of Dollars of prize money on the line in decisions which need to be made in hundredths of seconds. It makes the series as much a showcase of management and strategy as athleticism and sport. Books have been written on what it takes to run a successful F1 team but what can businesses outside the series learn from it? We ask personalities who have both been involved with F1 and have run businesses outside the sport.

How CIOs Can Use Crowdsourcing To Drive Digital Business
An enterprise needs the correct amount of human stewardship and IT sourcing to seize the ring that digital business represents.

4 Ways Leaders Can Take Control Of Their Dysfunctional Brains
“The ability to control my emotions and my actions sets me apart from other men.” – Navy SEAL Creed

The 20 Best Cities For Millennials And Gen Z Workers In 2016

20 Great Cities For Millennials And Generation Z In 2016
When you’re young and in the early chapters of your career, there are certain criteria that make life more fun and work more satisfying. Money is good. So are low stress levels and great benefits that let you enjoy yourself while on the job and live well.

How To Manage Know-It-Alls Who Sometimes Don’t Know It All
In the Knowledge Age, you inevitably rely on experts for help with tough decision-making. But even the gurus sometimes get it wrong. A surprising look at why experts can become their own liabilities, and what to do about it.

If You Want To Be A Millionaire, Don’t Take These College Majors
A new study shows the most popular subjects taken by 100,000 high net worth individuals across the globe.

As Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf Goes Before the Senate Banking Committee, He Needs to Take a Lesson From Jamie Dimon
This article is by Mark Rogers, the founder and chief executive of

Brendan Synnott Wants To Clean the Dirty Laundry Of The Apparel Business
Collaboratively, their goal is to raise awareness in an industry based on glitz-and-glamour that it should not be down-and-dirty in order to be successful. Consumers also benefit because organic cotton products feel softer and easier on the skin. In an era concentrated on global warming and climate change, they feel that they are well on the way of changing the apparel industry for good.

Transforming Emerging Markets Into Hubs of Global Talent
Monica Flores, President Latin America, ManpowerGroup shares thoughts on how to address the global skills gap and strategies to turn emerging economies into hubs of global talent.

When To Say No At Work (And Why It’s Important)
It seems paradoxical, but saying no strategically and respectfully can help your career. I spoke to successful women to find out when to say no at work (and why it?s crucial).

5 Key Traits To Look For When Hiring Employees For Your Startup
Your employees make your company. They determine your success and failure and will largely dictate the type of company that you have in the years to come.

Ruth Veloria: How Being An Intrapreneur Can Fast Track Your Career
I spoke with Ruth Veloria,the executive dean of the School of Business, about how she defines intrapreneurship, why it’s become relevant in today’s business world, what the benefits and drawbacks of intrapreneurship, the first steps in turning your idea into a reality, some examples of companies that have cultivated intrapreneurs and her best advice.

The Future of Work: Investing in Your Geographically Distributed Employees
By Edward M. Zimmerman

Can’t Get A Promotion? Here Are 6 Other Ways To Get Ahead
Feel like your career is in neutral? Jump start it by thinking beyond promotions.

Dreams, Goals, and Hiring for the Social Enterprise
To be an entrepreneur, you have to be a little bit of a dreamer. I’d argue that every business was built on the foundation of somebody’s dream. My company is no different. It was my dream to launch a startup and grow the business from one dedicated employee (me), into a thriving enterprise.

8 Things To Remember When You Fail (So You Can Bounce Back Better Than Before)
Developing the right mindset is the key to recovering from failure.

The Most Underrated Jobs Of 2016
Some great jobs get overlooked by job seekers. Here are some that are both personally and financially rewarding.

GM’s Unsung Heroines: 12 Women To Watch
Mary Barra blazed a trail as GM’s first female CEO. But there’s a line of impressive women right behind her on the GM corporate ladder.

What Under Armour Knows About Branding That Their Competitor’s Don’t
Under Armour came in at #6 on Forbes Most Innovative Companies List this year and for good reason. This start up that began with a 23 year old football player and a dream in 1996 is now going head to head with giants like Nike and Adidas, without having to disrupt through a niche model like Lululemon.

Cristina Carvalho Of Arent Fox, On The Gender Pay Gap, The Human Element, And Lateral Integration
Cristina Carvalho, Arent Fox?s managing partner, speaks about managing the firm to better navigate shifting client demand.

The Difference Between Female Leaders Who Compete With Vs. Against Their Peers
When one approaches competition with a sense of win-win, the concept shifts from competing against peers to competing with peers.

When To Listen To Your Gut (And How To Know When Your Instincts Are Wrong)
It’s what happens outside a formal meeting and the small comments and reactions of team members that often provide the most value to leaders and teams.

If People Say You’re Ordinary, ‘Simply Brilliant’ Is The Way Out
In “Simply Brilliant,” author William C. Taylor argues that breakthrough innovation is possible anywhere — including at some very ordinary businesses that most experts overlook.

The Six Events That Could Ruin Your Ability To Save

Three Best Ways To Pump Up Your 401k
Changing just three investing behaviors will help you save more. Here’s what you need to know.

From Roger Ailes To Kevin Roberts, Political Incorrectness Is Not A Standard For Creativity
By David Slocum

T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter Talks Company Growth, What’s Next for Wireless
The wireless industry is nothing if not competitive, but for T-Mobile CFO, Braxton Carter, it’s a challenge he welcomes. Coming in as the third most profitable of all carriers, Braxton says the company has had a transformative few years despite the highly-saturated market. I sat down with Carter this month to discuss his long career in wireless, T-Mobile’s journey and his role in it – according to him, it’s far from over.

Reports: VW Cleanest Among Dirtiest Diesels As Collusion Between OEMs And Bureaucrats Emerges
From America to Australia, justice for Volkswagen’s dieselgate fraud has been swift and costly. In Europe however, the region with by far the highest concentration of diesel cars in the world, no fines have been levied, possibly because equal justice in Europe could bring the region’s entire auto business to its knees. As a new report by NGO Transport & Environment shows, dieselgate-type cheating is common throughout the industry, and Volkswagen diesel cars actually are the least polluting of Europe’s dirtiest diesels, at least when counting violations of the current Euro 6 norm. “National authorities have focused on protecting their own commercial interests, or those of domestic carmakers,” says Transport & Environment, and documents are emerging that hint that for many years, governments and automakers may have colluded in defrauding citizens and customers who don’t want to be among the 72,000 who each year die prematurely from cancer-causing NOx emissions all over Europe.

Five Signs Your Boss Is Afraid Of You
Is your boss freaked out by your competence and/or confidence? Sadly, too many managers are that way. Here are five signs!

What You Think About the Power Of Transparency Is Wrong
Transparency requires leaders to work with a generous purpose. They know the wisdom behind having each other’s backs and works in a place where everyone’s best interests are taken to heart, regardless of hierarchy or rank. When the corporate culture values transparency and promotes honest and direct feedback, it empowers people to break down silos and build bridges to strengthen communication, clarity, and understanding.

When To Say No At Work (And Why It’s Important)
It seems paradoxical, but saying no strategically and respectfully can help your career. I spoke to successful women to find out when to say no at work (and why it’s crucial).

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